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runway video: louis vuitton fall prêt-à-porter

fall prêt-à-porter, paris: louis vuitton

venturing further into an arena of concept collections, from african-tribal influence to refined classics onto oriental influence & now hotel inspiration; marc jacobs again proves why is he one of the greatest living designers in the history of fashion. living legends naomi campbell & kate moss were among this seasons cast, leaving me stunned in my seat basically plastered to the screen. i loved the bell hop hats & structured, more uniformed looks that tapped into characteristics of hotel staff & was very impressed by the more playful looks done in sheer with exposed bodices. the collection, though structured & clean, really allows the louis vuitton name to take on greater creative value, competiting with some of the more avant garde collections in new york, london, paris & milan. as the largest high end label in fashion, the vision of marc jacobs greatly contributes to vuitton’s reign & has since marc became a part of LV in 1997. over the last few seasons, marc has really hit his stride, conceptually, at vuitton & this season is just as stunning, imaginative & yes, creative as the last. super luxe, extremely chic & lavish down to the last thread- i am standing on my feet for this collection. i was dying for the monogrammed bell hop caps & was mindful of the collections accessories. any runway that casts joan smalls, jourdan dunn & naomi is a collection worth discussing. they punched up the use of monogram this season as clean tailoring, sleek silhouettes & classical textiles took center stage. it’s classic but young as well as fresh & modern. beautiful collection. very, very well done. incredibly ill concepts & execution so sharp, it’s suicidal. i love for structure & classical design, both of which were greatly represented & incredibly re-invented through this collection. complete inspiration from first look to last- stunning. i am living! best collection this season.

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runway video: chanel fall prêt-à-porter, paris

fall prêt-à-porter, paris: chanel

with news swirling of a possible retirement & even a wedding between karl lagerfeld & his muse, baptiste giabiconi, im not sure what to believe at this point. as baptiste closed the show, i came away feeling a bit cheated by the collection. while i understand that there is power in details, i do also find it important to showcase dimension & creativity in new, fresh ways each season. while the house of chanel is, quite possibly, the most respected in fashion both past & present- here nothing spectacular is seen. i do applaud the capitalization of tweed, an aspect which is deeply associated with the chanel brand. a drab palette with more urban edge is seen this season- loose fit boots, chain link handbags are seen throughout. overall, i wanted to see more, despite seeing 78 looks- i was waiting for a breakthrough moment that never came. new reports have speculated that alber elbaz of lanvin will be choosen to direct at chanel once karl retires, but so far this is speculation. the entire house of lanvin was said to have been in tears & a post at lanvin is said to be taken by jason wu, once elbaz secures chanel. it’s the same old chic from the same karl & until a new designer is put in place, that’s what we’ll keep getting.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: emanuel ungaro

it seems as though glies deacon has hit his stride for the fall as creative director of ungaro. stylish & modern use of sheer textiles, sleek silhouettes & use of leather were seen. after much turmoil including a bit of bad judgement involving a consulting job with lindsay lohan, the recruitment of glies deacon has allowed the label to enter into a new phase with a promising set of design in the last two seasons. while last season focused on floral elements, an aspect of ungaro’s heritage; intricate details were morphed alongside more sleek pieces with use of leather, opaque nylons & metallic choker collars. use of velvet, ostrich feathers, colored fur, tweet & printed satin- i really love how well all elements were combined this season. while a bit of goth was felt in the collection concepts, not one piece was void of sophistication, daring style or aesthetic beauty. deacon proves to be in the right position & im excited to see where this will allow ungaro to go. very, very pleased with this collection- super chic.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: giambattista valli

i was surprised by what was presented by giambattista valli this season. the front end of the collection hinted at a new, more minimal direction but as the collection progressed, i was impressed by the show sequence & gradual build of intricate design details. strict silhouettes were seen as textured details were seen alongside shots of bold color & use of fur. artistic floral print was seen in black & white with accents of yellow which soon lead to more over the top use of fur. the use of fur, though a bit unconventional was a good balance for the collection as many of the styles were minimal & conservative. overall, the collection manages to focus on two aspect of designs with both minimal & over the top approaches. very strong direction, beautiful attention is paid the the idea of silhouette- from show stopping gowns at the finale, to more crisp styles & dramatized furs; every aspect of feminine glamour is well represented. & our beloved joan smalls closed the show this season in a black gown.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: chloé

the fall chloé collection stays true to it’s modern signatures of relaxed silhouettes & feminine details this season in paris. bold use of animal prints, color blocking & layered looks are seen as two-toned handbags, sheer snakeskin & wide legged denim trousers are seen. i loved the dramatic silhouettes of the collection & applaud the wide range of styles. im sure that a beautiful campaign will be shot & think that hannah macgibbon has done well in representing styles that are based in the foundation created by stella mccartney & phoebe philo during their reign at chloé. from more outrageous, less traditional design to bold use of color & hints of metallics, all the bases are covered by chloé this season. strong direction, but nothing spectacular.

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