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fall collections, new york: the row

as one of the strongest design labels to surface on the american fashion scene, the row is a collection of incredibly large influence & the olsen’s have more than exceeded any expectation anyone has had for their design ventures of the past five years. decked in lavish furs & beautiful animal print, a combined presentation of stunning simplicity is well balanced with the collections use of exquisite & exotic design concepts. with a bit of influence from classic formal wear & 90’s trend, the row presents a beautiful collection this fall. a wide range of looks was presented in the form of multi-colored furs as clean lined dress designer were accented with lace & leather. from blazers with leather sleeves to the sky blue fur, the models walked the runway were made up with a dark lip that allowed the chic volume to be cranked to two more notches. i love see what the olsen’s will create next; they’ve remained in privacy & have really mastered the art of style & how to introduce & reinvent beautiful pieces with their own interesting twist. i love the animalistic concepts that are subtly introduced this season.

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menswear collections: jean paul gaultier, fall

as a visual representation of james bond in the midst of transformation, the jean paul gauliter collection presented today in paris is one of incredible direction. imaginative & interesting through concept & inspiring by execution, the collection presents every dimension needed for a proper james bond homage. with andrej pejic walking the runway, his androgynous features allowed even the dimensions of a bond girl to be adapted to the collection. beginning on a classical note with miguel iglesias dressed in a tux, the collection progresses to a throng of looks that impressively incorporate scuba gear while slowly introducing gold to the collection palette towards the end. the gold pieces of the collection provide a feel of  ‘golden eye’ as andrej closed the show draped in fur, almost unrecognizably resembeling a bond girl. a beautiful vision & thoughtful concept; it’s this theatricality that has allowed gaultier to become the living legend that he is in the world of fashion. incredibly ill.

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spring collections: victoria beckham, new york

considered one of the most iconic female celebrities of our day, victoria beckham presents her dress collection in new york city. clean design lines, slick silhouettes & signature posh style are all elements seen in the collection this season. purple, yellow, black & white- long, short, girl & sophisticated; the collection hosts a wide range of style with classic & timeless appeal. with the addition of sunglasses & handbags, it’s clear that victoria proves her permanence as a fashion tastemaker in the world of high end fashion. loved the collection for it’s simple & indestructible approach to feminine style. superb!

imagesource | vogue.it