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editorialesque » garrett neff for schön

through the lens of philipp mueller, garrett neff of click models appears strikingly in this black & white editorial for the pages of schön magazine. styled by laurent dombrowicz, garrett neff remains one of my favorite male models. when i first became more knowledgable about male models & their agencies, garrett neff was one of the first that i had come to recognize much more easily, in comparison to other male models, through his extensive work with calvin klein. classically built, neff engages us as a visual audience with this effortless masculinity that translates incredibly on camera. grooming is also a huge aspect of editorial which i look at when reviewing editorial & here, i love the decision to keep a bit of facial hair. i remember the first time i seen garrett neff, i took the image to the barber as a reference for what i wanted my hair to look like. nevermind the fact that i came out with something that looked like a hi-top fade & never went back to that barber but my point is, neff’s hair has always been a major selling point. beautiful use of what appears to be natural light, quality retouching & modern styling put this spread in my book of inspiration.

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editorialesque » easy elegance by details

what yo’ name iz? danny schwarz, garrett neff, tyler riggs, vincent lacrocq, vladimir ivanov

throughout my much of my high school life, i was heavily into the styling of details magazine; in an effort to discover more of my true self & in turn, my true style. i’ve always had a preference for personal appearance & really view personal style as a form of art unto itself. accepting a distinction of what i had liked & prefered versus what the other kids were wearing was a process of growth & timeless inspiration. when looking at this editorial, i feel like im back in those days. at that time, i was deciding what i liked & began to really discover my own path of individuality looking for ways to inject my own style into everything i was doing, from the way i spoke, who i was around- even down to my penmanship, my greater goal in life has always been to represent myself as accurately as possible. over time that accuracy & intellectual process has become more natural & more like a second nature to me- it’s now a process that people around me understand & beyond that they respect. this editorial is a clean cut homage to the style direction that i’ve become familiarized with most. clean style, sharp grooming & timeless pieces that stand alone from season to season while not opposing but not bowing to the unforgiving ways of the seasonal trend. through the lens of robbie fimano, the impeccable styling of benjamin sturgill is translated through clean style, smart tailoring & modernized classics in the form of blazers, denim & dress shoes. though simple, i feel that a tremendous amount of style is both seen & felt in this spread. im intensely inspired & understand that there is great value in the details. whether the cut of the jean, the length of danny’s hair, the relaxed fit of the a denim jacket or the jawline on neff- style is everywhere.

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editorialesque » garrett neff for bmm

shot by stefano moro, garrett neff appears editorially for the pages of italian based publication, BMM. with styling by paolo turina, we see neff draped in serpents & phythons for the italian publications spring issue which also draws focus on khaki toned fashion & soft focus photography. garrett is one of the most recognized male models of the supermodel new school, his extensive work with calvin klein has earned his icon status in fashion circles. signed to click models in 2006, garrett’s model career took off rapidly, seemingly overnight. from editorial bookings to contracted campaigns, garrett is represented by multiple agencies around the world in order to balance his international demand from clients. i love this edit & was immediately enamoured by neff when he burst onto the scene, he remains one of my favorite male models.  

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fall shwpckg: wilhelmina model men, new york

with an established fashion foundation, the men of wilhelmina models are among the best in the business. andre douglas, armando cabral, clement chabernaud, diego miguel, garrett neff, jonathan keyser, mathias bergh, nicolas ripoll, noah mills, oriol ochoas, ryan kennedy, taylor fuchs, todd hudson & vladimir ivanov have been seen everywhere from the gap to vogue hommes japan, even on the silver screen in the past two years. outstanding talents from the wilhelmina men’s board include clement chabernaud, who has really been a new breed of male supermodels on the runway, editorially & through campaign bookings. you seen noah mills as a love interest of samantha jones for the film sequel to sex & the city. diego miguel burst onto the international model scene as a casted face for the SS11 DSQUARED2 campaign. these are the male models to beat in high end fashion, these are the names & faces to watch on the runway. these men will open & close all of the top shows in new york.

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fall collections, new york: tommy hilfiger

last season, i was very surprised at how clean & refned the tommy hilfiger collection was. this season, tommy leads in that same direction. i enjoyed the combination of menswear & womenswear, especially with the incredible casting. as kasia struss, chanel iman, arthur sales, jacqueline jablonski, jac, lyndsey scott, tao okamoto, garrett neff & shena moulton all walked as a variety of colors lit the runway. i love, love, love the coat in runway look no. 2 – that teal is off the hook & i love the details on the coat sleeves. styling was very on-point this season & im happy to see hilfigers runway presence growing as he is seemingly the best he’s ever been. looking forward to next season, happily.

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fall menswear, runway: salvatore ferragamo

the ferragamo fall collection gives us dark tones & luxurious textiles. i love, love, love the darker take on green as well as the coats. the large, exaggerated scarves bring a stronger focus on the fall season & a wide range of color choices is seen throughout the collection. seen on the runway during the show were some of our own favorites; garrett neff, matthias lauridsen & nils butler. love the collection & their classic menswear pieces. the collection is on-point as ever, piece by piece & with each look as a whole. im very excited to see where ferragamo will take this collection on the campaign front. we shall see.

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garrett neff for trussardi, spring

the spring mens trussardi campaign focuses on the collections denim & suede native american theme. garret neff of click model management appears chic as ever in the casual collection. the tones are kept fresh & garrett’s hair is picture perfect. the entire style direction of the trussardi brand is spot on right now; the brands campaigns have remained consistently dope season after season & this campaign is just an addition to that growing list of their unstoppable reputation.

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