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collection images: versace, resort

with announcement of a collaboration with H&M, it seems as though the versace label has no plans to slow down anytime soon. based in italy, the versace label is set to see a new era unfold in front of our very eyes. in death, gianni versace historically gave his sister donatella versace’s daughter, allegra versace a 50% stake in the company. allegra alone holds the largest stake & has for quite sometime since her childhood. allegra has spoken, regarding her work with the label, saying that she has now become more greatly involved & is in the midst helping with creative elements with collections & other aspects of the luxury brand. for the 2012 pre-season resort season, the versace casts daphne groeneveld while producing fun florals, bold colors & that signature feel of versace glamour that we’ve all come to expect, enjoy & admire. overall, the collection is a fitting piece to the versace puzzle & a consistent move toward creating a sharper vision of the new era in which donatella has crafted following the departure of her brother. exciting things are definitely on the rise for the house of versace.

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fall collezioni, milan: versus

strict style & a dark palette allow the versus collection to thrive in it’s youthful approach to fashion design. with a perfect balance of flash & depth, the collection is gradual in it’s release of metallic triangular patterns, that really taps into a surprising direction of creativity which could only be credited to christopher kane. kane was picked by donatella versace to design the versus collection, which is, literally, the sister collection to the versace mainline. the versus collection was notoriously designed by donatella while the versace mainline was designed her brother gianni, whom created the versace label in 1978. when gianni was murdered in 1997, the house of versace rested in the creative grips of donatella who has a wildly successful run succeeding her older brother. the versus collection has been one of the most anticipated in my book. christopher kane is an incredible design in his own right & to combine his genius with that of donatella’s is one of the best collaborations in modern day fashion. here we see a much more developed collection than the last two seasons, being that presentations were used as the main vehicle present the collections. structure & caged element were outstanding elements of the collection & im still waiting to christopher kane really flex his design muscle with these collections. this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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runway video: versace fall collezioni

presentation images: versus, ss collezioni

the versus collection is a young counterpart of the versace womenswear division. dontella versace entered the versace company through her brother, gianni, whom granted her creative control of the versus label, at that time. after gianni’s death the versus collection was suspended & is now making a return. under the creative direction of christopher bailey, this is the return of the versus collection. not yet showing on the runways of milan fashion week, the comeback collection was shown through a presentation. the images seen above are from that presentation. a dope collection, glad versus is back on the scene. it really allows the counterpart collective to be shown to a whole new fashion generation. & i mean, us.

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donatella to relaunch versus collection come february

DONATELLAdonatella versace became creatively involved with her older brother, gianni versace’s designer collection working with the brands youthful label, versus. when gianni was gunned downed by andrew cunanan, back in `97, donatella assumed as the creative lead in the versace fashion empire as head of design. the versus collection is the versace brands sister collection & inner brand. creatively the versus collections are more youthful. when donatella took the reigns as head of design, the versus collection did not go forward. i reported on a planned relaunch through a capsule collection in which christopher kane had collaborated on with donatella back in march- now, the ideas for a full collection relaunch are surfacing. the versus collection is reportedly going to debut this february in milan. said to be showcased through a “dynamic presentation”; now is a better time, if any, to produce a new collection. versace has had a new CEO since june of this year & its not unlikely that this is a planned relaunch to gain a rise in profits for the house of versace. the versus collection is much more moderately priced in comparison to that of the brands main collections. the capsule collection produced by christopher kane was promising & im sure a full scale ready-to-wear collection complete with accessories will garner a renewed design sensibility for the versace label. plans for expansion include 20 store locations spread globally & are looking to be open at the close of 2010. collections will be produced by gruppo facchini. [SOURCE]