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IMAGE ANALYSIS:  through the lens of inez + vinoodh, gisele is given another opportunity to shine for the pages of french vogue. i was reminded of words spoken by olivier theyskens about elegance to another this past week. “there is an elegance that can be inherent, natural, personal: you put a trash bag on a certain girl, and she’s elegant. it’s a gift that is almost physical.” said theyskens as i began to contemplate my favorite models. often times, poise is what i often associate with star quality, or what others refer to as ‘the x factor’. very few beings in the realm of celebrity these days possess or are even aware of this concept.

gisele, however, is very aware. i feel as though there is a certain level of confidence a model must possess, there is an air of assurance the best models have within them. there is a greater understanding of how to not only be beautiful, but to exude that energy outwardly & on demand. it’s that energy. you feel that energy in performance & when done correctly, that energy is transferred through an executed vision. through much of my observations of models, working & not both represented as well as aspiring; many poorly judge the profession of modeling as an easy job. like every job, it has it’s demands. there is an innate ability that models must be aware of; some have to work at it, while others are born to do it.

there is a reason that fashion audiences, even those outside of fashion, clamor at gisele on the catwalks & on the magazine covers. that energy is present. i pulled this spread to analyze because i have an intense fascination with the concept of icons. gisele being one of the new era, she has this ability to grab you. grab you in the way of effortlessness- it’s a look, it’s the slight arch in her back, it’s the way she turns her head so the sunlight can properly hit her bone structure to put out the best shot. that is a skill. a skill, mind you, that not many possess. much like athletes, models too have physical instincts & know their bodies. they make flaws, flawless. i pulled the images of the editorial titled, “perfect girl” that most impacted me. gisele being from brazil, there is already a level of comfort she has when styled in swimwear & shot on location at the beach. styled by emmanuelle alt, editor-in-chief of french vogue, gisele is among the favorites of the EIC & her cover bookings at the magazine make that very clear. also serving as this month’s cover girl, gisele shines as we would expect of her. from the neon swimsuits to the last shot that is heavily shadowed- i am willing to bet that not many of us can make a watermelon look that chic. gisele continues to defy the age limitations & supposed self life for models. gisele  is that bitch & reigns supreme as one of the last supermodels.

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currently making a campaign killing for the spring, gisele bündchen appears for the house of versace in lieu of the house making a major comeback in a number of avenues of fashion. shot in borrego springs, california; giovanni bianco lead as creative director for the campaign with joe mckenna & david bradshaw styling the advertisment image set. what i love of the collection, was it’s aquatic inspiration. those same beautiful elements of inspiration were well represented in the campaigns blue-blazed images. donatella versace was quoted explaing the inspiration of  the collection being the old versace meeting the new. the collection was filled with short hem lines, studded leather dresses & minimal designs with just the right amount of flash. donatella has definitely taken a juggernaut approach with the versace label over the course of the last few months. considering versace’s collaborations with H&M, the first locations of versace young opening, the casting of supermodel icon, cindy crawford’s daughter for the versace young campaign, the launch of an eyewear capsule collection, versace’s return to haute couture & the return of versace denim- the brand is clearly not playing any games. the casting of gisele for the brand’s latest campaign makes a bold statement. while the house has been known to favor the brazilian supermodel, this collection couldn’t have looked any better. the accessories, the dresses- all look sensational on gisele as ryan provides the right touch of masculinity, opposite of gisele. obsessed with the direction of this collection, as it relates to the collection.

there is a bit of photographic magic when gisele is seen. here, especially, her lean physique compliments the clothes perfectly as do barrett’s. the images from the campaign exude an inconspicuous sense of sexual appeal, what has historically been associated with the house of versace since it’s creation of 1978. furthermore, since the death of gianni versace during the 90’s, the house has become much more closely associated with exaggerated & flashy forms of femininity. as the fashion house that gave birth to the iconic supermodel era of the 90’s, the house of versace continues to flourish despite their being modern challenges in the now globalized industry that fashion has become. that said, i feel like they will rise to an all new level this year. never fearful of being over the top or too flashy, the house of versace stays true to their history.

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gisele bündchen for british vogue

through the lens of mario testino, gisele appears boldly in metallic for the cover of british vogue’s december issue. represented by IMG models, gisele has often been referred to as the last supermodel. what is so interesting to me is the term, ‘supermodel’. im not interested in it’s meaning because to me it’s simple- complete, total & unavoidable domination. that’s what a true supermodel is & she embodies that. while there are a number of female models, in my opinion, who fit the bill of super whether concerning bookings, runway presence or vitality through consistent performance, gisele exceeds all of that in our modern industry. gisele has single handedly refocused model presence in brazil & continues to dominate above & beyond the realm of fashion as a true celebrity. much like cindy crawford, naomi campbell or linda evangelista- gisele’s star power in fashion glaringly appears in the new stands & shines in the face of individuals who don’t know fashion in any capacity. the fact that her beauty, presence & image have burned through the confines of fashion is what makes her a superstar & for that, this cover is deserved. those legs, that body, those muthafuckn cheek bones & let’s not discuss her walk.

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editorialesque » gisele bündchen by numéro tokyo

transformed for the pages of  numéro tokyo, brazilian model icon, gisele bündchen appears for the publication’s may issue, packed with prada pieces & wigs. playfully chic, gisele appears more camp than ever in this over the top editorial which sees her tapping into an unusually more transformative sense of self. from black curls to a blonde bob, gisele adds another notch of versatility to her belt while decked in marc jacobs, balenciaga & tom ford. platformed sneakers sent shock waves through the fashion industry & just about every magazine has photographed the prada spring collection with enthusiasm. i love that the spread allows another side of gisele to be see; though not her typical supermodel self, the spread is unexpected & thoughtfully executed. the simplified backdrop perfectly balances the outrageous styling. photographic credit to nino muñoz.

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the modern supermodels for muse

what yo’ name iz? gisele bundchen, jamie bochert, carolyn murphy, guinevere van seenus,
isabeli fontana, karen elson, natasha poly, malgosia bela

today, the fashion industry has seen rapid growth & numerous expansion efforts to cater to the needs of millions that approach style & clothing with a ‘more is more’ out look. shot by daniele duella & iango henzi, eight of fashion’s modern day supermodels were shot for solo covers in a stunning cover series for the muse spring issue. curated & styled by luigi murenu, the covers showcase each female fittingly in refined & simplfied styles. brazilian bombshell, gisele, needs no introduction & is almost expected to grace of cover series of this magnitude. one element that is clear in this bunch is the concept of modern. females like cindy, naomi, linda & christy are held to a classic standard- these females changed the game for the era that followed during the mid-90’s to now. jamie bochert is represented by IMG & has changed the game with her distinct look that mixes androgyny with modern, interesting beauty. bochert is seen as is her agency mates, 90’s icons carolyn murphy & guinevere van seenus- both have been recognized as award winning females in fashion in the past. represented by women models, isabeli fontana, karen elson & natasha poly appear alongside malgosia bela of next models ny. a particularly large amount of attention is paid to each girl’s hair, more than usual. stunning! though simple, each cover represents each model fittingly & im very excited to see what each has in store, editorially. a great batch of chicks & stunning execution of each cover- though different, all are relative in aesthetic, class & polish. art direction for this flawless cover series by  luigi murenu.

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editorialesque » gisele bündchen for vogue china

shot by patrick demarchelier, gisele bündchen appears for the february issue of vogue china. styled by nicoletta santoro, the feature editorial takes greater forms of masculinity on through womenswear & does so quite well. represented by IMG, gisele remains at the top of her game in the world of fashion & is seen with a bit of androgynous edge beautifully. i love the styling & applaud the use of the balenciaga spring boots in this last shot; one of my favorite items for the spring. & how could we forget, gisele also walked the runway for balenciaga for SS11. beautiful elements tied together perfectly. no one does it like gisele. 

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