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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: rick owens

rick owens presents a noticeably more fitted collection this season at paris fashion week. creating a set of looks with fitted hoods, sharp tailoring & dangerously chic silhouettes. owens has described this collection as a modern day take on what cristobal balenciaga would be designing, if he was still designing today- this & still, owens does not ditch his own signature aesthetic. with expected use of sleek leather & beautiful incorporations of capes in neutral & grey were seen. rick is one designer i greatly admire- he knows what works & gives his clientele what they want. though progressive, his concepts are no less thoughtful & are often time inspired by tremendously artistic elements. here, i feel, owens has really struck a cord in design- a fusion of his hard edged style is seen added to greater concepts of classic style & defined sophistication. a really stunning set of design & great follow-up from last season’s relaxed designs. i love the volume & exaggeration seen thoughout the collection; i was very inspired by this fresh direction that was presented. i applaud the design & direction taken.  

imagesource | vogue.fr

menswear collections: rick owens, fall

continuing to build a greater legacy with his stone faced aesthetic, rick owens continues to produce styles of new age minimalism, with a bit of hard edge sensibility. this season, im sensing a greater connected of androgyny in the collections use of long silhouettes & undefined gender categorization. while the black palette gives you the feeling that nothing new is being seen, the collection requires you to take a second look in order to appreciate the evolution of construction. relaxed silhouettes & stylish layering are through looks of pants matched with leather skirts, high rise coat collars, interesting boots & yes- leather, leather & more leather. the designs of rick owen’s dominate in the world of fashion through a thriving sub-culture of fashion kids, internationally. im more than sure they can’t wait to get their hands on this. stunning details & powerful design.

source | style