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editorialesque » isabeli fontana + clément chabernaud for vogue paris

beautifully bold tones, sexual chemistry- two aspects of image that are clearly represented for the pages of french vogue through the lens of mert + marcus. represented by women model management, isabeli fontana is seen colorfully for the pages of french vogue alongside male model, clément chabernaud of wilhelmina. as mentioned previously for the issues covers, some have noted photographic similarities to that of steven mesiel for a spread that used linda evangelista. what amazes me is this concept of whose to blame; in my constant review of editorial a number of people point their fingers every direction. similar aesthetics are seen in the work of mert & marcus, as the two have been known to pay tribute to the greats before them. while some question the inspiration as lack of creative ability, the purpose of serving up a beautiful image is demonstrated clearly. both fontana & chabernaud fit well together & i love the focus upon color. appropriate for the spring,  prada’s banana prints & versaces color splash patterns are all seen beautifully throughout the spread. isabeli is one of my favorites, as is clement- mert & marcus kill it everytime. in living color, summer never looked so good.

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isabeli fontana for vogue paris

through the commerciallly pure styling vision of emmanuelle alt, editor in chief of french vogue, isabeli fontana appears for the publication’s june cover. shot by mert + marcus, bronzed skin & vivid color take the stage as isabeli appears stunning looking something like linda evangelista. while the cover shot & editorial feature have been compared to photographic work by steven meisel, i love & can clearly distinguish which work is under the direction of alt. in the fashion publication game, the editors, especially the editors in chief, have this unbreakable reign once put into position & french vogue has an incredibly interesting timeline as of late concerning this heirarchy. emmanuelle alt, once the fashion editor at french vogue, you may remember as taking her place as chief february of this year. after replacing the void left from carine roitfeld, roitfeld herself has addressed the issue & revealed some interesting rumors in a recent interview had with the financial times. roitfeld broke new ground as the head of french vogue, allowing transgendered models the platform for fashion fame & used excessive nudity in tandem with jaw dropping, high-end glamour. for this roitfeld says that xavier romatet, heavy-hitting president of condé nast france, “didn’t like” her use of experimentation at the magazine. granted roitfeld has moved on, announcing projects with barney’s new york, what i respect about roitfeld is her approach to fashion as art. throughout the interview, roitfeld had discussed everything from her ex-friend editor in chief to mcqueen to galliano- the one thing that seemed to be a recurring theme was the concept of ‘artistry’. this approach resonates greatly with me & mirrors my own approach & for that i will always respect carine roitfeld. granted, my respect for roitfeld doesn’t effect the love i have for the commercial polish alt has broughten to the table- it’s just a different vision. noticeably, the re-introduction of french vogue has been seen under the direction of alt & through beautiful execution, this cover demonstrates that with fervor. all in all, the cover is stunning & with time things change. from french seduction to commercialized beauty at the end of the day the fashion industry has been built to sell fantasies of beauty; products both alt & roitfeld have sold incredibly well. i can easily separate the vision of both & for that, im inspired.

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editorialesque » america the beautiful by vogue

through the lens of craig mcdean, american vogue shows their patriotic side for their june issue; as tonne goodman styles this all-american themed editorial. american female models, karlie kloss & arizona muse of next models ny are joined by brazilian female models isabeli fontana & raquel zimmerman as british red-head model icon, karen elson also joins the cast. represented by women model management, karen elson is an american vogue favorite while isabeli graces the june cover of french vogue. represented by DNA models, raquel zimmermann is also a favorite of american vogue & is seen splashed across this month’s issue in the scuba-styled section of the spread. i love the feel of casual & seemingly undone glamour that is felt; though casual the spread is still very glamourous & thoughtfully executed. while i feel as though the american theme could’ve been more sharp in terms of location, had an outdoor location be considered; i love the aspects of wilderness that are added to the spreads studio setting. from the aged wood, to the leaves on the studio ground- this is a great concept that was well produced & the girls shine like stars. though not particularly groundbreaking, i admire the preservation of classic american style. great set of girls, but why not do an all-american model cast? & where’s joan? we could use some color.

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the modern supermodels for muse

what yo’ name iz? gisele bundchen, jamie bochert, carolyn murphy, guinevere van seenus,
isabeli fontana, karen elson, natasha poly, malgosia bela

today, the fashion industry has seen rapid growth & numerous expansion efforts to cater to the needs of millions that approach style & clothing with a ‘more is more’ out look. shot by daniele duella & iango henzi, eight of fashion’s modern day supermodels were shot for solo covers in a stunning cover series for the muse spring issue. curated & styled by luigi murenu, the covers showcase each female fittingly in refined & simplfied styles. brazilian bombshell, gisele, needs no introduction & is almost expected to grace of cover series of this magnitude. one element that is clear in this bunch is the concept of modern. females like cindy, naomi, linda & christy are held to a classic standard- these females changed the game for the era that followed during the mid-90’s to now. jamie bochert is represented by IMG & has changed the game with her distinct look that mixes androgyny with modern, interesting beauty. bochert is seen as is her agency mates, 90’s icons carolyn murphy & guinevere van seenus- both have been recognized as award winning females in fashion in the past. represented by women models, isabeli fontana, karen elson & natasha poly appear alongside malgosia bela of next models ny. a particularly large amount of attention is paid to each girl’s hair, more than usual. stunning! though simple, each cover represents each model fittingly & im very excited to see what each has in store, editorially. a great batch of chicks & stunning execution of each cover- though different, all are relative in aesthetic, class & polish. art direction for this flawless cover series by  luigi murenu.

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fall shwpckg: women model management, new york

i’ve never been considered a jock or one who particularly enjoyed playing games, but one things for sure- when it comes to fashion, i imagine agencies are football teams & models are the players. in that respect, to be clear, women model management would be one of the two teams at the superbowl. in representing the industries top women, those numbers include 14 of which are ranked within the top 50, 5 of the highest earning, 5 industry icons & 5 of the sexiest working in fashion. names that should ring a bell for you: agyness deyn, alla kostromichova, angela lindvall, anne vualitsyna, bruna tenorio, cameron russell, caroline trentini, daria strokous, dorothea barth-jorgensen, eliza cummins, fei fei sun, ginta lapina, hilary rhoda – pause & take a breath – isabeli fontana, iselin steiro, izabel goulart, jamie bochert, jourdan dunn, karen elson, kasia struss, kristina romanova, lais ribeiro, lea t., mariacarla boscono,  mirte maas, natasha poly, nimue smit, rianne ten haken, rosie huntington-whiteley & toni garrn  are the names to know, faces to love & portfolios to beat in today’s modern fashion era. packing a powerful punch in every respect, these females are seen on the covers of vogue internationally & sell you the jeans on your ass & the shoes on your feet. established in 1988, women model management remains at the top of their game by way of representing a wide range of beauty. with commercial faces you know from estee lauder in the form of hilary rhoda, women models also breaks barriers for perceptions of beauty in representing new forms of androgyny in the form of jamie bochert or a new face, you might’ve heard about, ms. lea t. these are the bitches to beat. i called the play.

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the complete spring dolce + gabbana campaign

what yo’ name iz? izabel goulart, alessandra ambrosio, noah mills, tony ward,
sam webb, maryna linchuk, isabeli fontana, david gandy

shot by steven klein, dolce & gabbana have created a classically italian campaign to present their heritage inspired collection. following last season’s model, madonna, im confident that stefano & domenico have created a formula for success when it comes to campaign images. more is more when considering model bookings for the label. here the cast is shown in black & white in a few of the key pieces to both menswear & womenswear collections. while the womenswear collection was described as much more sensual & romantic, we see izabel & isabeli of women model management with our beloved alessandra ambrosio of elite, sweating it up while looking ever-so-chic. as for the men; noah mills is represented by wilhelmina models while model icon, tony ward appears through the representation of DNA model management with sam webb of select models london. while the collections for both men  & women were a failed expectation of my own, i’ve come to expect greater forms of glamour from the label & as so greatly demonstrated here, this season was even more scaled back then the fall line. that said, the direction & concepts of the design are translated beautifully through image. i love the reflection that was created to give the images more of a seaside feel. a great cast of male & female talent; i love the cinematic quality of the campaign.

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isabeli fontana for vogue brasil

represented by women model management, isabeli fontana appears for the november cover of vogue brazil. the cover was shot by patrick & victor demarchelier. of brazilian nationality, isabeli ranks as the no. 18 female model icon in fashion. as a mother of two, fontana slays in editorial, through campaigns & on the runway every season & also ranks as fashion’s no. 11 top earning & is fashion’s no. 6 sexiest female. for the fall, she booked campaigns for the gap & saks fifth avenue.

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