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as a favorite face of mine, joan smalls continues to redefine what it means to be a supermodel in today’s competitive world of modeling. as the new face of fendi for the fall 2012 season, smalls’ image and visibility are at an all-time high. last season, smalls was joined by model, saskia de brauw for the prestigious chanel campaign & continues to serve as a favorite of karl lagerfeld appearing for fendi. both chanel & fendi are labels under lagerfeld’s creative guidance as director and those who know anything of high fashion will agree, karl spares no opportunity to give his favorites shine. a favorite across the board, smalls is a regular in the pages of american vogue as well. with recognition from both lagerfeld and wintour, two of fashion’s most powerful figures, it’s very likely that joan could completely alter the landscape for other women of color in the lane of high fashion. with no end in sight & popularity that seems to grow with each season, magazine cover and campaign, i am extremely excited to see the success that joan has been able to attain as a model with undeniable presence. stunning as ever, though not her best, joan continues to slay.

aesthetically, the campaign is not one of fendi’s greatest, but the presence of joan is a statement in itself. i have questioned the ability of karl lagerfeld as a photographer, considering the number of tremendously talented photographers that don’t get the opportunity to work with chanel or fendi, considering his hogging of that opportunity. that said, karl- i have additional respect for you considering the number of opportunities you have allowed joan to shine. congratulations to joan and her unstoppable agent over at IMG. myself and the readers of jeremydante.com have long supported joan and applaud her striking performance.

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very few designers will ever reach the status of the house of chanel. over time, the house have proved to be groundbreaking for their slashing of the pre-established, coco chanel being cited as the first to use black as a fashion color through the birth of the little black dress. now, in the modern day industry, for nearly 30 years, karl lagerfeld has successfully taken the reigns at the iconic house, keeping it in the news & on trend with the latest celebrity faces, in an effort to dominate the luxury market- which it has. the house has become known for using the biggest & brightest faces of fashion & film for various advertising. their most iconic face in history? marilyn monroe. who was the first major face for the brand, used for it’s no. 5 fragrance. along with actresses keira knightly & nicole kidman; it’s always exciting to see which faces karl will choose season after season. while very few discussions of chanel can be made without the constant use of ‘iconic’; i feel  that in recent years the house has won by default. during show season, chanel’s shows are always a hot ticket & with good reason, considering the houses place in fashion history. but for me, i’ve been consistently underwhelmed by the houses couture & ready-to-wear concepts. no doubt, largerfeld is a master showman; he delivers some of the greatest show ideas, which seemingly overshadow the clothes or act as a method of distraction considering the clothes them selves are the same, conceptually, each season. that said, my side eye of the collections simmers by the time campaigns roll around & i actually really loved the direction & casting of chanel’s summer/spring 2012 campaign.

joan smalls has been a name that has floated around the industry for a minute. while it may seem as though ms. smalls has gained overnight notoriety, rapidly garnering an undeniable presence in high fashion; most cases of ‘overnight’ anything are only the ending of a prelude of struggle, hesitation, fear & missed opportunity. for joan, her career initially took off with more commercial forms of modeling & then transformed overtime to the now high end work that she does. as one model i’ve watched very closely in the past couple of years, considering all that she has become involved with now- im stunned that joan has yet to grace the cover of any international vogue, in her own solo cover. as only the second female model to be cast for the chanel campaign, following brandi quinoñes who appeared for chanel circa 1994, joan appears beautifully alongside one of lagerfeld’s faves, saskia de brauw. saskia has proven to be a favorite of karl’s, infamously he’s had no qualms about having his favored do just about everything he’s involved with, appearing for his KARL diffusion line look book, as well as an appearance for chanel’s resort 2012 campaign. as for joan, this chanel campaign was one of the first to debut for the spring advertising season & more campaigns she was cast for are surfacing as well. with karl’s love for greyscaled imagery living & breathing once again, the campaign is well conceptualized & proves to be cohesive from the collection’s inspiration & even the runway shows production & set design. sea shells, sea horses & pearlized tones were seen scattered all throughout the collection & that same oceanic/seashore aesthetic is beautifully captured in this campaign. the house of chanel has become distinctively associated with masculine design lines, which are well represented in the collection, as well as those lines being showcased in the campaign. aside from the clearly referenced seaside theme, i loved the use of gymnastic banisters & how strong a presence both girls have, both in their solo & coupled shots. overall, the casting of the campaign is what sets it apart from the rest. as thrilled as i was to see joan walking the runway for this collection, i am even more thrilled to see her being cast for major luxury campaigns, like chanel. not only an accomplishment for her portfolio, but as an accomplishment for the further diversification of ethnic models in the mainstream, joan has allowed another dimension of beauty to be represented. for that, joan remains a star in my eyes & i continue to support, promote & commend her incredible work. go behind the scenes with joan & saskia on the shoot of the spring campaign here.

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PARIS – there is a thin line between popularity & overexposure. in the world of design, fashion houses rise & fall but sitting comfortably on the top fashion tier is givenchy. with a rich history etched in hollywood with film legends like audrey hepburn, the modern takeover we’ve seen from the house of givenchy is truly remarkable. from costume film credits & academy award winning style to transexuals multi-ethnic model casts & albino models- givenchy is truly a front runner in the world of high fashion. just about every single givenchy runway look is duplicated by fast fashion faster than you can say ‘runway’. whether it’s rottweiler t-shirts or a leopard printed three piece suit- everything ricardo tisci creates through givenchy is grabbed, eaten & consumed by the market. i’ll admit; the rap name drops, the constant outfitting of kanye west in givenchy- though great, it does seem to take away from the labels luxury appeal. the point of luxury is exclusivity & if everyone is grabbing at it, everyone can attain it- the luxe losses it’s appeal. it goes from class to mass & in the masses becomes trash. it’s odd because we all want things we love to become popular, but when they do, at least for me, they become a bit unattractive or less appealing.

as popularized as the house of givenchy has become for the non-fashion heads who claim to love it, only because they’ve seen it on kanye west- i approaced this pre-fall collection with hesitation. but, much like seasons prior; tisci again delivers a remarkable set filled with modernized design & an evolved direction in comparison to last season. of the greatest design talents in fashion today, tisci has mastered the art of reinvention. each season is always fresh, inspired & beautifully executed. never one to make his favorite girls a secret- joan smalls & lea t. appear in the pre-season lookbook along with brazilian model, caroline trentini. architectual lines & bold palette notes rule the collection as some use of leather are seen. accessories have an extended presence in the collection as chainlink handbags, sunglasses, hats & heels are all cohesively threaded throughout. acting as a fitting segue form last season, what i respect of tisci is his ability to gradually evolve from season to season while not agitating givenchy clientele interests to any length.

with similar use of print, illustration & architectual design lines; this pre-fall set is a usually strong collection considering the pre-season. im anxiously anticipating tisci’s direction for the FW12/13 season, but am doubly excited for what he will unveil for the couture season which follows men’s fashion week, this month. the strict lines & androgynous silhouettes, this collection is what i had expected from givenchy & i value the level of consistency that is delivered from the house each season. i don’t often wish overexposure to anything i love, rather, i hope that it remains in a space of exclusivity where people with true style & true knowledge of fashion & design can discuss & appreciate it. everytime i see images being posted on tumblr, or facebook of the givenchy collections, especially those that are two seasons late- i role my eyes. that said, this collection is a beautiful graduation of season’s past & im expecting tisci to raise the bar for the fall show season. [source]

arizona muse for vogue paris

appearing for the cover of french vogue, november, arizona muse of next models ny smiles from ear to ear as an unexpected beauty shot is selected. through the lens of inez + vinoodh, arizona appears beautifully. i’ve noted here many times that vogue paris is one publication that im keeping my eye on. granted, french vogue has always been considered ‘one to watch’, the selection of cover models by way of editor-in-chief, emmanuelle alt, is a huge conversational piece. frist came gisele, then came kate moss who was followed by isabeli fontana & then lara stone. a break in model cast was seen when charlotte casiraghi landed the september issue cover & sasha pivovarova landed october. now in november, muse makes her debut. it’s funny, i watch these girls come into the game- i watch them on the runway, keep tabs on their bookings from campaigns to covers & editorials. from cosmetic contracts to catalog bookings- i cannot understand, for the life of me, why the FUCK joan smalls has not landed a solo v0gue cover yet. arizona muse debuted on the runway in 2010 & slaughtered the scene as the face of YSL for the labels SS11 campaign. from there, her bookings have not stopped but other girls in the game have held much more impressive resume’s considerably. the last time a face of color has been seen on the cover of french vogue was in march of 2010, since then lara stone has landed the cover four times, with natasha poly & kate moss landing two covers from then up until now. are there not enough models to go around? & even more interestingly, shouldn’t all things be considered when casting a girl for a cover? you know, how many years they’ve been in the game- how visible they are, what they represent in terms of reshaping how global beauty is precieved? why are all shades not represented?

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heavenly aesthetics: givenchy haute couture, fall

creatively unstoppable, ricardo tisci & the house of givenchy slayed the couture season once more, this time with the theme of birds of paradise. presenting an exclusive 10 look set, in an off runway presentation style- the FW11 collection draws relativity to givenchy’s last two couture collections in the form of intricate details & mirrored silhouettes. feathers, sheer textiles, beading & floral embroidery are all element seen in the collection, which is nothing short of amazing. with speculation of tisci heading up dior, collections like this make you wonder how the house of givenchy would even survive without him. unendingly inspiring work from ready-to-wear to couture, from campaigns & model castings- im convinced that tisci is where he needs to be, at the house of givenchy. while ackermann might be considered as a creative candidate, tisci + givenchy together are flawless.

some of the fashion kids have criticized the collection as being redundant & too similar to what we’ve seen the last couple of seasons; which i would have to disagree with. while i do find similarities in concept, couture is about details & here, in this collection, the theme of paradise taps into more romanticized details, aspects of floral embellishments- the designs are heavenly. now, in contrast to last season, which was a japanese samurai inspired collection, those elements were much more structured & focused largely on hardware as a balance with femininity & japanese fluidity. going back even further, givenchy’s Fw10 couture collection tapped into a much warmer color palette & used religion & gothic elements as the basis of their collection, which is clearly not what is seen here. considering all bases covered, givenchy continues to inspire me & i will say, without a doubt, that this is one of the best this season. beautifully executed.

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editorialesque » joan smalls for the new york times

through the lens of sharif hamza, joan smalls appeared for the new york times in this caftan trend spotlighting spread. styled by ethel park, smalls appears clad in white with a bit of a bleached brow in this artistically interpreted spread. represented by IMG, joan appears unendingly chic in spring’s caftan piece, a trend of the current season. among my never ending list of female fashion favorites, nothing makes me happier than to see a woman of color climbing the fashion ranks while dominating aspects of editorial, advertising campaigns & beauty contracts. joan is that chick & im still waiting to see when she’ll lands her first solo cover. with as in demand as she is now, that can’t be too far from now. joan slays everytime.

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