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editorialesque » the cast of givenchy by karim sadli

what yo’ name iz? dominique hollington, simon nessman, paolo roldan,
daphne groenveld,  rob evans, jeremy wardlaw, jon marquez, dmitriy tanner, mighael hudson, patrick o’donnell,
remi alade-chester, christopher michaut, eduardo calero, o’shea robertson, diego fragoso,
emil dostovic, west serseub, kadeem fisher, manuel ramos,
stephen thompson, willy cartier

shot by karim sadli, i-D magazine takes a focused look on the casting of daniel peddle & drew dasent for the legendary house of givenchy. the casting phenomenon & influential power of the house of givenchy are something straight out of a dream for most models- spotlighting the phenomenal cast is more than necessary. booking a givenchy show can lead to a number of other fashion opportunities for male & female models alike. booking givenchy allows models to transcend onto the next level. ethnically diverse, not many can surpasss or even equal to the power & creative force of riccardo tisci, the creative director of givenchy- he sets the trends for what the rest of the high fashion realm follow. what’s most admirable about the casting of givenchy is the attraction to new & unknown models, it’s that fearlessness to break new ground that allows all elements of fashion, style & modeling to transform into something unseen, something original & artistically inspired. it goes without saying that givenchy has one of the best male & female models casts every season; on the runway & also through campaigns.

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editorialesque » jonathan marquez for vogue hommes international

shot by willy vanderperre, jonathan marquez of click model management appears for the spring issue of vogue hommes international. titled, le cri, which translates to ‘the scream’; the editorial takes on cinematic likeness while marquez is seen in prada platformed sneakers, heavily embellished pants & givenchy leopard blazers throughout. the scream concept is well represented, as we see marquez in motion seemingly in the midst of a scream & body language that suggests unease, crazed captivity & torture- all in style of course. beautiful concept with strong execution of style. men’s editorial continues to slay.

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menswear collections: givenchy, fall

the house of givenchy continues to establish & expand their current design signatures with a cast of usual suspects for the runways of men’s paris fashion week. flames, florals, black & brown with bleached brows & hair- the collection is one of great concept & expectedly strong direction. while a few womenswear looks did appear for the mens show, we seen two blacked out looks- one of which was worn by supermodel, joan smalls. as for the boys; taejahn taylor joined the givenchy roster along with veterans rob evans, paolo roldan, manuel ramos, kadeem, eduardo calero, dominique hollington, keith hernandez jon marquez & stephen thompson, who is the albino male model, represented by major models, whom appeared for the labels spring campaign. before the runway show had a chance to begin, technical difficulties resulted in a momentary black out & it seems as though the lack of light was magically translated through the clothes. though deep earth tones, navy & some neutrals are used, the collection remained, for the most part, dark; an aesthetic creative director ricardo tisci favors greatly. i love the multi-layered coats as well as the use of plaid, fur & images of barking canine’s on some of the collections pieces. one of the strongest houses right now, not only in paris but internationally is, givenchy. with an increasingly larger cast that is seen on the runway & for campaigns, i am beyond excited & thrilled to see what will be presented for haute couture as well as women’s ready-to-wear, which is also not too far off. of the givenchy collections, i expect greatness & each season, im thoroughly satisfied.

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editorialesque » jon marquez for german gq style

represented by click model management, jon marquez appears editorially for german GQ style. shot by bruno staub, jon’s look was showcased well in this gritty take on menswear & masculinity. image no. 8 is my favorite, by far, in this set. though not as glamourous or clean as i would’ve like, i find it a bit refreshing that they have a male model looking like an actual dude in the set. jon is among the male model standouts for me.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: givenchy

on very rare occasion, do i find myself clamouring over runway shows for menswear; the way i do womenswear. that rare occasion just so happened to be with this collection from givenchy. the collection presented for the fall season brought an almost baroque style of detail to each look. while few menswear pieces also walked the runway, i continually find myself falling deeper in love with givenchy’s menswear direction. similarities were seen in both palette’s from the men to the women- black leather, leggings & touches of red. it was all very chic. toward the close of the collection feathers made an interesting detail & sheer textiles were featured as well. a strong showing for the FW10 season, ricardo tisci is a fuckn beast & is completely killing it right now. as excited as i was with the model casting, seeing jon marquez, lyndsey scott, mariacarla boscono, joan smalls & simon nessman- i cannot wait to see what the label has in store for their campaign. great collection.

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