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putting a name with a face and adding that to a sound with an all-star rap roster; after getting news of the epic “christian dior denim flow” collaboration with kanye west, pusha t., kid cudi, lloyd banks, john legend and ryan leslie- i had to represent my girls through image identification. as the track begins, an army of male vocals enters your speakers; the beat begins to stutter and the bass line melodically hits your eardrums. suddenly, all instrumentation stops as a voice transformer announces four times consecutively, “all the models to the floor right now”. veronica webb is the first of the female models mentioned and rightly so, webb is the first black female supermodel to ever land a major cosmetic contract in history. following webb in the fashionesque rap track is noemie lenoir, who was discovered at the age of sixteen and has since appeared in commercial advertising as well as on the cover of french vogue and in films like rush hour. the track proceeds to further slay in model mentions naming our favorites chanel iman, represented by IMG models, sessilee lopez, represented by major model management and arlenis sosa, who is represented by marilyn management. chanel and sessilee both share the rank as fashion’s no. 13 female model, as arlenis ranks at no. 22 within the top 50. selita ebanks, jourdan dunn, joan smalls & lara stone share the next bar in the verse- packing a powerful punch singularly and as a team. selita ebanks was cast for kanye west’s unreleased video for ‘runaway’ and is best known for her work as a victoria’s secret angel. hailing from london, jourdan dunn is represented by women model management and has been killing it this show season during her return to the runway since giving birth last season. our beloved joan smalls, represented by IMG,  closed the show at dior for the SS11 season in paris, just yesterday- not bad if you close at dior one day and make it on a rap verse for a song that is released the following morning. ranking no. 1 as the top female model is lara stone and her image, presence and credibility are well known in today’s fashion game. next, west name drops jessica gomes, jessica stam, esti ginzburg and coco rocha- gomes has been seen most recently in nicole trunfio’s jewelery look book more recently, while jessica stam continues to dominate fashion campaings, editorials and runway. both bar rafaeli and esti are credibly known as sports illustrated models, rafaeli is currently dating leonardo dicaprio. of course, coco needs no introduction; ranking as fashion’s no. 25 highest earning; campaigns, runways and tv spots are nothing new to this high fashion veteran. iconic females kate moss, alessandra ambrosio and anja rubik drive the nail further into the coffin, sealing the deal on the tracks model heavy rap verse. in finale, abbey lee kershaw, sexy supermodel on the rise- irina shayk and bombshell, doutzen kroes walk the tracks rap runway into the hook where pusha t. leads the song towards a beat shift where ryan leslie enters to school listeners on model behavior. all in all, from beginning to end- in fashion relativity, as well as sonically and conceptually- the song is everything i live, love and die for. beautiful women, astounding talent & hard hitting bass lines are all anyone needs in order to be inspired. a great cast of rap and vocal talent with solid production, an astounding fusion of style and sound- i dont know if i could stand it but the game would truly be changed if every chick mentioned was cast for an epic video- it could be the george michael concept of our generation. the track is a full force personification of everything i love, hip-hop and supermodels. nothing beats bad bitches and bass lines.

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lady gaga by david lachapelle

lady gaga borders the line of visual artist & pop music icon. her level of creativity, whether from her own imagination or those around her, is astounding. her creativity is matched by photography genius david lachapelle. for the fame monster deluxe album artwork these images were shot. we see gaga in theirry mugler & being held by rapper kanye west. my blog is dedicated to imagery & the surrounding details that it takes to produce that image, in fashion. artists like lady gaga hold an irresistable quality that crosses all lines of fashion, sound & overall image as an art form. i can only imagine that lady gaga & her visual genius will grow into something this world has never dreamed of. gaga is the fuckn business.

editorialesque » amber rose for elle

as previously reported, here is amber rose for elle magazine.
styled by kanye west, rose appears in the october issue shot by dasun reljin.
amber is represented by ford model management.

imagesource | elle.com

kanye to style amber rose for cover of elle magazine

WESTROSEfor those of you who took time to watch the fashion report, i mentioned kanye’s recently reported styling gig for the october issue of elle magazine. now lets recap some information that has been reported here on this blog:  first, kanye gets to design those louis vuitton sneakers. second, west & amber rose appear in an ad image for the footwear collection, rose appears completely nude. third, west’s vuitton collection sells out. third, amber rose announces that she signed with ford models. fourth, we see those polaroids from the ford offices of amber rose gettin it in, officially. fourth, we hear that kanye is rumored to style for the october issue of elle magazine. now today, which makes five, we hear that amber rose is working on her first shoot with with ford models. somewhere between two, three & four kanye has been interning at gap, in addition to his internship at louis vuitton. two words for y’all asses: fashion takeover. reporters have not be given word, in fact, kanye west says he has discontinued doing interviews- maybe he read my, “shut the fuck up kanye west” post i did a while ago. now sources will not reveal the identity of the mystery model kanye is styling. who else could it fuckn be? cause if it was any other chick, and i was amber rose, i’d be heated. amber rose has also gone on record, i posted the interview in which she made the statement, saying she always styles herself. it should be interesting to see what she’ll be wearing through kanye’s style interpretation, let alone if it will even be her.  its august now & with magazine publications being released a month ahead of the monthly calender, we’ll be seeing what truths are behind all of these reports soon enough. poised for industry domination, i been up on they shit & here is a recap of reports i been had here since january. click the word ‘report’ to read, if you havent already done so at the original time of publishing. peep my dates too. more as these stories or related information develops. (gasp) what if its rihanna? you think he’d opt for her over amber? tough call, amber is one  bad bitch. here is the listing; you know i go hard when it comes to blogging & you need to respect my gangsta for compiling the archives for you in chronological order. the sequence of events, as mentioned above, can be seen following the below thread of reports. fuxwidit. [SOURCE]

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update: amber rose confirms elle magazine in interview with complex stating: “i have kanye’s ‘robocop’ video. i’m playing a robot through the whole video. ninety-five percent of the video is just me..i have complex mag, elle magazine, persona magazine — i have the cover to the back, the whole issue is dedicated to me,” [SOURCE]

kanye west: bridging the gap of hip hop to high end

kanye_west_amberrosefirst, it was the collaboration with louis vuitton for his sneaker collection- there was also talk of the pastelle collection. now, there is talk of a gap collaboration with fashion beast & rapper, kanye west. it had been kept very hush, hush- the fact that kanye was interning at the american retailer for a couple of months. he reportedly worked late into the night & many had speculated about his involvement. as announced today, it seems as though kanye is looking into releasing a collection with the company. the gap has been having a number of issues with sales since the arrival of brands like H&M as well as top shop. fast fashion retailers like forever 21 & even uniqlo have taken many, if not all, of past gap consumers. kanye might be the brand boost the company needs to get back into the fashion game like they used to be. reports have stated that west has been interning at the manhattan headquarters alongside gap creative director, patrick robinson.

i think if anyone is fit to host a fashion takeover, though i may not easily admit it- its kanye. with his interning & dedication to many of the fashion houses, i’d think he’d have the most fashion credibility. i’ve also reported that amber rose, kanye’s girlfriend recently signed with ford models. with all this talk of kanye’s involvement in fashion design & design collaboration- the combination of amber in the modeling in addition to him could be deadly. whats incredibly successful about kanye & his appeal is that he understands how to real a luxury audience in while still maintaining his street credibility. i dont want to seem like a hypocrit & i think i had mentioned that when kanye went up to vivienne westwood, dame straight said- “i dont know you”. not hot. i think that if anyone has the potential for a fashion take over its kanye. so many people try & pit west against justin timberlake & contest who has more fashion credibility. justin is no contest. believe that every muthafuckah in the hood will cop kanye’s shit at vuitton & the gap come hell or high water. im not so sure that justin has any fashion credibility in the hood. its one thing if i hate how kanye’s attitude toward his fame is, but i’d be stupid to count him out as an influential fashion icon for those in the hip hop community. real shit though, look at amber rose. stunning. no doubt, the two have the “it” factor. together & singularlly, these two could take the fashion world by storm. i can already imagine what the commercials would look like for his gap collection, or the campaign images. completely ill, totally exciting.  [SOURCE]

amber rose for ford models

as reported here, amber rose got signed.
now when the polaroids start circulating, it becomes official.
amber rose is represented by ford model management.
& yes, thats kanye wests girlfriend.

kanye’s amber rose signs with ford models

amber-rosein the world of fashion, hell! in the world- its all about who you know. you may have spotted that beautiful light-skinned chick on the arm of kanye west for most of this year & asked, “who is that girl?” her name? amber rose. a rumored ex-stripper from philly, if im not mistaken, amber rose & her public celebrity persona have sparked media & internet buzz since we first spotted her platinum buzz cut alongside kanye. soon after kanye west split from his engagement to designer, alexis phifer- he was then seen at events with the stunning amber rose. she began to draw attention from all corners of the hiphop community & now her image expansion is reaching more far outwards. featured in kanye west’s ads for his louis vuitton footwear completely naked, amber rose was quoted saying: “my celebrity is a gift to me”. amber has taken matters into her own hands & has reportedly recieved kanye’s blessing to spread her wings. necole bitchie reported via global grind, a media based network used to source information within the hip-hop community, that rose has signed with ford models. after digging from source to source i found a directly composed blog by amber rose via global grind stating officially, that amber has signed with ford models. i think its interesting that amber has taken opportunities to sign with ford & think its dope that she finds & acknowledges that her celebrity status is a blessing- i think it would be a change of pace to see what type of work she will be afforded being represented by ford. no doubt the bitch is fly & her style is out of control- shes been known to fuck with leggings & ill accessories on the regular when spotted around town with kanye west.  seemingly, kanye is planning a fashion take over interning at louis vuitton, while his vuitton footwear collection boasts a waiting list & ‘sold out’ status; in addition, reports i’ve read have said that kanye has a secret internship over at GAP & even stayed past midnight working with the creative team. though im not a fan of his overeager promos of himself i do admire the fact that his approach to fashion is much more technical & industry driven. reportedly, kanye himself is set to release a clothing line dubbed, “pastelle”. i guess we’ll have to wait & see exactly what amber rose has up her sleeves with ford models & much of the hiphop community adores kanye west. more of these or relating stories to be posted as received. bridging the gap between hiphop & the fashion world. you gotta respect it. stay tuned. [SOURCE]