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in 1993, a 19 year old kate moss changed the modeling game. created as the anti-supermodel, moss had been discovered 4 years prior by storm model management founder, sarah doukas at JFK airport in new york city. from then to now, moss epitomizes what true supermodels are. her public image has remained relevant through the years & this season, her career is still going strong with her appearance for italian luxury label, salvatore ferragamo. a dark, seductive edge- the campaign also features male model sean o’pry as well as karmen pedaru. that said, moss is the star. shot by mikael jansson, the campaign is served with a dark, seductive edge. moss appears stunning as ever, aged to perfection; while pedaru & o’pry play the field in the backdrop almost like fixtures being nearly eclipsed by kate’s star power.

while the campaign itself is not one of the best this season, i felt it necessary to bring about the level of consistency in which kate moss has been able to perform through the years in fashion. i find it interesting that she was discovered & crafted as the anti-supermodel in the 90’s, only to become the ultimate supermodel & now the standard for what ‘supermodels’ are in our modern times. girls move to new york in the droves each year looking to become the next kate moss & her name alone, holds weight. this season, like many others of the past, kate remains untouchable- landing three other campaigns in addition to this one. as the anti-supermodel, the era that kate ushered in has given way to a revitalized view of beauty, age and the level of demand of versatility from models across the globe. kate moss has blossomed in front of our eyes, debuting as a girl & championed as a woman- still working successfully. which im sure that will continue from many more seasons, years & decades to come.


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kate moss for vogue, september

the level of importance & status symbol that an american vogue cover represents is something very interesting, a paradox of sorts. in the context of fashion & fashion publication, it’s the most anticipated cover of the year. any chick that graces the cover of american vogue is of importance in fashion; as so christened by anna wintour herself. the power of wintour has been greatly documented & at this point is of known existence to those inside & outside of the fashion world. often shot by mario testino, which is the case for the september cover this year; british supermodel kate moss appears for the american fashion bible, outfitted in an alexander mcqueen gown & is poised as the magazine’s headlining feature for her wedding- which happened in july. one aspect i despise of american vogue is the fact that models rarely grace the cover. while i understand completely that the american publication market is heavily saturated with the presence of actresses, i wonder if the ‘hollywood it girl’ phase will ever die down. last year, giesle bundchen graced the cover & with kate appearing this year- it’s obvious that american vogue is making a fashion statement with a predictable edge & even less interesting end result. no shade to gisele or kate, by any means; but shouldn’t american based publications represent american girls & more specifically american female models? while fashion kids around the world have hoped for more models on american vogue covers; it seems as though this fulfills that expectation but poorly. represented by IMG, kate remains one of the most powerful model forces in fashion & to see her grace the cover is no surprise to any of us. with 788 pages, im looking forward to the editorial content of this issue. at the end of the day, vogue leads & others follow; i hope that a model resurgence is on the verge for american vogue because half of the american covers i see, i don’t post here for the simple fact that they infringe on the fashion tip im looking to represent. it’s nice to see these hollywood hoes fall back for once. fashion belongs to the models.

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kate moss for british vogue

as i search for ways to represent this new form of content on the site, i realize that some aspects cannot be presented in a better format than already presented. that aspect of course is fashion publication & editorial analysis- the size of the images & the context in which i discuss these aspects of high end fashion will remain unchanged in this new phase of reconstruction. shot for the august cover of british vogue, the ultimate british supermodel, kate moss graces the publications cover. one thing that should be clearly understood is the method in which models are selected for covers. while american publications select actresses when they have corresponding film projects, it’s always interesting to see how models are selected for international publications. kate moss, who recently wed, made headlines for wearing a john galliano gown on her wedding day. kate is no new favorite of british vogue & has graced the cover, probably more times than any model in the industry. shot by mario testino, with styling by lucinda chambers, kate appears a bit off in my opinion. while better covers have been seen before, im not sure if it’s a combination of the retouch, the make-up or the way kate was photographed but i definitely expected more. overall, kate is an expected choice for the british mag & im hoping that other british females will land solo covers soon. if i may suggest, i would love to see a solo jourdan dunn cover in the very near future. perhaps for september.

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editorialesque » kate moss for vogue brazil

in a showstopper of an editorial, kate moss appears for this more than 30 page editorial spread for the may issue of vogue brazil. represented by IMG, the british supermodel appears through the lens of mario testino for his first brazilian vogue photography cover & spread ever. with methods of mixed media & a range of styles provided, kate becomes larger than life through sexy, bold styling & a ‘i dont give a fuck’ type of attitude. seemingly focused on golden tones, the cover & feature editorial fit perfectly, with the extensive spread acting as an extension of what was seen on the cover. as one of the industries most respected photographers, mario testino flexes some of his photography muscle this go ’round, pulling out all the stops for ms. moss. & if you thought this was major, this isn’t even the entire spread, an additional 25 pages have yet to surface.

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editorialesque » kate moss for vogue paris

represented by IMG models, may vogue paris cover girl appears boldly laced in a wide range of colors, metallics & fashion pieces for this inspiring palette of an editorial. styled by emmanuelle alt, kate is seen transcending space & time in some of spring most outstanding couture pieces. from irredescent pieces to loubotin’s signature red sole- every fashion mark is hit & precisely well. commercial beauty is much more in the lane of alt’s work & that is felt in every aspect of the magazine. though commercial, the styling is high end & our beloved supermodels are seen center stage. photographic credit to mert + marcus.

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kate moss for vogue paris

through the lens of mert + marcus, kate moss appears for the may cover of vogue paris. clad in armani prive with male hands surrounding her, kate flourishes through yet another year & another cover. seen against a bold red backdrop with a red lacquered lip to match, moss continues to defy the limitations of age, consistency & model demand in booking covers & campaigns effortlessly each season. editor in chief, emmanuelle alt continues to thrive in her efforts to represent a new, redefined interpretation of french vogue & i feel a greater sense of high-end, commercial glamour with her vision. it’s polished, still chic & new ideas are presented- with roitfeld, it was almost like a parisienne seduction, with emmanuelle it’s a full force presentation of clothes & supermodels. love the cover, the addition of arms add that extra boost. represented by IMG, kate currently ranks as the no. 2 female model icon while holding the rank as fashion’s third highest earning.

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editorialesque » kate moss for vogue japan

british supermodel icon, kate moss appears editorially for the may issue of vogue japan. styled by george cortina, with hair & make-up by paul hanlon & charlotte tibury, kate appears sophisticated in spring couture that is photographed with a mysterious edge. shot by mert & marcus, the evolution of kate moss is one interesting complexities & unexpected turns. kate moss ushered in a new generation of supermodels during the grunge era, which resulted in a modeling shift. standards became adjusted & desired looks dipped from commercial & jaw dropping beauty to ultra-thin, waif models that were looked at as transformative figures rather than individuals with natural beauty. i had the chance to see a biographical documentary on kate moss which addressed her rise to fame & time-lined how massive her influence has spread through the fashion industry since her debut on the scene in the 90’s. notorious for measuring up under industry standards standing five feet, seven inches; kate is one of few females that has been able to surpass barriers put in place by the fashion industry. one of those barriers in modeling is an expiration date, for many years it was expected that past a certain age, models should look into ‘career alternatives’ & are often times encouraged to consider, ‘life after modeling’. kate moss has spun her image into a successful presence in fashion through design work with top shop & has even designed handbags for longchamp. still a star in today’s competitive industry, kate continues to land covers, campaigns & blaze the runways occasionally- she ranks as fashion’s no. 2 icon next to gisele & ranks as fashion’s third highest earning. represented by IMG, kate is seen slightly darker, an aspect that adds dimension to the editorial & draws relativity to her grunge era entrance into modeling. kate moss is what female models aspire to become.

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