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PARIS – there is a thin line between popularity & overexposure. in the world of design, fashion houses rise & fall but sitting comfortably on the top fashion tier is givenchy. with a rich history etched in hollywood with film legends like audrey hepburn, the modern takeover we’ve seen from the house of givenchy is truly remarkable. from costume film credits & academy award winning style to transexuals multi-ethnic model casts & albino models- givenchy is truly a front runner in the world of high fashion. just about every single givenchy runway look is duplicated by fast fashion faster than you can say ‘runway’. whether it’s rottweiler t-shirts or a leopard printed three piece suit- everything ricardo tisci creates through givenchy is grabbed, eaten & consumed by the market. i’ll admit; the rap name drops, the constant outfitting of kanye west in givenchy- though great, it does seem to take away from the labels luxury appeal. the point of luxury is exclusivity & if everyone is grabbing at it, everyone can attain it- the luxe losses it’s appeal. it goes from class to mass & in the masses becomes trash. it’s odd because we all want things we love to become popular, but when they do, at least for me, they become a bit unattractive or less appealing.

as popularized as the house of givenchy has become for the non-fashion heads who claim to love it, only because they’ve seen it on kanye west- i approaced this pre-fall collection with hesitation. but, much like seasons prior; tisci again delivers a remarkable set filled with modernized design & an evolved direction in comparison to last season. of the greatest design talents in fashion today, tisci has mastered the art of reinvention. each season is always fresh, inspired & beautifully executed. never one to make his favorite girls a secret- joan smalls & lea t. appear in the pre-season lookbook along with brazilian model, caroline trentini. architectual lines & bold palette notes rule the collection as some use of leather are seen. accessories have an extended presence in the collection as chainlink handbags, sunglasses, hats & heels are all cohesively threaded throughout. acting as a fitting segue form last season, what i respect of tisci is his ability to gradually evolve from season to season while not agitating givenchy clientele interests to any length.

with similar use of print, illustration & architectual design lines; this pre-fall set is a usually strong collection considering the pre-season. im anxiously anticipating tisci’s direction for the FW12/13 season, but am doubly excited for what he will unveil for the couture season which follows men’s fashion week, this month. the strict lines & androgynous silhouettes, this collection is what i had expected from givenchy & i value the level of consistency that is delivered from the house each season. i don’t often wish overexposure to anything i love, rather, i hope that it remains in a space of exclusivity where people with true style & true knowledge of fashion & design can discuss & appreciate it. everytime i see images being posted on tumblr, or facebook of the givenchy collections, especially those that are two seasons late- i role my eyes. that said, this collection is a beautiful graduation of season’s past & im expecting tisci to raise the bar for the fall show season. [source]

editorialesque » the dreams of lea t.

represented by women models milan, lea t. appears editorially for the pages of V styled by olivier rizzo. notorious for being the world’s first transexual model, lea proves that her poise stretches far beyond the realm of masculinity & exudes authentic femininty, allowing a new type of model to emerge in the confined spaces known as high fashion. described by V magazine as a ‘transgender icon’ & labeled a ’21st century supermodel’ lea has not only changed the game but has largely affected the world over with her bravery to stand & be looked at as an example & hardcore statement for other to accept differences. born leandro cerezo, lea continues to dominate with major editorial bookings not limited to her extensive work with givenchy. for modeling as a whole, there is no other female that has done what lea has done, to the extent of how she’s done it.

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fall shwpckg: women model management, new york

i’ve never been considered a jock or one who particularly enjoyed playing games, but one things for sure- when it comes to fashion, i imagine agencies are football teams & models are the players. in that respect, to be clear, women model management would be one of the two teams at the superbowl. in representing the industries top women, those numbers include 14 of which are ranked within the top 50, 5 of the highest earning, 5 industry icons & 5 of the sexiest working in fashion. names that should ring a bell for you: agyness deyn, alla kostromichova, angela lindvall, anne vualitsyna, bruna tenorio, cameron russell, caroline trentini, daria strokous, dorothea barth-jorgensen, eliza cummins, fei fei sun, ginta lapina, hilary rhoda – pause & take a breath – isabeli fontana, iselin steiro, izabel goulart, jamie bochert, jourdan dunn, karen elson, kasia struss, kristina romanova, lais ribeiro, lea t., mariacarla boscono,  mirte maas, natasha poly, nimue smit, rianne ten haken, rosie huntington-whiteley & toni garrn  are the names to know, faces to love & portfolios to beat in today’s modern fashion era. packing a powerful punch in every respect, these females are seen on the covers of vogue internationally & sell you the jeans on your ass & the shoes on your feet. established in 1988, women model management remains at the top of their game by way of representing a wide range of beauty. with commercial faces you know from estee lauder in the form of hilary rhoda, women models also breaks barriers for perceptions of beauty in representing new forms of androgyny in the form of jamie bochert or a new face, you might’ve heard about, ms. lea t. these are the bitches to beat. i called the play.

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the fashion report: sixty-eight

lea t. for love

represented by women model management, lea t. appears for her solo cover of katie grand’s love magazine. shot by mert alas & marcus, the first ever androgynous issue has already had it’s share of publicity spotlight as one of the covers revealed transexual lea kissing supermodel icon, kate moss. causing a scene in her native of brazil, lea was cast to close the runway show of a collection presented at são paulo fashion week. after the show, lea was swarmed by press & media as she departed the venue with her entourage. with her interview with oprah winfrey coming this year, lea continues to pioneer as the first transexual model in the world. her work with the house of givenchy & french vogue have greatly affected her groundbreaking role in fashion. im very happy to see lea land this cover, as love magazine is one of my most favorite fashion publications. lea is actually the son of famed soccer player, toninho cerezo. in interviews, lea has been vocal about his support for her.

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lea t. + kate moss for love, the androgyny issue

for their debut androgyny issue, transexual model lea t. appears in a shockingly unexpected liplock with supermodel icon kate moss. shot by mert & marcus, love, as a fashion publication, continues to push the creative limitations & expectations of a normal fashion publication. as a dominant force in fashion, through styling, katie grand proves that her reign as one of the industries greatest heavyweights is not to be slept on. kate channels a more masculine edge, while lea t. thrives in givenchy aesthetics of bleached brows & a heavily shadowed eye. i love the fearlessness represented at love & find myself standing in applause of every issue, consistently. im very excited to see what has been put together for this issue & respect katie grand, love’s editor-in-chief, as a true creative & pioneer, not just as a stylist, but as someone with a sizable fashion impact.

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collection images: givenchy, pre-fall

layered coats & deep earth tones were presented for the pre-fall collection for the house of givenchy. leather was matched to ethereal use of lavender sheers, sharply tailored pants & beatuiful footwear. ostrich feathers accented futuristic silhouettes & long length skirts & gowns that were additionally layered by the collections coats that added a greater feeling of androgyny amidst all the feminine charm of the collection. a bit of religious iconography is seen in the collection, particularly with the skirts that were almost appear as though they were adapted from traditional garb worn by priests & nuns. fur lined hoods were seen on the multi-layered trench & parka designs while accessories also shared the spotlight for this set. i love the downtown backdrop seen in the images & am completely inspired by the fade out of day to night from start to finish for the collection images. the house of givenchy continues to dominate as one of the leading fashion houses in the world of high end fashion.

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