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video: savage beauty, the alexander mcqueen exhibit

spring prêt-à-porter: alexander mcqueen, paris

the spirit of alexander mcqueen was resurrected on the runways of paris fashion week as his creative right hand man, sarah burton presented her stunningly theatrical spring collection. the first womenswear collection presented by burton since the loss of mcqueen himself, i was beyond impressed by how consistent the designs were in respecting what the label has created in the past, conceptually. influence of nature was seen all throughout the collection; use of floral design was blended with elements of wheat & models walked the runway with weaved hairstyles. intricate design, thoughtful concepts & amazing visuals were presented by burton. a splendid set of design following such tragic circumstances. burton’s creative abilities spot on.

imagesource | vogue.fr

collection images: alexander mcqueen, resort

on the eve of alexander mcqueen’s passing we sit & wait with bated breath to see what will happen to the fate of his prestigious label. announcements of new creative direction were heard all throughout the fashion world on-screen & off. the fate of the mcqueen label now lies in the hands of sarah burton. considered mcqueen’s ‘right hand man’ in design, burton presented a stunning set for the resort pre-season, providing a  promising continuation for where mcqueen himself left off. adorned pieces are matched to aethereal sheer textiles & amazingly structured formal looks- its almost as if the collective is a tribute to the work of mcqueen. while the collection pops off without a bump in the road, im that much more excited to see what new heights burton will take the label. validation at the highest height- im very excited  for the future of mcqueen.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: alexander mcqueen

seeing this collection makes the sadness even more pronounced. a vision beyond comprehension & creativity, the clothes speak for themselves. these concepts of mcqueen’s mind will live forever; fashion will have to work overtime to compensate for this enormous loss. as a final statement through design, the collection couldnt be more perfect. a translation of heavenly elements are tied into flawless construction, as we almost see lee taking flight into a better place. all i can do is stare, try to soak it in completely & remember it. a picture perfect collection, fit for a queen. i am in love with the thigh high boots with the leopard printed heel, amazing. astounding attention to detail, amazing from start to finish. no words can describe the level of talent, creativity or imagination that is alexander mcqueen. undisputed greatest- long live mcqueen.

imagesource | tfs