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arizona muse for vogue paris

appearing for the cover of french vogue, november, arizona muse of next models ny smiles from ear to ear as an unexpected beauty shot is selected. through the lens of inez + vinoodh, arizona appears beautifully. i’ve noted here many times that vogue paris is one publication that im keeping my eye on. granted, french vogue has always been considered ‘one to watch’, the selection of cover models by way of editor-in-chief, emmanuelle alt, is a huge conversational piece. frist came gisele, then came kate moss who was followed by isabeli fontana & then lara stone. a break in model cast was seen when charlotte casiraghi landed the september issue cover & sasha pivovarova landed october. now in november, muse makes her debut. it’s funny, i watch these girls come into the game- i watch them on the runway, keep tabs on their bookings from campaigns to covers & editorials. from cosmetic contracts to catalog bookings- i cannot understand, for the life of me, why the FUCK joan smalls has not landed a solo v0gue cover yet. arizona muse debuted on the runway in 2010 & slaughtered the scene as the face of YSL for the labels SS11 campaign. from there, her bookings have not stopped but other girls in the game have held much more impressive resume’s considerably. the last time a face of color has been seen on the cover of french vogue was in march of 2010, since then lara stone has landed the cover four times, with natasha poly & kate moss landing two covers from then up until now. are there not enough models to go around? & even more interestingly, shouldn’t all things be considered when casting a girl for a cover? you know, how many years they’ve been in the game- how visible they are, what they represent in terms of reshaping how global beauty is precieved? why are all shades not represented?

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editorialesque » wang xiao for vogue china, beauty

shot by regan cameron, wang xiao stars in the november beauty supplement for vogue china. represented by wilhelmina models, wang is of chinese ethnicity & has already made a noticeable mark in high end fashion through editorial bookings since she rushed the doors of the fashion modeling scene in 2010. serving as the cosmetic canvas for vogue china’s beauty supplement, james kaliardos was able to bring to life a cool grey palette which was then balanced stylistically with pulls of fur which were styled by catherine litke. wang is one of many asian models who are making waves in fashion & with her sleek features, she sets herself apart through editorial & beauty spreads like this. with over 16 major editorial bookings already under her belt, wang is also a featured face for the fall cK one fragrance & cK jeans advertising campaigns.

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editorialesque » mary j. blige for elle

shot by thomas whiteside, the queen of hip-hop soul, mary j. blige appears incredibly chic for the pages of elle. draped in fur for the november issue, mary was styled by christopher niquet with hair & make-up by dante blandshaw & d’andre michael. stylistically, mary has come such a long way. growing up, i remember so many style moments in her career. from her bursting on the scene singing real love in a baseball cap & jersey to her ultra glam moments on the cover of her share my world LP when she rocked white framed fendi shades, ’til now- mary continues to evolve both as an artist & a style icon. here, mary’s growth & poise as a strong black woman are evident. i love these images & am so proud of mary. with a new album dropping november 21st, mary’s journey continues through new music, blossoming career moves & humanitarian efforts. hailed as new york’s most stylish, mary timeless. my heart is so full looking at how amazing mary still is after all these years.

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karmen pedaru for numéro

stunningly dark, karmen pedaru of ford models appears for issue 127 of numero thorugh the lens of greg kadel. i love when publications do a gold foiled masthead against a darkened cover shot. karmen has this heavy presence that is so stunning, she is the perfect girl for this cover, considering the styling elements. you may have recognized her through the gucci campaigns & most recently advertising for gucci’s cruise 2012 collection has surfaced in which pedaru is the star. while i love more than one fashion publication, i must say- numéro has some of the greatest covers & best editorial content. no shade to the vogue’s across the globe, but conde nast has a deeper foundation & much more established base as a commercial publication, which means they play the field with actresses & such. with numéro, there is a larger aspect of high end fashion as art that i feel coming through, consistently. recently, i took to the fashion forums & looked at numéro’s cover archive- in which is was surprised at how beautiful each cover was. cover shots are a major aspect of fashion publications because that basically the one shot to pull in consumers. numéro does it for me everytime, as they have so greatly demonstrated here. & let’s get into the ungaro torso/neck accessorie. sickening.

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lara stone for vogue japan

represented by IMG models, lara stone appears for the november cover of vogue japan. plastered on the cover behind the words, ‘dress to impress’ – lara’s frame is gripped by givenchy as a bold lip & sleek hair deliver a fashion image worthy of worship. ranking as fashion’s no. 1 female model in fashion, lara is of dutch/english heritage & was discovered in paris at the age of 12. consistently, each season, lara continues to dominate all aspects of high fashion including runway, high end editorial & is a vital force with fashion ad campaigns. as we approach this years end, it seems as though lara is unstoppable & her rank is written in, yes, stone. love this cover, as it is a complete contrast to her feature editorial.

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delivery from paris: magazine antidote, issue two

very few things in fashion can stop my heart like fashion editorial. in 2008, after i seen italian vogue’s all black issue- i started to take an active interest in high fashion. from paying closer attentions to models & their respective agencies, i started to pay closer attention to photographers, stylists & from there began to look at editors. over the course of time, readers have taken a journey through some of the greatest editorial moments from publications like vogue, elle & numero- internationally. as my knowledge & familiarity of fashion, as a business driven by creative genius, expands; my love for what has represented the core of fashion grows more & more intense. i feel, editorial, is the root of high fashion. editorial can, literally, turn trash into treasure & can turn the biggest runway rejects into photographic magic. they say a picture is worth a thousand words & in this day in age that has never been more true. as the readers, you have had the largest responses to editorial spreads from a number of internationally published fashion magazines. in my own attraction to aesthetic beauty, my own eye has become reshaped in viewing the work of photographers & stylists, who ultimately bring clothes to life through casting of models & the illusion of lighting & angles.

my level of expectance for dope shit at this point, is probably the highest it’s ever been since the creation of this blog. i feel like the content i’ve pulled has only shown a glimpse into what i see, in my mind, as definitive fashion. fashion to me is not about the social aspects, it’s beyond the celebrity & bigger than the hype- fashion is the process in which beauty, through design & anatomy, is made timeless. style is perspective & fashion is the foundation of that. revealed here november of 2010, the french based magazine antidote blew my mind with it’s own concept of a magazine. as a blogger, when you’re recieving email after email, hour after hour; the novelty certainly wears off while your level of selectivity becomes tested. there are dozens of spreads that are submitted each month by independent photographers, established publications & photographers on the come up, that never get published. the way i approach my selection process is simple- if i don’t have anything to say about it, im not publishing it. in many other cases, time is also a factor as is the consideration of models, stylists & photographers used. all this & the spreads or things that are published for you have some thread of association to what i love. whether that’s a bad bitch, incredible styling or something as simple as lighting- each post is it’s own entity based on the narrative that i supply you after grabbing your attention visually.

by way of editor-in-chief, yann weber, i recieved issue two of magazine antidote. while i’ve previously showed the publication in a past fashion report, im consistently blown away by the level of execution brought forth by the individuals that have created it. from model casting to photographers involved, the creation of magazine antidote is nothing less than groundbreaking. after initially getting over the shock of the size & the hardcover of the magazine when recieving issue one, my level of enthusiasm for issue two was, well..doubled. & speaking of double- magazine antidote’s issue two: the shoe issue is twice the size of american vogue’s september issue. yes, i kid you not- it’s that major. fashion publications can also be judged on their advertisers- doubts of which are quickly relinquised by the fact that elie saab’s stunning fragrance campaign starring anja rubik greets you upon cracking the binding & hermes’ fall campaign bids you farewell on the backside of the bookzine. as seen, i chose the magdalena frackowiak cover & recieved it, thinking it was so beautiful- i had to snap a couple of images. in the next series of posts, i will be including some spreads from the issue & further discussing what stands out about these spreads. a sneak of parker gregory & sigrid agren can be seen as well as a few beauty shots of the cover. shot by giampaolo sgura, i am beyond amazed & incredibly impressed by this issue. i’m also very excited to present this issues content & to have been selected as an involved participant in allowing to see something from issue one, onward.

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rihanna for british vogue, november

through the lens of alasdair mclellan, rihanna blazes the cover of vogue uk for the month of november. from kanye debuting on the runways of paris with his collection to this, there is a greater power that is pulling me closer to fashion during what has seemed to be a lull in my own personal interest. beautifully blonde & in armani privé on the cover- rihanna continues to dominate while on tour, internationally & currently recording the follow-up to her “loud” album. shortly after the release of her “we found love” single, this cover appears & im sure that rihanna’s fan base is ready to attack. my jaw literally dropped after seeing this cover & im exceptionally impressed with the cover shot, the styling, the choice to shoot her blonde- all creative elements work perfectly. im completely blown away by how beautiful this came out. ladies & gentlemen, this is a cover.

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