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editorialesque » garrett neff for schön

through the lens of philipp mueller, garrett neff of click models appears strikingly in this black & white editorial for the pages of schön magazine. styled by laurent dombrowicz, garrett neff remains one of my favorite male models. when i first became more knowledgable about male models & their agencies, garrett neff was one of the first that i had come to recognize much more easily, in comparison to other male models, through his extensive work with calvin klein. classically built, neff engages us as a visual audience with this effortless masculinity that translates incredibly on camera. grooming is also a huge aspect of editorial which i look at when reviewing editorial & here, i love the decision to keep a bit of facial hair. i remember the first time i seen garrett neff, i took the image to the barber as a reference for what i wanted my hair to look like. nevermind the fact that i came out with something that looked like a hi-top fade & never went back to that barber but my point is, neff’s hair has always been a major selling point. beautiful use of what appears to be natural light, quality retouching & modern styling put this spread in my book of inspiration.

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on the radar: caesar stovall

known for breaking new ground through runway casting, the house of givenchy is expected to deliver one of the most outstanding runway shows each season. in addition to creating incredible menswear & womenswear, givenchy breaks new ground & in opting for models that others would deem as less desirable; they’ve managed to remain untouched in the fashion game, allowing new faces to take the stage, season after season. much like givenchy, red models has tapped into this aspect of male modeling that, to an extent, has been unrepresented. male models like wendell lissimore, henry watkins & dominique hollington were introduced to us by this agency& this season, they continue to bring the heat.  on the runway this season, givenchy allowed yet another male model to take center stage by booking him as an exclusive for the show. hailing from south carolina, caesar is currently based in new york city after having spent some time on the frontline fighting in iraq & afghanistan. seen here yesterday, caesar recorded backstage video in which he appears to be star struck in the presence of kanye west & usher, while also giving us a up-close & personal look at what it’s like to be behind the scenes with the models at a major runway show. each season, im always rooting for so many faces that standout; some make it while others don’t but the story of caesar stovall is one that is particularly endearing. in a casting video by red, stovall talks about being from the south where they do ‘country things’ & in his backstage givenchy video seems genuinely grateful for the experience. cinematically, which is how my mind works 500% of the time, it was like nicki minaj’s ‘moment 4 life’ soundtracking: “i fly with the stars in the skies, i am no longer trying to survive- i believe that life is a prize but to leave doesn’t mean you’re alive.” at the 7:30 mark, after having models introduce themselves on camera amidst chaos, caesar looks into the mirror & says, “we made it” with a smile. it’s in that moment that shit gets real- the fact that individuals of color are being afforded these amazing opporutnities is truly amazing to me. equipped with a look that is both high end & commercially acceptable, i envision caesar booking a number of jobs, both editorially & through advertising campaigns. while fiercely competitive, the personality showcased in the backstage video, that feeling of adrenaline & excitement that is clear on stovall’s face- it’s in those moments that stars are born. one booking is all it takes to allow someone to be recieved on a greater global scale. for models, those moments are what it’s all about. with new york fashion week looming, i will be checking for caesar at the new york menswear presentations & runway shows i’ll be attending. as the color lines of fashion become much more heavily blurred, caesar stovall is one of many i want you to put on your radar.

editorialesque » robin ahrens for wonderland

classical styling, dramatic light- two aspects of editorial that i live & love. wonderland magazine affords john balsom the photographic opportunity to capture robin ahrens of ford models europe to be seen in this trousers & trainers spread. classically styled by way perry, i love the casual aspects of style that are represented & love how artistically these styles are represented. i’ve said it more than once here, allow me to reiterate; with male editorial there is a seemingly larger opportunity to use greater forms of experimentation. because the design formatting of most menswear remains untouched & unchanged from season to season, use of light, placement of props & angles all make a world of a difference, editorially. these aspects that are represented each month in a number of publications remind us that fashion holds a large stage for some of the greatest artists expressions in the world. beyonce clothes or models, fashion is about capturing a moment- whether that’s a moment of trend or beauty. this spread adds dimension to style minimalism. superb lighting, in love with this.

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editorialesque » paolo achisi for sleek

through the lens of markus pritzi, paolo anchisi of ford models appears for sleek magazine from paris france to paris dallas. styled perfectly by isabelle thiry, i love the simplicity in the pieces that were pulled. most popular of the season, editorially, seems to be the prada pieces- which can be seen in the spread in the multi-color stipes as well as the denim scrubs look. i love the focus on american style, despite the stateside & international editorial location. paolo anchisi is one of my favorite male models for his distinct facial features. of italian nationality, paolo’s mother was an internationally recognized model of the past, lynn koester & now her son ranks no. 24 within the top 50 male models currently working in fashion. from his commercial campaign work for retailers like H&M & zara, paolo is a model of demonstrated skill & a recognized face on the high end editorial circuit. love this spread & it’s direction, completely.

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editorialesque » parker gregory for hercules

represented by click models, parker gregory appears handsomely for the pages of hercules magazine. the spanish based men’s style publication booked parker to be photographed through the lens giampaolo sgura while styled by miguel arnau for their spring/summer issue. though the spread also features male model, diego fragoso, i felt that parker deserved a bit more of indvidualized shine this go ’round. with a near perfect physique & an all-american look, parker has been seen everywhere from campaigns with nautica & armani to editorial bookings for esquire GQ & GQ. though flying a bit more under the radar, parker graced the cover of hercules for their spring cover series & is definitely one male model i strive to present on a larger digital platform. i love the nautical theme of the spread & love the casual feel of this style direction.  

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editorialesque » malthe lund madsen + russell giardina for out

shot by giampaolo sgura, malth lund madsen & russell giardina of VNY models appear for this formal wear fashion spread from out magazine. impressively so, out magazine has drastically improved upon elements of editorial through styling & photographer bookings while at a rapid pace. given the fact that gays are a large creative force in fashion, styling & many other facets of the beauty industry- i hope that many other gay publications follow their lead to take a more active approach at capturing & representing men’s style, as well as fashion, as best seen here. while more gay publications seem distracted by sexual appeal rather than actual style, im very impressed & inspired by what is seen. styled by grant woolhead, everyone from tom ford to ferragamo is seen on the male couples backs while slight references to gay lifestyle are seen injected into a couple of the shots, while not jarringly associating with what might be considered ‘stereotypical’ gay. i love when a range of beauty & difference can be captured in a real, honest & stylized format. it’s all done with the utmost of class & sophistication.

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editorialesque » leebo freeman + simon van meervenne for hercules

through the lens of  bruno staub, leebo freeman of of ADAM models is seen paired with simon van meervenne of VNY for the pages of hercules magazine. as a spanish based men’s style publication, im always super impressed by the editorial content, style direction & art direction of each spread i see. styled by laura alcalde with grooming by tomohiro ohashi & tiina roivainen. focused on soft shades of spring, the spread also showcases prada denim pieces as well as sweaters with texture & some print. while grooming takes center stage, i love that modeling agencies are encouraging models to take on greater forms of individuality- it’s clear that leebo’s bleach blonde is quite the show stopper. the images feel like joseph bleu.

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