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on the radar: caesar stovall

known for breaking new ground through runway casting, the house of givenchy is expected to deliver one of the most outstanding runway shows each season. in addition to creating incredible menswear & womenswear, givenchy breaks new ground & in opting for models that others would deem as less desirable; they’ve managed to remain untouched in the fashion game, allowing new faces to take the stage, season after season. much like givenchy, red models has tapped into this aspect of male modeling that, to an extent, has been unrepresented. male models like wendell lissimore, henry watkins & dominique hollington were introduced to us by this agency& this season, they continue to bring the heat.  on the runway this season, givenchy allowed yet another male model to take center stage by booking him as an exclusive for the show. hailing from south carolina, caesar is currently based in new york city after having spent some time on the frontline fighting in iraq & afghanistan. seen here yesterday, caesar recorded backstage video in which he appears to be star struck in the presence of kanye west & usher, while also giving us a up-close & personal look at what it’s like to be behind the scenes with the models at a major runway show. each season, im always rooting for so many faces that standout; some make it while others don’t but the story of caesar stovall is one that is particularly endearing. in a casting video by red, stovall talks about being from the south where they do ‘country things’ & in his backstage givenchy video seems genuinely grateful for the experience. cinematically, which is how my mind works 500% of the time, it was like nicki minaj’s ‘moment 4 life’ soundtracking: “i fly with the stars in the skies, i am no longer trying to survive- i believe that life is a prize but to leave doesn’t mean you’re alive.” at the 7:30 mark, after having models introduce themselves on camera amidst chaos, caesar looks into the mirror & says, “we made it” with a smile. it’s in that moment that shit gets real- the fact that individuals of color are being afforded these amazing opporutnities is truly amazing to me. equipped with a look that is both high end & commercially acceptable, i envision caesar booking a number of jobs, both editorially & through advertising campaigns. while fiercely competitive, the personality showcased in the backstage video, that feeling of adrenaline & excitement that is clear on stovall’s face- it’s in those moments that stars are born. one booking is all it takes to allow someone to be recieved on a greater global scale. for models, those moments are what it’s all about. with new york fashion week looming, i will be checking for caesar at the new york menswear presentations & runway shows i’ll be attending. as the color lines of fashion become much more heavily blurred, caesar stovall is one of many i want you to put on your radar.

editorialesque » david agbodji for seventh man

appearing for the pages of 7th man, david agbodji continues to build a larger presence as a photographer while simultaneously representing the model facet of his rapidly evolving career. with fashion editing by julia ragolia, the spread seen here is joint photographed by david agbodji & monica r. as some of springs greatest graphic pieces are presented. represented by request models, david currently ranks as the no. 7 male model within the top 50 of fashion. contracted advertising spots for express & calvin klein have allowed david to remain visible in fashion while catalog gigs & editorial bookings also enforce his presence. the oceanic backdrop serves as the perfect balance for the spreads styling.

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editorialesque » thiago ribeiro for sheer

represented by request models, thiago ribeiro has been the internet magazine/model blog blazer over the course of the last two weeks. appearing editorially for the pages of sheer magazine, thiago continues to dominate through editorial bookings & profound photographic performance. styled by torian lewis & shot by matthew pandolfe, i love the spreads use of lighting; even amidst a white studio backdrop, the images appear more dramatically lit, rather than being washed out. of brazilian ethnicity, thiago is one of my favorite new male faces & im hoping to see him garner bigger editorials & massive campaigns soon. i love his look & find some sort of resemblance to, actor, james franco for some reason. there’s enough versatility here to preview some of what thiago can do for male modeling. keep an eye out for thiago- high fashion loves brazilians.

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editorialesque » GO! rio GO! by attitude

what yo’ name iz? diogo rodrigues, maikel castro, muriel vilela & zaydan timpani

through the lens of  matthias vriens-mcgrath five of brazil’s hottest male models were photographed for the new issue of attitude magazine. minimally styled by frank strachan- we’re talking choosing underwear; the publications pushes the limitations of editorial photography & allows pulsating bouts of sexuality to tap into erotic overtones that work well with the high contrasted black & white images. an all brazilian male model cast, kept simple through set, each male model showcases masculinity & personalization with each shot, combining to a stunning set of sexual attraction & brazilian beauty. love this!

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dominque hollington for hunter

represented by DNA models, dominique hollington appears for hunter magazine outfitted in givenchy with an unexpected smile. as an international men’s style publication, hunter magazine seemingly packs a powerful punch as the cover gives us a taste of what elements make-up their 18th issue.  from the creators of italian publication, the/end, it seems as though print is bigger & better than ever, in the world of fashion. glad to see dom gracing the cover, as he is a male model, i feel, the game has been sleeping on for quite some time. a new york native, hollington has been on the modeling scene for a minute, booking significant editorial spots for i-D, italian GQ & vogue hommes japan; as well as landing campaign bookings for bennetton, puma & the gap. once represented by red models, i am hoping that DNA, which is hollington’s new agency, readily tackles the opportunity to garner him even more success as a developing male model icon. dominique is a standout among other male models for his street but chic look. one of the illest males working in fashion today. i suggest you get familiar.  

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menswear collections: givenchy, fall

the house of givenchy continues to establish & expand their current design signatures with a cast of usual suspects for the runways of men’s paris fashion week. flames, florals, black & brown with bleached brows & hair- the collection is one of great concept & expectedly strong direction. while a few womenswear looks did appear for the mens show, we seen two blacked out looks- one of which was worn by supermodel, joan smalls. as for the boys; taejahn taylor joined the givenchy roster along with veterans rob evans, paolo roldan, manuel ramos, kadeem, eduardo calero, dominique hollington, keith hernandez jon marquez & stephen thompson, who is the albino male model, represented by major models, whom appeared for the labels spring campaign. before the runway show had a chance to begin, technical difficulties resulted in a momentary black out & it seems as though the lack of light was magically translated through the clothes. though deep earth tones, navy & some neutrals are used, the collection remained, for the most part, dark; an aesthetic creative director ricardo tisci favors greatly. i love the multi-layered coats as well as the use of plaid, fur & images of barking canine’s on some of the collections pieces. one of the strongest houses right now, not only in paris but internationally is, givenchy. with an increasingly larger cast that is seen on the runway & for campaigns, i am beyond excited & thrilled to see what will be presented for haute couture as well as women’s ready-to-wear, which is also not too far off. of the givenchy collections, i expect greatness & each season, im thoroughly satisfied.

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menswear collections: D&G, fall

presenting a collection that came off more camp for the FW11 season in milan, dominico & stefano presented a colorful set of menswear for their D&G label in milan today. i admire the fun approach to menswear but could recognize very close similarities to collections we’ve seen from dean & dan of DSQUARED2 in the past. the licensing of mickey mouse & coca-cola are fun while still appealing to a younger demographic, which is the goal of the D&G label. while questionable design mixed matches were seen on dual colored sleeves, i didn’t come away as inspired as i have in seasons past with this collection. always a stunning male cast, we seen familiar faces david agbodji of request models & corey baptiste of VNY close & open the show. round of applause no less for presenting a new direction compared to last spring & the fall of 2010. great direction, recycled concepts but promising. bold use of color, not usually expected for fall- fantastical use of fur. congratulations to david & corey.

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