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Marc loicINTERNATIONAL – originally i intended to speak on the time that this was filmed as being the height of marc jacobs’ career at louis vuitton, but that’s improper. the height continued upward throughout his career, as he consistently assisted from an impeccable creative stance, to help maintain vuitton’s luxe credibility. while i had just begun to spin my fashion on film documentary review series, it was announced that marc would part ways with vuitton. when news of his departure hit, i knew i had to own the documentary as a part of my growing collection of fashion films. only having seen the film twice before owning it, the contrast of marc jacobs the person, and the division between his roles at marc jacobs the label, and vuitton were very interesting. i loved the editing by way of loîc pringent, and appreciated the quirky editing and visual affects. you got to see marc jacobs at both studios, as well as traveling between the two. documented was the process of creating collections for his own name sake label and at louis vuitton. the title is fitting, quite literally, because you understood the balance between the two, the differences and the the similarities. as a must see for all fashion kids, you see that marc jacobs is an icon of fashion and creativity unlike any other. he has allowed the globalization of fashion to come together effortlessly. his approach to publicity and his approach to art have paved the way for the fashion industries evolution, and that’s not to mention his exceptional level of execution with designing handbags, and creating campaigns that go against the grain. the documentary provides insight to the ways in which marc collections inspiration and entertainingly gives you an exclusive look into his life. this is one of my favorite documentaries, as an american- to understand that true taste can be culminated in a number of ways through unexpected forms of inspiration. marc is an unforgettable character, even outside his iconic career. due to it’s international appeal, this one might be harder to find.



NEW YORK – with collections by marc jacobs, i really have to watch my step- there are some seasons when i just don’t understand the direction. thankfully, this sesaon, for menswear- that was not the case. heavily based in a palette of rich yellows & golden tones of mustard, marc jacobs created a flawless set that captures his love of bold style & vibrant color. i’ve long been impressed by marc’s ability to use color & print in modern ways that balance the retro with the ultra-modern & progressive. this season, he created a very interesting set which balanced both ends of the spectrum perfectly. dubbed “weird luxury”, inspired by ninties skaters & istambul, the collection provides an answer to jacobs’ afinity for combining style genres seemlessly to create something unseen, beautifully inspired & original. most impressive was the collections color story.

i loved the looks that were presented- strong lines were presented along with a range of both formal & casual pieces. as complete looks as well as piece by piece, the collection packed a powerful punch. standing out amidst the sea of menswear collections which present the same knitwear/sportcoat/denim/trouser combo each season. the collection hosted a set of colored-lens sunglasses that worked as a beautiful extension of the collection & is sure to be a huge hit in the accessories market. in addition to the headlining tones of yellow that engulfed the collection, use of oatmealed beige, green, jewel toned red, deep brown & navy were artistically styled into the collection. in terms of collection look book styling, the overall direction of the fall set was done expertly well. use of plaid, suede & additional accessories including hats & bags allowed the collection to standout among it’s american competitors. a standout not only in the american market, but the global market; i was actually very surprised i liked this collection at first glance, considering my feelings toward jacobs’ collections of the past. beautiful palette with stunning use of contrasted colors, modern concepts & surprising inspiration managed to make this collection a must see, in my opinion, for the fall. [source]

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with arizona muse starring in the collection images, louis vuitton presents their 2012 resort collection. deep tones of purple & blue are seen as red is included in the collection palette for contrast. classic style & sophistication as only vuitton can create- the collection accomplishes it’s goal in presenting something that fits with consumers while no creative push is represented. accessories have an increased presence in the collection, considering how popular vuitton bags are around the world. while i respect the commercialization of the vuitton label, i wasn’t as impressed by this collection when comparing seasons past. though better design concepts could’ve been created, it’s pre-season. i’ll hold my breath until show season.

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collection images: marc jacobs, resort

while the design genius of marc jacobs is clearly evident in his work as creative director with louis vuitton, i always struggle in my attempts to understand the beauty of his own name sake collections, each season. for the 2012 resort season, marc presents a milky palette with use of print & what appear to be deconstructed cocktail dresses. while marc has always seemed to represent a bit of punk rock style or design rebellion, i am not particularly a fan of the resort collection, nor do i favor the aesthetics of his ad campaign direction from season to season. while many fashion heads hail marc for his work with his own labels, as well as his work with vuitton; i will say that im not completely understanding the vision. granted no two stylized visions are alike, i do respect marc for his position in fashion & for his clearly represented influence but i tend to lean more towards design that is much more polished & refined. perhaps my understanding of design is a bit more minimal & far too commercialized, in terms of marketing & concept, to be compared to the work of marc jacobs. im not feeling this collection.

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runway video: louis vuitton fall prêt-à-porter

fall prêt-à-porter, paris: louis vuitton

venturing further into an arena of concept collections, from african-tribal influence to refined classics onto oriental influence & now hotel inspiration; marc jacobs again proves why is he one of the greatest living designers in the history of fashion. living legends naomi campbell & kate moss were among this seasons cast, leaving me stunned in my seat basically plastered to the screen. i loved the bell hop hats & structured, more uniformed looks that tapped into characteristics of hotel staff & was very impressed by the more playful looks done in sheer with exposed bodices. the collection, though structured & clean, really allows the louis vuitton name to take on greater creative value, competiting with some of the more avant garde collections in new york, london, paris & milan. as the largest high end label in fashion, the vision of marc jacobs greatly contributes to vuitton’s reign & has since marc became a part of LV in 1997. over the last few seasons, marc has really hit his stride, conceptually, at vuitton & this season is just as stunning, imaginative & yes, creative as the last. super luxe, extremely chic & lavish down to the last thread- i am standing on my feet for this collection. i was dying for the monogrammed bell hop caps & was mindful of the collections accessories. any runway that casts joan smalls, jourdan dunn & naomi is a collection worth discussing. they punched up the use of monogram this season as clean tailoring, sleek silhouettes & classical textiles took center stage. it’s classic but young as well as fresh & modern. beautiful collection. very, very well done. incredibly ill concepts & execution so sharp, it’s suicidal. i love for structure & classical design, both of which were greatly represented & incredibly re-invented through this collection. complete inspiration from first look to last- stunning. i am living! best collection this season.

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