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shot by deborah turbeville, the house of valentino continues their push to become a greater threat of competition for other labels in the luxury sector. as one of my absolute favorite labels hailing from milan, i love that the modernization & classicality of design that is felt in the house of valentino’s collections is accurately translated through image. i greatly admire the decesion to once again go with turberville. debroah turbeville also shot last season’s valentino campaign & is a particularly interesting choice, given the fashion markets saturated presence of campaigns by steven meisel, inez + vinoodh & the gold standard of fashion photography at the moment, mert alas + marcus piggott. turbeville seems to capture the new school aesthetic of valentino perfectly. the models appear poised & the clothes elegant while an air of darkness is also felt. from the intricately ornamented walls & gold details, the backdrop of the campaign serves beautifully as a complimentary element to the somewhat subtle set of advertising images.

each model seen is allowed their time to shine while the cast softly blends through greater anatomic cohesion. while i will say that the addition of more ethnic female models would’ve been much more beautiful, i understand the aesthetic though i may not completely agree with how ‘beauty’ is being represented. i will say, while i love the presentation of valentino’s shows, collections & notice the power of good casting for all these elements- i do feel that in the next few seasons, a change will be necessary. the floral accents, the sheer- it’s nice, but can become dull in comparison to other labels. while it may not be suitable to compare labels & aesthetics- that’s what fashion is all about, surpassing or out-styling, out-designing that of your competitors. while i admire the romanticism, i would like a remix. something more modern rather than classic. not to say im looking for something too far beyond classic, i understand this is a part of the brand’s DNA, but still. there is a way that other labels have infused modernizm with their distinct branding identity in such a way that has ushered in a greater, much more unstoppable approach to creating a style that allows a label to advance into the future. this, i feel, is necessary for labels to do in order to remain competitive in the market. that said, this aesthetic has been well represented, as it relates to the house of valentino & it’s history. i look forward to the upcoming spring show season for womenswear & greatly admired the label’s spring menswear as well as their couture collection. i hope they serve up the same modern but minimal aesthetic for their womenswear collections come september.

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“fashion is a dream, and in this moment we need dreams” said pier paolo piccioli about this collection when interviewed during the spring show season in paris. 20th century mexico & images by deborahg turberville were seen on the collection’s moodboard for the collection, and interestingly- deborah turberville shot this campaign. with turbeville behind the lens, karl templer styled the campaign, beautifully. shot on location in pozos, mexico; the campaign intends on aesthetically representing poetic femininity through cited inspiration of artist, actresses & the fantasy of fashion imagery. a shift in direction, aesthetically, in comparison to the houses’ last campaign, i love the raw, natural feel that is seen in this campaign. considering that the fall show season is approaching & haute couture just wrapped, i felt that this spring campaign would be a good segue following the close of spring couture. in identifying relativity from campaigns & collections, this marks the first of many campaigns for my bout of spring advertising coverage.

in terms of cohesion, the same inspiration that was the catalyst for their couture collection, is slightly mirrored in what the house of valentino has also been inspired by, in their designs of ready-to-wear. that inspiration being that natural, soft, garden aesthetic. slightly unkept hair & soft braids wrapped each of the model’s heads cast in the campaign, through the hair styling work of mark hampton. make-up was kept simple & chic by pierre orlando, whom repeated that natural direction the house is inspired by so much in this phase; also adding a statement lip for contrast of the overtly simplified. overall, the campaign is one that digresses from the usually dark, heavy glamour that so many other big labels are doing. while i had hoped for something more glamourous, i fully appreciate what valentino is doing & more than identify, as well as value their direction as it relates to their stated inspiration. the opposition from what other labels are doing definitely creates a wider path of design & visionary disctinction. [source]

fall menswear collezioni, milan: valentino

i’ve had my eye on the valentino label with that much more intensity since valentino, himself, retired. i’ve been waiting in the wings for the labels menswear collection to strike a cord with me, creatively & here we see just that. creative directors maria grazia chiuri & pier paolo piccioli have created a stylish set of clean menswear design fully equipped with sleek lines, classic style & a rich, moody palette. a set of neutrals, varied shades of blue, military shades of green & gold hardware add to the collections chic factor. my love for structured coats was quenched with this collection as wool coats & additions of leather were added to otherwise expected styles, allowing the pieces to take on modernized forms of classical style. a really impressive fusion of forward & timeless fashion. i find direct similarities with this collection & my own existing wardrobe & am beyond thrilled to see that the valentino menswear division back to creating hot shit. i am super, super, super inspired & in love with what was presented this season. my favorite menswear collection of the fall. now if only i could book the campaign..

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collection images: valentino, pre-fall

delicately handled is the valentino legacy since he retired in 2008 & that same essence of delicacy is felt through the label’s current collections. completely resurfacing the chic factor of the label, brand creative directors, ,  have managed to collectively represent the valentino past while injecting elements of the new generation. feminine charm & sheer textiles layer the collection that is kept simple with neutrals, black & pale yellows. red, a valetino signature is also seen in the collection as simulated florals lightly tip the edges of a few of the dress designs. i admire the cohesion seen from the valentino label in the last three seasons. from a dark aesthetic laced with fluttering bows, to the white couture collection & now to this- a feel of continuity is being greatly represented & i am thrilled to see what is presented for fall. a beautiful & refined vision is seen for the pre-fall with unexpected use of animal print & amazing attention to silhouette. i love this collection & am always exceptionally satisfied with the collection put forth by the iconic fashion house. a stunning addition to an already astounding legacy. i applaud this collection while standing on my feet.

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spring prêt-à-porter: valentino, paris

presenting a collection in opposition of the bright florals & stark white pieces shown by other labels, maria grazia chiuri & pier paolo piccioli continue to produce beautiful design for the house of valentino. this season, as almost a continuation of their couture collection in lesser form; chiuri & piccioli created clean lines, vintage silhouettes & sheer dresses. streamlined through design, the collection presents it’s own rendition of floral elements & print, using floral embroidered concepts which allow the collection to stand as a separate entity of design. red tones are used in a few of the collections pieces to represent the contrasting seen by other collections & some elements of ruffles are seen & add ethereal glamour in perfected doses. beautiful use of palette with the addition of sheer- the black & neutral with hints of gold add the right amount of style & refinement to the collections pieces. though simple, each design is striking with a clear direction & creative translation.

imagesource | vogue.fr