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editorialesque » easy elegance by details

what yo’ name iz? danny schwarz, garrett neff, tyler riggs, vincent lacrocq, vladimir ivanov

throughout my much of my high school life, i was heavily into the styling of details magazine; in an effort to discover more of my true self & in turn, my true style. i’ve always had a preference for personal appearance & really view personal style as a form of art unto itself. accepting a distinction of what i had liked & prefered versus what the other kids were wearing was a process of growth & timeless inspiration. when looking at this editorial, i feel like im back in those days. at that time, i was deciding what i liked & began to really discover my own path of individuality looking for ways to inject my own style into everything i was doing, from the way i spoke, who i was around- even down to my penmanship, my greater goal in life has always been to represent myself as accurately as possible. over time that accuracy & intellectual process has become more natural & more like a second nature to me- it’s now a process that people around me understand & beyond that they respect. this editorial is a clean cut homage to the style direction that i’ve become familiarized with most. clean style, sharp grooming & timeless pieces that stand alone from season to season while not opposing but not bowing to the unforgiving ways of the seasonal trend. through the lens of robbie fimano, the impeccable styling of benjamin sturgill is translated through clean style, smart tailoring & modernized classics in the form of blazers, denim & dress shoes. though simple, i feel that a tremendous amount of style is both seen & felt in this spread. im intensely inspired & understand that there is great value in the details. whether the cut of the jean, the length of danny’s hair, the relaxed fit of the a denim jacket or the jawline on neff- style is everywhere.

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editorialesque » zhao lei for vogue hommes japan beauty

zhao lei, represented by wilhelmina models, appears for the spring issue of vogue hommes japan through the lens of ben weller. with hair by tomo jida & styling by shun watanabe, the ‘smooth operator’ themed spread focuses on masculine beauty in the form of flawless skin. one aspect i heavily scrutinize when reviewing beauty shots is the quality of retouching; it’s no secret that high fashion editorial is retouched among many other things that we, as the public, are attracted to. whether you’re zooming in to see pores or if you’re trying to decifer whether or not the make-up ends here & begins there- one things for sure, the concept of men’s beauty will never be as vastly explored as it has been for women. i admire the seen here & applaud the opportunity taken to create a male’s perspective on beauty. good set of images, bold backdrops & yes photoshop.  

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editorialesque » jacob coupe for numéro homme

shot in black & white for the pages of numéro homme, jacob coupe appears handsomely. represented by VNY, jacob is seen through the lens of anthony maule with styling by samuel françois. sleek & refined, the editorial appears in numéro homme’s summer/spring issue & though simple, speaks greatly to my own appreciation for aesthetics. lighting when concerning photography is everything- a shot is nothing without the proper lighting & here we see jacob highlighted excellently. the intense light contrasts well with the simplicity of the styling as grooming & areas of coupe’s exposed chest allow greater forms of masculinity to be felt. ranking as fashion’s no. 17 male model within the top 50, jacob hails from the united kingdom. you may recognize him from his recent bookings for spring campaigns with both Y-3 & acquascutum. simply stunning.

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editorialesque » max rogers for gq france

shot by david roemer, max rogers appears for the january issue of GQ france. styled by samantha hughes, the editorial draws a lot of style inspiration in complete looks while allowing the pieces to be looked at singularly, thanks to contrasted tones, patterns & textures. represented by soul artist management, max showcases versatility as a much more casual male in the spread. you might recognize max from the FW10 tommy hilfiger campaign, where he was cast alongside noah mills & iselin steiro.

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editorialesque » augusto for style: men, singapore

through the lens of chuando & frey, augusto appears editorially for singaporean menswear publication, style: men. groomed by junie tan, the images of igor are sleek, handsome & beautifully lit. represented by soul artist managment, augusto is a working fitness model, having appeared on the cover of publications like men’s fitness. always a defender of quality & high style, i like that igor appears in a more stylish element for this spread. chic, polished & well focused; the spread is concentrates on the beauty of the male form in an incredibly inspiring way. of brazilian ethnicity, augusto showcases a perfected physique through classic masculinity & timeless. a great collective of beautiful elements of both style & photography- inspiring.

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editorialesque » german gq fall style guide

in the case of menswear vs. womenswear, men experience a relatively easier form of dress. in a great round of fall style for men, german GQ collectively pieced together this spread which basically outlines the idea of trends for the season. presenting a wide range of looks every fashion concious man is represented in the style spread collective. what’s great about menswear is the idea of classic, while trends are often adapted to menswear, they are in much more classic ways. you cant fool a menswear designer, male fashion is about tailoring above all. sleek, clean style is undeniably masculine. from representing with geometric print, printed coats, classic statment coats or plaid fashion pieces. inspiration for style. apply as necessary.

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irina shayk for south african gq

represented by IMG models, irina shayk lands the august issue of south african GQ. hailing from the russian federation, shayk ranks as the no. 18 sexiest female model in fashion. you may recognize her from more of her commercial work; she’s appeared as a guess girl in the spring of 2009 & landed a double booking with armani in the spring of 2010. outside of the fashion realm, you may recognize her as the five star female from the ryan leslie’s promotional art for leslie’s single ‘diamond girl’. or maybe you recognize her from the four consecutive years she’s appeared for the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. play the track.

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