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currently making a campaign killing for the spring, gisele bündchen appears for the house of versace in lieu of the house making a major comeback in a number of avenues of fashion. shot in borrego springs, california; giovanni bianco lead as creative director for the campaign with joe mckenna & david bradshaw styling the advertisment image set. what i love of the collection, was it’s aquatic inspiration. those same beautiful elements of inspiration were well represented in the campaigns blue-blazed images. donatella versace was quoted explaing the inspiration of  the collection being the old versace meeting the new. the collection was filled with short hem lines, studded leather dresses & minimal designs with just the right amount of flash. donatella has definitely taken a juggernaut approach with the versace label over the course of the last few months. considering versace’s collaborations with H&M, the first locations of versace young opening, the casting of supermodel icon, cindy crawford’s daughter for the versace young campaign, the launch of an eyewear capsule collection, versace’s return to haute couture & the return of versace denim- the brand is clearly not playing any games. the casting of gisele for the brand’s latest campaign makes a bold statement. while the house has been known to favor the brazilian supermodel, this collection couldn’t have looked any better. the accessories, the dresses- all look sensational on gisele as ryan provides the right touch of masculinity, opposite of gisele. obsessed with the direction of this collection, as it relates to the collection.

there is a bit of photographic magic when gisele is seen. here, especially, her lean physique compliments the clothes perfectly as do barrett’s. the images from the campaign exude an inconspicuous sense of sexual appeal, what has historically been associated with the house of versace since it’s creation of 1978. furthermore, since the death of gianni versace during the 90’s, the house has become much more closely associated with exaggerated & flashy forms of femininity. as the fashion house that gave birth to the iconic supermodel era of the 90’s, the house of versace continues to flourish despite their being modern challenges in the now globalized industry that fashion has become. that said, i feel like they will rise to an all new level this year. never fearful of being over the top or too flashy, the house of versace stays true to their history.

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starring abbey lee kershaw, karmen pedaru & male model, greg newrat; mert + marcus return to serve up the spring gucci campaign. under the creative direction of frida giannini, the gucci brand has remained on point in it’s modern branding image. during tom ford’s reign, the image revitalization was seen as all things brown were turned black & all round design elements were transformed to square. this small instance of transformation for the brand drew the greatest form of reinvigoration for the label & allowed it to rise to a new tier in high fashion. after ford’s departure, i had wondered how giannini would transform the vision & overall presence of the company. now, with a few seasons successfully under her belt, i appreciate what she has done in allowing the brand to remain commercially visible in a sophisticated & modern form. the campaign conveys a powerful image of women in a beautiful setting, amdist glamourous furnishings & golden fixtures. each season, im always excited to see which gucci girl would make a cameo & this season, the label opted for two of their faves in the form of pedaru & kershaw.

kershaw has long been a favorite for the label, as a longtime contracted face for the label’s flora fragrance. her ability to draw a sense of familiarity among consumers with her image is what, i feel, is a secret to success for the label. amidst her range as a model, abbey has changed her appearance in going from her natural of brunette to a platinum blonde; which adds a sense of new to her involvement with the italian based label. kershaw has appeared for gucci, every season since the fall/winter campaign season of 2008- which totals to 10 campaigns in the last four years for one brand. an impressive feat for a model as campaigns are among the most coveted of contracts in the business. an evident favorite alongside her, though still a bit more recent in comparison to kershaw, is karmen pedaru- who makes her fourth season appearance for the label’s campaign. what i love of karmen is her intense gaze- both kershaw & karmen prove to be a powerful duo appearing as the only two females this season, sharing the same intense gaze in a number of the campaigns striking images. for the past couple of years & several seasons, gucci has choosen to go with multi-model casts & im happy to see them scaling that concept back a bit. the constant use of too many faces seems to overwhelm me, it almost filters out any individualized shine the models cast can get. heavily accented by gold & natural light with the same powerful eye’s we seen for their runway show, consistent vision is well represented for this season’s campaign. as the collection which marked gucci’s 90th anniversary, the collection hosted a range of architecturally inspired, art deco design elements which are beautifully represented in the campaigns own set. modern & refined, the campaign & collection are advertised beautifully for the spring & im sure that gucci will remain on top of their game in the high end market.

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shot by mert + marcus, stella mccartney takes to the spring season with one of her favorite female faces. natalia vodianova has appeared as stella’s choice face for four seasons, the most of any model during the existence of mccartney’s namesake label. stella herself was quoted, in discussion of the collection’s inspiration that the set of womenswear designs are a “celebration of energy, freshness & fitness”. shortened hemlines stressed the fitness or athletic factor of the collection & by the looks of these campaign images, the freshness & energy is represented by the flourishing florals. i love that there is a mixed media feel to this campaign; i’ve loved the uses of mixed media in past campaigns for the stella label. while other big budget brands seem to favor awkward campaign direction as oppose to the youthful surge of energy that stella creates, her advertising direction is always one that is rooted in authentic inspiration & unexpected execution. filled with print, as a collection, stella’s advertised collection is the type of  quintessential style preference typically associated with the spring. feminine & strong in that approach, stella represents the modern women of today’s world- women who are dedicated to refined, modern & inspired senses of style.

a true game changer in the realm of high fashion, with show season rapidly approaching; im excited to see how mccartney flips the script. this collection, prints & polk-a-dots, has been seen everywhere from fashion publication to being on the backs of celebrities. the campaign direction seems to balance well with the bold use of pattern that is seen on the clothes. the collection was packed with florals, which are seen on the collections accessories as well on the dresses, and that theme seems to literally flow through this campaign. this direction, in comparison to last seasons campaign is much more relaxed, free flowing & at ease. with new store locations for stella mccartney in new york’s trendy soho shopping district, the stella mccartney train seems to have no signs of stopping in the near future. consistent delivery of vision from design concepts to campaign direction. applause for stella- whom remains a fresh perspective in feminine style. [source]

editorialesque » natalia vodianova for vogue

represented by DNA models, natalia vodianova glows for the pages of vogue for the american publication’s september issue. through the lens of mert alas & marcus piggot, vodianova appears classically styled by grace coodington. a refined approach to modern edge, the spread takes on a 60’s & i cannot help but utter the name, ‘jackie o.’ when looking at this spread. mert + marcus prove, yet again, that they are a cut above the rest with this spread while it manages to tap into my love for all things classic. with two fall campaigns under her belt already this season, natalia can also be see alongside naomi campbell for givenchy & returns for the stella mccartney campaign; which she appeared for last fall.  

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editorialesque » isabeli fontana + clément chabernaud for vogue paris

beautifully bold tones, sexual chemistry- two aspects of image that are clearly represented for the pages of french vogue through the lens of mert + marcus. represented by women model management, isabeli fontana is seen colorfully for the pages of french vogue alongside male model, clément chabernaud of wilhelmina. as mentioned previously for the issues covers, some have noted photographic similarities to that of steven mesiel for a spread that used linda evangelista. what amazes me is this concept of whose to blame; in my constant review of editorial a number of people point their fingers every direction. similar aesthetics are seen in the work of mert & marcus, as the two have been known to pay tribute to the greats before them. while some question the inspiration as lack of creative ability, the purpose of serving up a beautiful image is demonstrated clearly. both fontana & chabernaud fit well together & i love the focus upon color. appropriate for the spring,  prada’s banana prints & versaces color splash patterns are all seen beautifully throughout the spread. isabeli is one of my favorites, as is clement- mert & marcus kill it everytime. in living color, summer never looked so good.

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isabeli fontana for vogue paris

through the commerciallly pure styling vision of emmanuelle alt, editor in chief of french vogue, isabeli fontana appears for the publication’s june cover. shot by mert + marcus, bronzed skin & vivid color take the stage as isabeli appears stunning looking something like linda evangelista. while the cover shot & editorial feature have been compared to photographic work by steven meisel, i love & can clearly distinguish which work is under the direction of alt. in the fashion publication game, the editors, especially the editors in chief, have this unbreakable reign once put into position & french vogue has an incredibly interesting timeline as of late concerning this heirarchy. emmanuelle alt, once the fashion editor at french vogue, you may remember as taking her place as chief february of this year. after replacing the void left from carine roitfeld, roitfeld herself has addressed the issue & revealed some interesting rumors in a recent interview had with the financial times. roitfeld broke new ground as the head of french vogue, allowing transgendered models the platform for fashion fame & used excessive nudity in tandem with jaw dropping, high-end glamour. for this roitfeld says that xavier romatet, heavy-hitting president of condé nast france, “didn’t like” her use of experimentation at the magazine. granted roitfeld has moved on, announcing projects with barney’s new york, what i respect about roitfeld is her approach to fashion as art. throughout the interview, roitfeld had discussed everything from her ex-friend editor in chief to mcqueen to galliano- the one thing that seemed to be a recurring theme was the concept of ‘artistry’. this approach resonates greatly with me & mirrors my own approach & for that i will always respect carine roitfeld. granted, my respect for roitfeld doesn’t effect the love i have for the commercial polish alt has broughten to the table- it’s just a different vision. noticeably, the re-introduction of french vogue has been seen under the direction of alt & through beautiful execution, this cover demonstrates that with fervor. all in all, the cover is stunning & with time things change. from french seduction to commercialized beauty at the end of the day the fashion industry has been built to sell fantasies of beauty; products both alt & roitfeld have sold incredibly well. i can easily separate the vision of both & for that, im inspired.

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mert alas + marcus piggott for industrie

over 113 campaigns & over 44 covers in the last four years- mert & marcus are a testament to the fact that the fashion industry has a foundation in photography. appearing for the cover of industrie, a publication which allows editors & industry talents to steal the show- this cover was also self shot. of the internationally recognized photography duo, mert was born in turkey while marcus was born in the UK. meeting for the first time in 1994, following short stints working in classical music & graphic design; both mert & marcus formed as a photography duo & since then have changed the game. upon showing their images to dazed & confused magazine, they were instantly signed on to do a cover & from there began to dominate the world of high fashion through campaigns, covers & editorial shoots for just about every fashion magazine in this entire universe, no lie. with a signature aesthetic that taps into a feel of dark alluring seduction, mert & marcus are to credit for resurfacing the visage of high fashion- having shot campaigns for the likes of gucci, givenchy, louis vuitton & armani. having built a strong presence through advertising campaigns; mert & marcus recently shot groundbreaking covers for katie grand’s love magazine, as well as the current cover of french vogue which is on newstands now. delighted i am to see them on the third issue of industrie, following the first cover of anna wintour & a second of marc jacobs- mert & marcus are two names, ultimately, one team to know if you have any remote interest in fashion, photography or just plain dope images. unendingly inspirational, the mert & marcus portfolio is one of epic & astonishing feats. if you don’t know mert & marcus- you’re sleeping.

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