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fall collezioni, milan: gianfranco ferré

beautifully minimal with inspiring construction of classic fall pieces, the FW11 collection presented by gianfranco ferré is one of stunning concepts. as i was initially romanticized by the collections use of soft neutrals at the front end of the show sequence, the collections use of darker tones of purple, grey & navy added dimension to the set, in avoidance of making a dulled set of watered down shades. clean lines were greatly represented as multi-lapel layered coats were the headlining concept for me. i love nothing more in design than strict lines & a clean aesthetic- two aspects which were presented all thoughout this collection. while i was not as inspired by the collections use of metallics, i applaud the attempt & cohesion felt through those included elements. appropriate for fall, creative director, roberto rimondi paid close attention to long design lines, which were a theme of the collection. all the style elements were covered while not doing too much, rather just enough. i love the collection & am expecting a campaign that will mirror the same aesthetic of cleanliness seen here.

imagesource | style.it

menswear collections: louis vuitton, fall

under the creative direction of marc jacosb, the menswear collection designed by paul helbers is one of simplified style & hard hitting minimalism. beautiful details along with accessories of the vuitton damier inifni collection were seen as leather & black walked the runway as headlining elements of the season. in line with the trend of color blasts in strict palettes, spots of red were seen in the collection alongside white leather luggage & men’s bag pieces. overall, i love the minimalist approach to this season. use of neutral tones on the collections coats as well as few pieces of navy, the collection is one of strong direction & admirable concepts. a favorite collection of mine & the bags will be a major hit for the label. sleek, stunning, sophisticated.

imagesource | style