MILAN – plaid. pattern. texture. missoni understand this concept enough to master it as an artform. the missoni fashion heritage is based on their iconic and instantly recognizable useof pattern with stripes, geometrics, florals and a wide array of color. in the past, the missoni collections have appeared as busy, one-note and redundant. but those are days of old. this season, i loved the subtlety in use of pattern and texture. it was almost camoflauged, left embedded in the collections details, in an unsuspecting manner. which is smart. while iconic design elements are necessary when developing a signature, the use of variation was demonstrated well here. the collection palette ranged from warm to cool, but the sense of cohesionn remained consistent throughout. i loved the styling, the pairing of pieces, the contrasting of colors as well as the matching of colors. in spring, effortless is essential. this collection served that idea very well, you could easily just throw these pieces on and have them look just as chic as a three piece suit. angela missoni has done us proud. celebrating their 60th anniversary, the house of missoni remains inspired and this season borrowed that inspiration from west africa. i’ve watched the missoni label for a few years and have had my reservations with their sense of creativity. this collection changed my mind. modern and fresh, this collection proves to be a refreshed sense of style. labels have their lulls and then there are moments of excitement when you can feel the energy and newness. that’s what you feel now with the house of missoni. great collection for spring.

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