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the fashion report: seventy-seven

video: jennifer lopez, “im into you”

in an effort to clearly define the line that separates music from fashion, i find it important to decipher which aspects of high fashion influence other aspects of media & in-turn other industries. jennifer lopez is one female entertainer that crosses every line, into every industry & has lead the way for celebrities & their entrepreneurial efforts. from her clothing line, to her lucrative fragrance collections, her additional commercial retail collections for kohls- that is only the half of what jennifer lopez brings to the table. as an actress, lopez has starred in a string of major motion pictures which led to her singing career in 1999. with interests in a number of different industries, jennifer successfully understands the importance of image & celebrity & how to interlace all aspects with fashion. a marketable brand that surpasses the confines of movies, music & fashion; lopez debuts her new single for her new album, love? – which hits stores today. video model, william levy brings the heat as lopez relaxes in a pair of gucci shades under a set of palm trees. her bodacious silhouettte laced with a jeweled prada dress; lopez reaffirms her status as an icon, reminding us that she has not lost one bit of her appeal over time. musically featuring young money rap impresario, lil’ wayne, jennifer is seen channeling herb ritts in the videos opening, seen sexy on the shore while wayne himself makes no appearance. exotic & alluring, lopez is then seen clad in a crocheted/fringe gucci gown with diva-esque hair, inside of what appears to be a mayan temple. from there jennifer shifts glamour gears, appearing in the next scene channelilng a bit of a kenzo. appearing in a turban with bold liner in a phython printed satin gown, the video resonates a feel of fashion editorial come to life. dramatic shots of lopez flailing her satin gown in the wind- every transformative state of a true style icon are seen in the four minute video. a metal gown appears as jennifer lays out to be gazed upon by us lusting listeners as an expected dance break reminds us of j.lo’s beginning as a dancer from the bronx. from the beach to the mayan temple, from the silver screen to your computer screen searing through your speakers- jennifer lopez slays in more ways than one & this video is a clear indication of her apt ability to take it to the next level & show the rest of these fashion & music rookies how to deliver musical messaging. vivid glamour & impeccable style- this is musical messaging.