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collection images: tse, pre-fall

classic concepts with clean lines & interesting color palettes have been a recurring theme for the pre-fall 2011 season, hinting at the forecasted direction of the new year. the TSE label produces a collection along those lines with added flare to their established history & reputation as a brand. founded in 1989, TSE is better known for it’s cashmere knitwear & has since evolved with much more fashion credibility overtime. in the past TSE has been creatively directed & designed by some of america’s great design talent. from 1995-1996, narcisco rodriguez held the reigns later leading to direction by hussein chalayan from fall 2000 to fall 2002 & richard chai from fall 2002 to fall 2004. since the spring of 2009, the label has been creatively directed by dushane noble & here we see a promising set of contrasted colors suitably chic for fall. i love the combination of coats & dresses, while having expected some relativity to knitwear. i love that earth tones were combined to bold uses of yellow & highlighted versions of salmon. the use of darker palette notes with soft greys & stunning whites was also a visual aspect my eye was drawn to. overall, i am completely impressed by what was seen & admittedly have not been as aware of TSE as i should be. im eagerly anticipating what will be presented for FW11 in new york this coming february & am hoping to see further development of what was shown here. a great modernization of silhouette while not completely ignoring design relativity to classic style- two areas which im partial to. a strong direction & sharp execution; one of my favorite design collections from an american designer for the pre-season. from head to toe, i love every look.

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collection images: narcisco rodriguez, pre-fall

the pre-fall narcisco rodriguez presented for 2011 was a let down for me. the balance of contrast, in terms of palette, was not well focused in my opinion. last spring, rodriguez presented a simplified collection with more of an understatement than his fall set for 2010; here we see him try to venture into greater depth of minimalism. while i much more favor minimalism, personally, i do feel that there is a thin line between minimal & boring. here the contrast of pale pink comes off as drab against the black pieces in the collection. i was looking for more strength & more of a wow factor, which is not what i felt for this collection. as yet, we still have the upcoming FW11 season coming in february in new york. i’ll safely assume this is a low level performance due to lack of seriousness for the recent rise of the fashion pre-season. great coats- could’ve been better.

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