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collection images: altuzarra, resort

following a collection filled with python skin dresses, i was suprisingly attracted to the fact that joseph altuzarra opted for something much more minimal & tame. while the minimalist approach to fashion design has become the new wave of style; there is a certain air of power in such dramatized forms of simplicity. i loved the collections coats & love the purified direction that has been represented this pre-season. complimented by candy colored walls, i love that different labels are taking a more stylized approach to their collection images- altuzarra’s approach really representing a fresh take on womenswear in that respect. equipped with lengthened design lines & structured elements of femininity- the collection serves it’s purpose, cleanly.

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collection images: michael angel, resort

a wildy impressive set of images were presented in the form of the 2012 resort collection designed by michael angel. i’ve loved the michael angel label’s use of print & have noted the evolution of this label, in design, here on this blog for a few seasons now. seen against dark backdrops, the artwork inspired pieces take on greater life & become alive in each image. incredibly impressive, the collection dabs into a wide set of colors, prints, cuts & silhouettes while accurately representing style from an american perspective. among one of my favorites for the pre-season, for sure. im consistently impressed season after season by the michael angel label; im more than eager to see what they’ll show for new york fashion week.

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collection images: helmut lang, resort

a beautiful color story was presented in the form of the 2012 helmut lang resort collection. with an entrance of stoned brown & grey the collection was held cohesively in aesthetics through sleek lines & structured silhouettes. the brown palette notes intensified as the collection progressed layering seemed to headline as relaxed fit was seen throughout. the collection winded down to a black close as an overall well developed vision was seen. in comparison to show season & contrasted to what was seen here for the pre-season, im impressed by the level of creativity that was applied to the fruition of this collection. while it takes a particular individual to rock this style; i fully appreciate & admire that the label has stayed in it’s own lane in creating a fitting follow-up, with the right amount of progression, to what’s been seen in seasons past. love this collection, entirely. 

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collection images: dkny, resort

as i’ve spoken on lightly in my review of the michael kors resort collection; it seems as though new york’s biggest designers are throwing down this pre-season. as seen with de la renta, kors & yes DKNY, the casual style counterpart to the donna karan mainline, larger scaled collections have been created for this mid-way of a fashion season known as the cruise/resort season. downtown, uptown, day & night- all looks are represented here as a range of colors are used that allow the collection to tap into larger, broader age ranges for all types of women. while nothing particularly stunning is seen, the collection accomplishes it’s goal in suppling consumers slightly below the donna karan price point, with options for vacations & cruises.

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fall collections, new york: marchesa

in speaking prematurely this season during new york fashion week, i raved about jason wu creating  collection of american couture & then i remembered- marchesa. of all the collections & designers based in new york city, marchesa stands alone, on their own level of creativity, refined style & insanely perfected glamour. as a leading label in america, the marchesa collection presented this fall remains true to what has made the womenswear label a standout in fashion. violent reds were seen against black, white & watered shades of lavender as design intricacy headlined the beautiful collection. through complex draping & daringly redefined silhouettes, the marchesa FW11 collection is a living example of skill still alive in today’s fashion industry. while many other labels are taking the minimal approach, marchesa provides an opposition of classic glamour, expert craftsmanship & elegant construction. i love what is presented this season & felt a bit of a dark forest vibe combined with hints of haunted glamour &  deconstruction never looked so chic. im standing on my feet, applauding- this is fashion.  

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fall collections, new york: michael kors

celebrating 30 years in fashion, the michael kors label has evolved greatly, not just as an american design label but as a creative force in the ever changing industry of image. the michael kors label has taken on modernized concepts & a much more minimal approach to design with powerful accessories & innovative details. with a solid formed expectation, i’ve come to appreciate what the kors label is known for & am greatly inspired that im still able to feel a sense of unpredictable direction all the same. this season an expectedly tamed palette was presented with contrasts of red against the grey, neutral, black & white pieces. subtle sheer designs were seen alongside winter coats as a beautiful set of accessories perfectly complimented the innovative & simplified designs of kors this season. turtle necks, which have been a greatly pronounced trend for FW11, were seen on the runway as design lines were noticeably more elongated. i love the collection & am excited to see how these pieces will be worked into high end editorial & of course, im expecting a michael kors campaign signature.

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runway video: proenza schouler fall collection