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fall collections, london: jaeger london

labels in london come with a rich heritage & spare no expense on capitalizing on that history. the jaeger london label was established in 1884 & has become renowned for innovative & contemporary design in the process. that reputation of modernized sophistication is greatly maintained this season with the jager FW11 collection. structured coats & tones of orange, yellow & brown danced in & throughout the collection palette adding a larger, more greatly associated palette for fall fashion. relaxed fit trousers were seen alongside architecturally chic coats that were the headlining element of the collection. with little to no distraction from print or wild style, the jaeger london label pronounces the importance & emphasized factor of the ‘less is more’ movement. all that was seen within the collection was beautiful construction & meticulously clean design lines. in combination with the bold tones that were seen in the collection palette- it’s a perfect balance of minimal & flashy. beautiful use of fur, twill, wool & leather were used on the collections coats as jourdan dunn, tao okamoto & nyasha matonhodze were seen outfitted in the chic womenswear pieces. slight use of pink, purple & a bold teal were seen within the set & overall, im thrilled for this collection. i have had my eye on the jaeger london brand & applaud there evolution within the last five years. from campaign direction to runway cast & down to the ever important design direction each season- creative director, stuart stockdale is doing an outstanding job. one of my favorites from london, thus far. beautifully developed & progressively inspired.

imagesource | vogue.uk

fall collections, new york: halston

in their journey back to the runway, the iconic house of halston presents a beautiful FW11 collection true to the labels trailblazing american history. created in the 1960’s, the halston label rose to fame by way of jackie o., anjelica houston, lauren hutton, bianca jagger & liza minnelli who wore halston regularly. once dubbed the ‘premiere designer of all america’ by newsweek, the halston label is experiencing a revitalization & popularly publicized, sarah jessica parker is also creatively involved. modernized silhouettes & effortlessly beautiful dresses fill this seaon’s intimatel numbered collection & with each season, gradually, the label is moving closer & closer to the helm of high fashion. leather & fur are seen within the collection, fused to the halston signature use of jersey as sheena moulton, austria & nyasha matonhodze were seen among this season’s cast. im always intensely interested in labels that are undergoing change; halston being one of them. as the halston label has many aspects of historical value to their credit, roy halston was the first designer to start licensing with third parties & famously designed collections for JC penney- long before fast fashion, roy halston have already paved the way with america’s most iconic women. relaxed, beautifully & chic- i love the collection presented for fall & am anxiously anticipating the label’s development. nothing is more respect than a phoenix rising from the ashes. well executed, superb style.   

imagesource | style