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spring collections: oscar de la renta, new york

as one of the collections i look forward to every season, oscar de la renta continues to defend classic style & timeless sophistication. the runway collection presents a wide range of looks with floral elements along with simplified neutrals & unending style variation. overall, the collection didn’t deliver at the height expected. though powerful in number, the collections overpowering number of looks allowed breaks in cohesion from one look to the next. that said, each look holds true to the de la renta standard of classic feminine appeal & glamour. clientele of the label should be pleased with this season’s set.

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spring collections: calvin klein collection, new york

mirroring a bit of the same feeling we get looking at the ralph lauren collection, calvin klein also displays a bit of redundance for the summer/spring 2011 season. though a cut above ralph lauren, the calvin klein label has taken great strides to further redefine their  signature aesthetic which is both classic & clean. while i admire the dedication involved in this process of redefinition, the collection hosts the same structured lines with little to no style variation or color distinction from what was presented last season. floating on a stream lined palette of black, white, grey & navy- the collection adapts the same concepts as usual. lara stone walked the runway as the final model wearing the finale look, a minimalistically designed black gown.

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spring collections: ralph lauren, new york

as one of the most iconic american fashion labels in fashion, ralph lauren presents his summer/spring collection on the runways of new york. channeling a bit of western appeal, the collection oozes redundancy & seemingly lacks any real sense of surprise in design. white & brown dominated & were a major highlight of the collection this season. with their traditional approach to design, the collections presented by the house of lauren each season are progressively more & more stylistically stagnant. im not sure how much longer the disconnect will be tolerated in fashion; while the ralph lauren & polo companies are profitable, there is nothing groundbreaking ever presented. for many reasons, i feel collections like this give style in america a bad name. while designers in new york like rodarte, proenza schouler, alexander wang & jason wu trailblaze the future of fashion, the lauren collections remain somewhere behind the times collection dust. the model cast was expectedly strong.

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spring collections: j. mendel, new york

allowing the neutral palette to act as a highlight for the collections use of orange, the j. mendel collection preseted for new york fashion week is one of my favorites this season. providing numerous options for red carpets & award shows, i was romanticized by the use of satin as well as the drama seen in the collections gowns. in light of the summer/spring season displayed plenty of options for short dresses as well; which were done extremely beautifully. overall, not much else can be said of this collection other than it’s stunning. love the contrast of the orange footwear with the hushed tones of each dress.

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spring collections: davidelfin, new york

showcasing bold use of color in contrast with sleek design lines, the davidelfin collection is one of complete style & progressive sensibility. combining a male & female runway show, the collection has a strong direction & is totally cohesive from one look to the next. the collection begins with an irresistable cobalt blue & winds down to black while the variation of multi-color details is never once affected. i loved the changes made to classic male looks with the cropped & chopped tuxedo looks & loved the futurism focused on the collections gowns. a solid showing of concept, design & direction.

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the fashion report: fifty-seven

spring collections: marchesa, new york

bringing to fruition a bit of american design couture; the girls of marchesa produced gorgeous designs for the SS11 show season. with noticeable inspiration relative to that of dior by galliano, the collection is oddly similar conceptually to the fall 2008 haute couture collection. it’s the same volumuous gown designs that really draw such a close comparison. overall, the marchesa brand is always a leader in sophisticated craftsmanship & extreme attention to detail. using soft neutrals alongside black pieces, the collection is a further development & evolution of what we’ve seen from marchesa in the past few season. specializing in red carpet outfitting, the label should have no issues looking for females to wear these gowns & sport these looks. adding an air of versatility & surprise, i was pleased to see a few blazer/pant looks along with some of the jumpsuit designs. the use of sheer textile, as well as the use of tulle was all done extremely beautifully. amazing details, undeniable glamour but questionable concepts compared to dior archives. nonetheless, a wonderously beautiful & elegant set.

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