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the only thing more impactful than the life of oscar de la renta is that of his legacy. a representation of the american dream, de la renta was born in the dominican republic’s santo domingo. a classic tale of art into design, de la renta studied art in spain, which soon spun into an apprenticeship. during his development as a designer, de la renta was mentored by cristobal balenciaga, yes, of the balenciaga. this mentoring relationship soon led de la renta to an assisting gig at the house of lanvin, alongside antonio del castillo. castillo was spanish costume designer who, alongside pierre balmain, balenciaga and christian dior, was considered among the design elite. castillo helped to relaunch the house of lanvin, and with de la renta by his side, this helped drive that mission home. the classical appeal, and internationally influenced design sense of de la renta began to develop further through the cultivation of such relationships, in the glittering industry of fashion.

in the 60’s, during the vogue editor-in-chief tenure of the legendary diana vreeland; oscar went to seek her advice about career and take over. to which, vreeland suggested he segue into ready-to-wear. with de la renta’s background in assisting and being mentored by design legends in europe, the american market was his next big footing. a footing which would become his home for the next lifetime of his career. working with elizabeth arden, de la renta was able to solidify his place in fashion, and soon opened his own namesake label which was established in 1965. during his life in style, oscar was a first of many firsts. he was internationally known for dressing jacqueline kennedy, the ultimate style seal of approval in the world of high end society. he became the first dominican to ever design for a french fashion house, as the head of the haute couture atelier at the house of balmain from 1993-2002. no doubt, his development put him ahead, and his masterful skills of networking all helped to etch his name into fashion history. but while all of these developments did assist in making such marks of indelibility; the true sense of impact for the designer was his own namesake label’s rich sense of consistency. to his credit, de la renta has enjoyed 50 years in fashion.

with an arsenal of fashion and style accolades to his credit, the 82 year old designer is definitely amongst the iconic and heroic as representatives of beauty. with unstoppable forces of design in areas including bridal, ready-to-wear, accessories, fragrance and home collections- the name of de la renta, privately owned, will continue to flourish as the real meaning of what de la renta’s legacy will be. quite the shake up for fashion, one does have to wonder what will happen next for the house. no greater sense of loss can even begin to describe my own sentiments on recieving this news yesterday, but it is with a full heart backed by fact that i say to you, that oscar de la renta will always be an icon in the world of fashion. not from a mere sense of luxury, but for what he has allowed individuals of color to pursue in design.

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collection images: oscar de la renta, resort

a surprisingly wild showing for the resort pre-season was seen from none other than oscar de la renta. presented in the form of a runway show, ODR broke some new ground in showcasing what appeared to be an influence of the unending tribal trend. though i’ve come to expect more conservative forms of glamour from the de la renta label, it was refreshing to see him break out of his normal routing of sophisticated designs & dabble more heavily into the use of prints. in a showstopping 40 piece runway set, collection gowns were accented by hats as the theme of print was the headlining element of design seen. as one of the most awarded men of womenswear design, oscar de la renta presented a great concepts & sharp execution for the pre-season. de la renta never misses a step- the fact that, as a label, they show out like this for the pre-season is astonishing.

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collection images: oscar de la renta, pre-fall

showcasing bold contrasts of pink, green & mustard yellow against black for the pre-fall 2011 season, oscar de la renta remains classically inspired. prints, texture & other usual strides of greatness were seen in the collection this season, as many seasons before. what i love about oscar de la renta during collection presentations is the fact that you see a healthy sized collection- you see look, after look, after look. presenting 60 pieces for the pre-fall, it’s clear that the de la renta team are moving at a constant pace & have a reputation to uphold. i did notice a strong use of leather in the collection & am particularly impressed by the double belted waists that were seen. im all about the details & oscar delivers them multiple times a year on a silver platter. classic style that is completely untouchable. no one does it like oscar de la renta; an american design icon.

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spring collections: oscar de la renta, new york

as one of the collections i look forward to every season, oscar de la renta continues to defend classic style & timeless sophistication. the runway collection presents a wide range of looks with floral elements along with simplified neutrals & unending style variation. overall, the collection didn’t deliver at the height expected. though powerful in number, the collections overpowering number of looks allowed breaks in cohesion from one look to the next. that said, each look holds true to the de la renta standard of classic feminine appeal & glamour. clientele of the label should be pleased with this season’s set.

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collection images: oscar de la renta, cruise

always a collection that i look forward to seeing, i always anticpate the oscar de la renta collection regardless of the season. a lot of collection design concepts & styling remind me of the cruise collection we seen from jason wu. we see similar silhouettes & those same straw top hats- de la renta does prints with extreme ease & elegance. i really admire the fact that de la renta’s designs are able to transcend age limitations; though classic each look is given the right amount of youth with the right amount of maturity. classic use of tweed is complimented by classic form & silhouette while prints add that extra boost of modernization in design. as the collection progressed bright reds appeared alongside more printed dresses & the collection progressed to a set of neutral looks with belted waists. those looks slowly transformed into looks with more texture & soon sheer textiles were seen as the collection drew to a close with a range of gowns in green, orange, as well as lace & print. a wonderful collection filled with a reinvention of established classics. always a job well done for the de la renta design team- always inspiring.

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fall collections, new york: oscar de la renta

spotlighting fur pieces, the oscar de la renta provides an expected level of class & sophistication for the fall season. never missing a beat, oscar de la renta presented an elegant color story collectively incorporating red, orange, purple & shades of green ever so gracefully. with the help of anja rubik, jac, sasha pivovarova, arlenis sosa, kasia struss, karen elson, kim noorda & vlada roslyakova; the fall collection was a strong showing for the fall. clientel of de la renta are sure to be pleased, as the collection provides incredibly beautiful additions to their existing wardrobe. oscar continually displays his ability to dress women in such a way; that, beautiful is used for lack of a better word. im completely amazed at his level of consistency in fashion & his dedication to refinement. he is & will always be a design legend. classic beauty is always at the forefront & its that dedication to a certain standard that has set the de la renta name apart from so many other designers in the fashion game. i love that his collections produce a mass amount of looks & pieces. while larger collections seem lacking in quality, look by look, de la renta soars above the competition. i applaud this collection as one of the best this season. oscar is an undisputed great, i throughly enjoyed this collection & my affinity for  beauty & the classics shines through this review. an incredible set, that no one can deny as great.

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karlie kloss for oscar de la renta, spring

represented by next models ny, karlie kloss lands her fourth campaign this spring appearing for oscar de la renta. seen against purple & yellow, kloss brings sophisticated lines & a windswept ponytail to this seasons ad set. judging from what we seen last season with anna jagodzinska, i think this set is appropriate for spring. outside of de la renta, you can spot karlie in this seasons campaigns for dior, hermès, aquascutum & sonia rykiel for H&M. named couture seasons top model, karlie is killn it.

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