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editorialesque » paolo achisi for sleek

through the lens of markus pritzi, paolo anchisi of ford models appears for sleek magazine from paris france to paris dallas. styled perfectly by isabelle thiry, i love the simplicity in the pieces that were pulled. most popular of the season, editorially, seems to be the prada pieces- which can be seen in the spread in the multi-color stipes as well as the denim scrubs look. i love the focus on american style, despite the stateside & international editorial location. paolo anchisi is one of my favorite male models for his distinct facial features. of italian nationality, paolo’s mother was an internationally recognized model of the past, lynn koester & now her son ranks no. 24 within the top 50 male models currently working in fashion. from his commercial campaign work for retailers like H&M & zara, paolo is a model of demonstrated skill & a recognized face on the high end editorial circuit. love this spread & it’s direction, completely.

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editorialesque » paolo anchisi for dansk

shot by chris craymer,  paolo anchisi of ford models appears for issue no. 25 of dansk. styled by toby grimditch, the direction of style represented in this series of images is a bit more raw edged than most of the other polished spreads we’ve seen this season. with alluring use of natural light & natrual elements, prada platformed sneakers & stripes are given more depth. i love that the styling seen here is a combination of over the top design concepts & bold patterns with minimalist sensibility. paolo is one of my favorite male models & here he demonstrates his ability through photographic performance.

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fall shwpckg: ford model men, new york

highlights from the ford model men’s board for me, are AJ abualrub & paolo anchisi. in season’s past, i’ve imagined that the ford models men’s board seemed a bit more stronger than what appears today. in reviewing the men presented for the FW11 show saason, i have my eye on both briane hatcher & darren clarke. i’ve seen briane hatcher a few times through sparse bookings; i do look forward to seeing both on the runway. approaching new york fashion week with slight hesitation, i will say that the men of ford models will have to convince me this time around. with a strong women’s board from ford, im hoping that the men’s side will be able to measure up & solidify any of my doubts. check for these dudes on the runway. show season starts tomorrow.

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shwpckg: ford model men, new york

as one of the top modeling agencies in the game; ford represents some of the best known male models in fashion. aj abualrub, adrian bosch, brad kroenig, andre ziehe, briane, clint mauro, daniel pimentel, daniel liu, evandro soldati, jakob weichmann, jesus luz, lars burmeister, max motta, paolo anchisi & francisco lachowski are all top models included within the ford mens board. this season, a few that stood out to me- aside from our usual suspects were male models didier, d-myke &  bobby. these are the men you often see in the campaigns & editorials throughout the year in fashion. as we await new york fashion week, we can expect to see the faces shown & names listed to appear on the runway. above is the FW10 agency roster.

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the versace spring campaign: extended

simon nessman of major models & georgia may jagger of TESS models, both appear for the spring versace campaign. since the campaigns debut, more images have surfaced. shot by mario testino, the extended preview of this seasons campaign can be seen above. i love the showcasing of prints for the collection & love how they’ve been showcased in the campaign. paolo anchisi of ford models also makes a campaign cameo within the set. i love the footwear in this collection, especially in shot one & seven. if thats not next level, i dont know what is.

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the spring united colors of benetton campaign

what yo’ name iz? paolo anchisi, alexander johansson, roy pratt, callum wilson,
amanda norgaard, atong arjok, camille mervin leroy, gloria loitz, ieva laguna,
marcel castenmiller, nastasia ohl, shu pei, tetyana melnychuk

shot by josh olins, the benetton spring ad campaign shuts model casting competition down. capitalizing on their commercial appeal, the campaign represents the squeaky clean image of the benetton brand. the bold colors & multi-racial model cast make this campaign that much more ill. i die for images shot on a white backdrop; hence some of my self-shot images you’ve seen in my face section of the blog.

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editorialesque » paolo anchisi by eric sposito

paolo anchisi is represented by ford model management.
he appears in the second issue of 160g magazine.
160g is distributed digitally every month.
images shot by eric sposito.

imagesource | COÛTE QUE COÛTE