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MILAN – of all the labels in the land, prada is the ultimate trendsetter. while somethings may appear as confusing at first- consumers come around & so do the PR offices when it comes to miuccia. last season it was a satire of power that add comical relief to the the image of men in power. this season? vintage bowlers- or so it seemed to me at first glance. while we’ve seen retro prints, metallics & heavily embellished pieces from prada over the course of the last few seasons it was miuccia prada’s intention for everything to be reduced, simplified & basically muted. the lines that were fanciful last season became streamlined- it was complete cohesion from look to look. while some form of excitement was felt in the use of color, for the most part- it was flat. intentionally. there is a level of intellectuality that is produced in the prada collections, which has seemed to be the labels secret to successful trendsetting for many, many years. whether subdued or over the top with explosive concepts- prada keeps you on your toes. the markets look to the label to dictate their next move, intelligently. i love that prada totally draws you in- you wonder what they’ll show & when you least expect it- ah, something new. which is exactly what this collection felt like, even if minimalism is being produced by labels at lightening speed these days. how appropriate to follow this transformation of simple clothing for a high power label? how is this changing the game? is it? or is it just a simple mutation to conform to what direction is most popular? questions, yes. but answers?

striking forms of outlining of certain silhouettes were seen, i feel like defining these concepts as color blocking is far too, well, simple for the collection. through simplicity, the use of color was thoughtful. while other labels are pushing blinding metallics down the runway- prada been there & done that. it’s onto something new. i loved the rich palette notes of maroon & navy most- the use of beige, grey & black was almost expected. as most can tell you, i am often drawn to grey & naturally was in this collection. i expect to see these colors in a mens collection, but still- though my own expectation feel that prada always scores big points with me in that- it gets me thinking. i want to know, every season- what was she thinking. what message is she trying to convey? how has this shown a method of creative growth from last season to now? is this the future of fashion or a retelling of the past? so many questions & yet, it’s all objective. fashion is how you perceive it & prada makes you think. not just this season, but every season. [source]



MILAN – miuccia prada is one of few true trendsetters in fashion. im always wondering what she’ll unveil each season as she clearly comes at fashion in her own lane, separate from others. refined, sophisticated & in control- this season seen prada taking things one step further in creating almost presidentially sleek style for the runway. described as a ‘parody of male power’, the collection seen models walking alongside actors in the theatrical event. sprawling across a square, red carpeted runway- the models walked stiffly on the runway outfitted in regal coats, blazers & three piece suits buttoned all the way up each models neck. an accurate portrayal of how up tight powerful figures can be was demonstrated well on the runway & delivered the vision of the collection entertainingly. what i love of prada is that muiccia is smart & it shows in the clothes.

with a PhD in political science, miuccia prada; transcends beyond typical trend & is uses design as a reflection of the times, as seen each season. as a mere vehicle for this ultra-creative expression, muiccia again remains in her own lane with this concept of power that is seen in the strict slihouettes, double breasted blazers over trench coats & the unmasking of the male façade that is seen in the exposed undergarments of the models at the back end of this runway show. the runway show sequence started out very formal, what you would expect of a man in power to be outfitted in. but as the collection progressed use of print & bold tones appeared strikingly. the role of power was extended that much more with actors. gary oldman, academy award winner adrien brody, willem dafoe & jamie bell were cast for the role of model in the ‘palace of role play’ themed collection. everything about the collection was grand, the setting, the idea, the delivery- it was well played. always armed with dope accessories, i loved the color dipped footwear in the collection, which added an air of trend to the otherwise classic collection. the styling approach to layers was probably the most inspiring aspect of this collection to me. even with the solid toned looks, there were multiple layers of coats & blazers which made you take a closer look. throughout the collection, you were almost trying to figure out which level of power each look was designed to have. some looks more classic than some of the more bold, the collection palette was in line with other collections this season as a rich palette of earth tones was contrasted with maroon, plum & yellow for balance. eyewear had a subtle but charging presence in the collection as the shows soundtrack cut in & out from operatic vocals to new wave. arrogant by design, if such a thing exists, the collection was unapologetically masculine & took on the role of male stupidity well. added the fact that this role reversal of power was calculated at the hands of a women, this made the show much more exciting. the level of expression & meaning behind prada collections adds greater value, allowing fashion to take on the greater role of art. im eagerly anticipating if this same theme will be mirrored in the house’s womenswear collection & how that will all be translated through campaign direction. strong collection with a powerful message of male domineering. fashion with a message- that’s what its all about.

runway video: prada fall collezioni, milan

video: prada menswear, fall

editorialesque » vogue nippon presents fall fashion

what yo’ name iz?  hanne-gaby odiele, patricia van der vliet, tao okamoto

 shot by paola kudacki for the vogue nippon august issue, hanne-gaby was shot alongside patricia & tao for this fall fashion blowout. capturing pure chic & undeniably sickening styling, the spread is everything i live & breath for in an image. styled by aurora sansone, the spread collectively presents complete looks from fendi, gucci, dolce & gabbana, chanel, bottega veneta, calvin klein, hermès, burberry prorsum, maxmara,  giorgio armani, ralph lauren, prada, dior, céline, miu miu & louis vuitton. each look captures the stylistic signatures of each label & each models serves on some top shelf shit. i am beyond words for this spread, though shot on a studio background- the clothing comes to life. we see movement, emotions & the purest form of style. a stunning set of fall fashion & a very inspiring editorial for the upcoming season. makes me anxious for the fall.

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menswear collections: prada, spring

miuccia prada presented an understated spring collection for the 2011 show season. presenting black looks with features of denim & shots of blue, the collection was very minimal & very chic. i really love the use of neutrals & khaki in the collection; it was very fresh & kept super clean. though i was expecting more style punch- the collection did serve its share of refreshing design. at the close of the collection, an interesting mini series of striped sweaters was showcased, which seemed almost out of place for me. though i admire the simplicity shown through design the collection felt a bit lacking; i found myself coming away with a sense of longing, like i wanted to see more- maybe i expected more. overall, the collection was a solid effort.

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the fashion report: fourty-one