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fall collections, new york: halston

in their journey back to the runway, the iconic house of halston presents a beautiful FW11 collection true to the labels trailblazing american history. created in the 1960’s, the halston label rose to fame by way of jackie o., anjelica houston, lauren hutton, bianca jagger & liza minnelli who wore halston regularly. once dubbed the ‘premiere designer of all america’ by newsweek, the halston label is experiencing a revitalization & popularly publicized, sarah jessica parker is also creatively involved. modernized silhouettes & effortlessly beautiful dresses fill this seaon’s intimatel numbered collection & with each season, gradually, the label is moving closer & closer to the helm of high fashion. leather & fur are seen within the collection, fused to the halston signature use of jersey as sheena moulton, austria & nyasha matonhodze were seen among this season’s cast. im always intensely interested in labels that are undergoing change; halston being one of them. as the halston label has many aspects of historical value to their credit, roy halston was the first designer to start licensing with third parties & famously designed collections for JC penney- long before fast fashion, roy halston have already paved the way with america’s most iconic women. relaxed, beautifully & chic- i love the collection presented for fall & am anxiously anticipating the label’s development. nothing is more respect than a phoenix rising from the ashes. well executed, superb style.   

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fall menswear collection, new york: calvin klein

with a palette entrance that reminded me of the richard chai collection, with dull undertones the calvin klein FW11 menswear collection took an unexpectedly bold turn as the set progressed. combined with more stone faced color choices bold use of red & blue were seen this season for the american based label, allowing further clarification to be made as to which colors will trend this coming fall. in cast, river viiperi, calvin klein favorites david agbodji & AJ abularub were seen alongside sacha m’baye on the runway this season, allowing masculinity to take center stage. i love the play on athelticism that is showcased, in design, for the calvin klein collections every season. though sports influenced, the atheletic elements that are seen in the collection are no less sophisticated than the collections formal suits. a dramatic signature of hardcore minimalism is expected from the house of calvin klein & it’s done expertly well, with slight creative variation each season. i love that the calvin klein collections really have allowed a new era in american design to be ushered in. an incredibly ill style direction was seen this season, as padded crew neck sweaters are a trend among a few of the menswear design collections for FW11. an impressive interpretation of progressive masculinity displayed for the fall season. one of my favorite labels of the americas.     

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fall collections, new york: altuzarra

urban refinement is how i would describe the FW11 collection presented by joseph altuzarra. luxurious use of fur was seen on the collections coats as models walked the runway in sheer tops, larger than life parkas, argyle & satin gowns. interesting design was seen in the collections dresses, it was chaotic but still sexy- very interesting. a wide range of basic colors was used for the collection palette as shades of grey, brown, red, white, neutral & black were seen with a bit of gold undertones. equipped with a red statement lip & catlined eye daphne groenveld opened the show as karolina kurkova, karmen pedaru, arizona muse, joan smalls, toni garrn, jacquelyn jablonski, jourdan dunn, frida gustavsson, karlie kloss, magdalena frackowiak, hanne gaby odiele, fei fei sun, jac jagaciak, ashley smith, constance jablonski, liu wen, sigrid agren walked leading to kasia struss, who closed the show. a beautiful collection of daring design that allowed sophisticated pieces to become urbanized through styling.

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fall collections, new york: prabal gurung

as karlie kloss opened the show, the FW11 direction taken by prabal gurung was instantly felt & greatly represented. a rich series red looks ensued the runways as black & white entered the collection palette. unexpectedly chic dipped furs were seen alongside sheer textiles, beautiful use of leather & impressively intricate details which broke some of the strict sophistication up a bit. deconstructed necklines, wide legged trousers & slim tailored looks were seen as well as the models walked with bold brows & multi-layered nylon stockings. as the collection progressed the palette cooled to grey & eventually to white, as shades of neutral swelled to pink; leading to beautifully beaded gowns that closed the show. creatively, the collection makes a promising mark for the FW11 season & further proves the talent & skill of prabal gurung, who has had quite the buzz in new york fashion circles both this year & last. as stunning as the show itself, the gurung girls of the fall season included, frida gustavsson, ming xi, liu wen, alla kostromichova, our beloved joan smalls, jacquelyn jablonski, patricia van de vliet, anais mali, hanne gaby odiele, valerija kelava, jourdan dunn, fei fei sun & constance jablonski in addition to this season’s opener, previously mentioned, ms. kloss. a beautiful collection of thoughtful & powerful details, a stunning approach to the fall.

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fall menswear, new york: richard chai

a dark palette complimented by plaid was seen on the runways of new york fashion week by richard chai. rich with masculinity, the collection hosts a range of well tailored looks alongside more relaxed cuts, providing a variation of styles for every stylish dude. while the black & deep grey tones make up most of the collections palette, i loved the use of green & navy seen in the mid-section of the set. male models andrej peijic, jacob coupe, josh beech, keith hernandez & yuri pleskun were identified amongst the runway cast. wool was used as well as denim, allowing the collection to tap into a classic feel. i love the collection & would wear every piece that was presented. from womenswear to menswear, richard chai is a designer i greatly admire.

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fall menswear, new york: rag + bone

as new york fashion week goes through the motions of  presenting both menswear & womenswear side by side, not opting for a menswear show in milan; rag & bone presented their menswear collection on the runways in new york, yesterday. mirroring the same outrageous innovation & wild concepts through controlled creativity, the menswear collection uses a stunning yellow within their palette that wasn’t seen for the labels womenswear collection. similar use of plaid is seen in the menswear as more structure is expected for a menswear collection. statement coats are expected for fall collections & are presented in this collection in wool in blue, black, neutral & brown plaid. while minimal use of fur was seen within this set, i would’ve liked to see more breakout moments & more risks taken, being that menswear is usually under very strict guidelines given the need for tailored looks. masculine & sophisticated, even through wild styling & insane layering, the collection mirrors the creativity seen in the womenswear collection very well. i loved the collections use of blue at the close of the collection. the opportunity to contrast simplified concepts to more wild designs was done very well with the menswear collection. most menswear collections are held to a greater standard of control & order, whereas womenswear is much more expected to take risks & be a force of change in fashion. i love the idea of seeing menswear in new york as well, it allows a greater sense of connection for labels to present both collections to a stateside audience. new york is incredibly creative this season with a packed schedule of both new & veteran designers. that said, both new & veteran male models were seen on the runways for rag & bone this season as corey baptiste & yuri pleskun were seen on the runway alongside clement chabernaud & josh beech. among the throngs of creatives, rag & bone certainly holds their own, as demonstrated here. strong collection, one of my favorites.

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fall menswear, new york: dkny menswear

with the donna karan well developed into an empire of fashion, both high end & casual, the DKNY menswear collection was presented in new york for the FW11 show season. with formal looks that rival expected business attire for half of the men across america, the DKNY FW11 menswear collection is based in rich earth tones & showcases looks in every tone from navy to charcoal grey, black, maroon & khaki. while nothing particularly outstanding is shown, the collection skates by in providing a functional & stylish edition to any DKNY dudes closet & existing wardrobe. with interesting design editions like patch work, vests & relaxed blazers, the collection was seen with a cast including keith hernandez, jacob coupe & corey baptiste.

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