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fall collections, new york: marc by marc jacobs

warm earth tones ruled the runway this season by way of marc jacobs for his moderately priced, marc by marc jacobs collection. a combined runway show of both menswear & womenswear was seen, though womenswear took the main stage. horizontal stripes were seen alongside seventies inspired silhouettes, which marc seems to love. while the collection seen here is much more relaxed & not as strict as what was seen for the marc jacobs main line, a consistent vision was presented both creatively & sharply. bold shots of green, fuschia & slight use of yellow were seen in the collection palette that contrasted well with the brown base of the collection. a lot of classic pieces are seen in the collection in the form of capes, coats, shades & even looks that capitalize on feminine & masculine style concepts. combined classics & trend created a solid fall collection overall.

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spring collections: vena cava, new york

adapting tribal design elements & fusing them with minmal concepts, the vena cava summer/spring collection presents questionable design decisions this season. while the displays vibrant use of color, the choice of cuts & pieces on the runway come off as a bit underwhelming. while the casting hosts an ethnic variety, i wish the garments were as diverse as the model cast that walked the runway. though minimal, style is projected overall throughout the collection. relaxed silhouettes were a design theme displayed on each look, an element quintessential for the summer/spring season.

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fall couture collections: valentino

breaking creatively from the modern valentino era that they’ve been projecting in fashion for their ready-to-wear collections, the house of valentino presents a collection that represents the essence of what allowed the valentino name to become what it is, legendary in fashion. the collection pieces exemplified simplicity & sharp details were carved in each look as a completely stunning set was shown. the collection concepts really reminded me of old school valentino & particularly so with valentino’s white collection from 1968. while the designs almost contain a retrospective feel, i find that the collection is almost a tribute to the house of valentino & i am in complete awe of each look. as seen in the high quality images- each look displays an elevated level of craftsmanship & sleek construction- i am astounded by the level of pure glamour that was seen this season from the house of valentino. i cannot gush enough, i am in complete awe by this set; astoundingly inspirational.

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fall couture collections: chanel

a grand scale presentation was created for the FW10 haute couture collection by the house of chanel. an epic sized lion sat in the middle of the runway as models walked in a bit more of an understated couture collection. while this collection in particular has been posted in high quality; you can see the attention to design detail in the pieces that appear at the back end of the collection. the introductory garments of the collection seemed like ready-to-wear pieces in the form of coats. pieces done in tweed, a chanel heritage staple, were modernized through cut & some had additions of fur. while many of the attempts to modernize the collection only seemed to further enhance the understated appeal, the more than 60+ piece set ended on a highly detailed note. grand elements were seen in the collections footwear designs as well as the beautifully crafted accessories. opulence shined through the details in the collection & i feel that the collection could’ve been more concentrated in terms of design- it bordered boring. lagerfeld is of a dying breed & is, literally, fashion history happening before our eyes.

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fall couture collections: christian dior

much like an exotic garden in full bloom; the FW10 haute couture collection presented by the house of christian dior provided explosive color & mind-bending beauty. models walked the runway as living floral gardens & drew further comparisons to flower arrangements with the addition of multicolored cellophane up-dos. the make-up artistry done by pat mcgrath drew in to the current branded beauty image adopted by john galliano as creative director of the label. an extravaganza of imagination & feminine design elements was seen from start to finish. unlike the last two seasons of dior couture, galliano opted for something much more theatrical than classical this season. the void felt in the absence of larcroix during couture collections is somewhat easier to bare with a visionary like galliano still designing his ass off. dior sits atop the fashion food chain as legend- thus confirmed.

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menswear collections: dior homme, spring

a powerful set of dark designs dominated the dior homme collection for summer/spring 2011. much like the rick owens collection of the SS11 season, the collection also paid very close attention & focused on showcasing length. a dip into neutral designs made near the close of the collection & there seemed to be a certain lack of excitement here. while im sure that the clothes wont have an issue finding a spot in front of an editorial lens; i find that the collection was almost too dark for the spring. while many of the garments showcased exposed arms, the set was overall too serious for the summer season.

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menswear collections: rick owens, spring

a strict minimal & muted color palette, the rick owens collection is always one to look out for. new use of leather & noticeably less use of trend driven bursts of color are always displayed by owens’ collections. while treading the line between minimal & boredom, the collection manages to produce interesting looks for the summer/spring season while using industrial edge to clarify rick’s design vision. the looks within the set contained an attention to length, many of the pieces were seemingly stretched & extended in comparison to past seasons. though much of what was seen was expected, the collection is a solid effort.

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