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deviating from spring’s bold toned trend, the SS12 collection presented by anrelage was an interesting one conceptually. models walked the runway with what appeared to be double faces. opening with a white washed palette, the collection seemed to sear through a palette of more depth that ended in a rift of print. for the most part, the collection played the field with a well developed balance of slightly experimental & commercially acceptable. the aspects of design experimentation that are weaved into the collection are seen in small flecks, while overall the direction is translated as clean & modern.

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spring collections, tokyo: araisara

modernized & sleek, the SS12 araisara collection presented for japan fashion week was one of refined design. easily, i could see this collection fitting into the american market & even internationally in european regions like milan & paris. a strict palette with slight cameos of bold color were seen as the collection provided a commercialized sense of style for japanese consumers. i loved that the runway show was dark & seemingly drenched in laquer- it elevated the level of modernization that was reflected upon through design with the clothes. architecturally strong lines ruled the collection & progressive construction headlined. i loved the footwear in the collection & the way that color was lightly used. use of sheer textiles was noticeable & though nothing spectacular at first glance; this collection lives through details. strong collection, beautiful vision & progressive design.

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spring menswear collezioni, milan: versace

remaining in a lane of modernized design, martyn bal & donatella versace present their SS12 menswear collection on the runways of milan fashion week. with use of baby blue at the front end of the collection, my heart sank with the thought of how deeply i loathe baby blue. known for palette vibrance & for being on the edge of excellence in creating the most forward concepts in fashion, the latest menswear collection by versace taps into everything i love at the label & that’s progressive style. well represented signatures are seen while the feel of opulence is complimented against bold tones & subdued palette notes, with the collections beautiful use of beige. a fiery hot mid-section of the collection cooled to a set of black while diversification was seen in model cast. overall, the collection delivers at the highest level, exceeding my expectations & proving that the versace label has not lost it’s touch one bit.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: elie saab

in favor of other collections, the elie saab label has opted to go the stella mccartney/phoebe philo route of chic minimalism & stylish structure. internationally known for their dramatic gowns & poetic approach to design, elie saab has been designing since he was 18 years old & launded his beriut-based label in 1982. with a workshop in lebanon, milan & paris- saab represents a sophisticated type of women, one who understands the power of glamour & appreciates a subdued sense of beauty. in palette, the collection drifted from an opening sequence of black designs to a rift of artistic floral prints, down into bouts of red that transformed into marooned plum; from plum the palette shifted into clay tones of beige that leaked into notes of soft neutral leading to the finale, where karlie kloss closed the show. while we’ve seen the skill of design dramatization demonstrated through saab’s couture collection this past january, i love the collection seen here & commend saab’s approach of the understated. a beautiful collection with soft & feminine touches throughout- couldn’t be any more perfect.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: miu miu

as mariacarla bosono opened the FW11 miu miu show, broad shoulders & traditional style were seen with slight forms of modernization. the designs of miuccia prada always seem to lean toward this perception of 60’s vintage style. dandelion prints were seen alongside floral & bird prints; an aspect which registered with more classical style. the concepts themselves were nothing new, but the silhouettes that were adapted to each look are what allowed the collection to take on a greater role of innovation. metallic footwear & chic accessories assisted the collection, perfectly- adding the finishing touches on the polished collection that was thoughtfully executed. miuccia certainly knows how morph from super high end fashion, fashion that makes you think & commercialized forms of style that will sell, sell, sell. overall, a strong direction- even though a bit more tame compared to other collections. it’s fresh & young, but still timeless with slight trend included- expect editorial fire.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: louis vuitton

venturing further into an arena of concept collections, from african-tribal influence to refined classics onto oriental influence & now hotel inspiration; marc jacobs again proves why is he one of the greatest living designers in the history of fashion. living legends naomi campbell & kate moss were among this seasons cast, leaving me stunned in my seat basically plastered to the screen. i loved the bell hop hats & structured, more uniformed looks that tapped into characteristics of hotel staff & was very impressed by the more playful looks done in sheer with exposed bodices. the collection, though structured & clean, really allows the louis vuitton name to take on greater creative value, competiting with some of the more avant garde collections in new york, london, paris & milan. as the largest high end label in fashion, the vision of marc jacobs greatly contributes to vuitton’s reign & has since marc became a part of LV in 1997. over the last few seasons, marc has really hit his stride, conceptually, at vuitton & this season is just as stunning, imaginative & yes, creative as the last. super luxe, extremely chic & lavish down to the last thread- i am standing on my feet for this collection. i was dying for the monogrammed bell hop caps & was mindful of the collections accessories. any runway that casts joan smalls, jourdan dunn & naomi is a collection worth discussing. they punched up the use of monogram this season as clean tailoring, sleek silhouettes & classical textiles took center stage. it’s classic but young as well as fresh & modern. beautiful collection. very, very well done. incredibly ill concepts & execution so sharp, it’s suicidal. i love for structure & classical design, both of which were greatly represented & incredibly re-invented through this collection. complete inspiration from first look to last- stunning. i am living! best collection this season.

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fall prêt-à-porter, paris: alexander mcqueen

with luxurious theatricality, sarah burton continues to stun the world of fashion with her combination of soft feminine charm & hard edged beauty. this season, soft bouts of fur are seen alongside leather harnesses, an array of zippers & full corseted heels. no doubt a stand out in the world of fashion- in detail, design & imagination the FW11 alexander mcqueen collection is everything. the case of sarah burton is one of remarkable circumstance; taking what others thought as end & turning it into something bigger than every imagined. while mcqueen himself is not here, his vision & creative worth is still kept, very strongly, in tact with burton at the forefront. alluring with beauty & interesting through detail, this collection is a perfect combination of hard & soft. no one can hold a candle to the mcqueen label when concerning creativity & original concepts. standing ovation for sarah burton, fashion designs baddest bitch in the game. a perfect slay for show season, as expected.

imagesource | vogue.fr