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of the many icons in today’s fashion industry, there were the ones before them & the ones before those who paved the way. as an icon that surpasses all others, when concerning the silver screen & hollywood glamour- nothing tops elizabeth taylor. as an actress, a socialite & child star- elizabeth taylor sparked public interest with her dark beauty & smoldering looks both on & off the screen. a dual citizen of the U.K. & the united states, taylor was born february of 1932. at the age of nine, taylor made her first motion picture debut for the film, there’s one born every minute. the role was afforded by an affiliation of taylor’s family to andrea berens, a socialite who was the fiancée of cheever cowden, chairmain & major stockholder of universal pictures. in leading to her motion picture debut, elizabeth signed a six-month renewable contract with universal pictures in 1941, that allowed taylor’s acting to earn her $100 per week. throughout taylor’s career, she blossomed & has since become one of the great actresses of hollywood’s golden age, as well as the seventh female legend honored by the american film institute. a two time academy award winning actress, taylor blazed the trail for iconic women in hollywood starring in 50 films throughout her career. she set the standard for what the world defined as a star. famous for her multiple marriages, taylor wed eight times with her first husband being conrad hilton as she wed richard burton, twice. as an activist, taylor raised over $50 million dollars in the fight against AIDS/HIV & was recognized as well as awarded for her tremendous contributions. in style, elizabeth was the epitome of regality. known for her lavish jewelry collections, she set the tone for hollywood royalty in owning a 33.19-carat krupp diamond, a 69.42-carat pear shaped diamond & a 50-carat la peregrina pearl all gifts from then husband, richard burton. born with a mutation that created a double row of eyelashes, elizabeth taylor changed the game with her stunning features & poised presence. in today’s industry, controversy & bouts with need of rehabilitation can lend anyone needed star power & elizabeth taylor blazed that trail as well; being treated for alcoholism in the 1980’s. socially, cosmetically, romantically & through talent, elizabeth taylor is the diamond standard for what hollywood legends are made of. beautifully timeless & completely unforgettable, the world will never see another star quite like elizabeth taylor.

jean shrimpton for british vogue beauty

the image of jean shrimpton was shot by david bailey in 1962. giving you vintage fashion model, shrimton graduated from the lucie clayton modeling school at the age of 17, in 1960.  she re-emerges on the cover of british vogue’s beauty supplement for december. her resume includes posing for revlon, covers for vogue in both 1962 & 1963. shrimpton’s social resume includes being engaged to the man who shot this image, david bailey, as well as rolling stones front man, mick jagger. i think its dope they opted for a vintage cover.

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editorialesque » daphne guinness + tyson ballou

daphne guiness is not represented by an agency as she is a socialite & public figure. her male co-star in this, seemingly, troubled marriage themed editorial is- whilemina model, tyson ballou. shot by steven meisel for the october issue of vogue italia, this spread goes in & hard. daphne appears minus her trademarked skunk stripe, you know, that whole platinum blonde on black ish she be rockin. but here, the two exude refined elegance & minimalistic glamour on the white interior decor’d backdrop. incredible styling, steven klein is a beast on the camera. he’s always completely ill- when he goes for glamour he goes hard. what is not to love about this editorial, styling, makeup & all? like, seriously.

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