as a favorite face of mine, joan smalls continues to redefine what it means to be a supermodel in today’s competitive world of modeling. as the new face of fendi for the fall 2012 season, smalls’ image and visibility are at an all-time high. last season, smalls was joined by model, saskia de brauw for the prestigious chanel campaign & continues to serve as a favorite of karl lagerfeld appearing for fendi. both chanel & fendi are labels under lagerfeld’s creative guidance as director and those who know anything of high fashion will agree, karl spares no opportunity to give his favorites shine. a favorite across the board, smalls is a regular in the pages of american vogue as well. with recognition from both lagerfeld and wintour, two of fashion’s most powerful figures, it’s very likely that joan could completely alter the landscape for other women of color in the lane of high fashion. with no end in sight & popularity that seems to grow with each season, magazine cover and campaign, i am extremely excited to see the success that joan has been able to attain as a model with undeniable presence. stunning as ever, though not her best, joan continues to slay.

aesthetically, the campaign is not one of fendi’s greatest, but the presence of joan is a statement in itself. i have questioned the ability of karl lagerfeld as a photographer, considering the number of tremendously talented photographers that don’t get the opportunity to work with chanel or fendi, considering his hogging of that opportunity. that said, karl- i have additional respect for you considering the number of opportunities you have allowed joan to shine. congratulations to joan and her unstoppable agent over at IMG. myself and the readers of have long supported joan and applaud her striking performance.

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