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MILAN – under the creative direction of thom browne, moncler has become more radically classical over the past few seasons. as a label i’ve uncovered, for readers less aware, as having a history based in ski & winterwear; this season browne continues to reinvent the label by brining it’s history more to the forefront. a perfect design fit for the label, thom has impressively created a range of quilted ski wear each season that has me contemplating the slopes & i don’t ski. the collection’s palette was filled with crisp whites, which were paired with royal reds & bouts of yellow. as the collection progressed, the palette soon transformed to a set of heavy greys, accented by slight shades of navy & black. a manipulator of classical style, thom browne has been given a strong opportunity to flex his design muscle with moncler & it seems as though he’s taking full advantage of that. the silhouettes of the collection were as versatile as any other label, though the construction concepts that seem much more complex. clearly, not the ordinary collection, the adherence to classic style rules were still abided by as beautifully as any other menswear collection.

never have i seen a label & a designer leading that label, fit so perfectly together. while some designers might think the concept of ski wear is so limiting, browne continues to stretch the possibilities each season, creating stylish pieces endlessly. i loved the full body ski suits that were in this collection & impressively, loved the quilted trench coat & blazer. even amidst heavy winterwear, the collection was packed with beautiful styling & layering. i love when designers take the brands heritage & reference it in new, modern ways; which is exactly what browne continues to do with moncler. as one collection i loved piece by piece from start to finish, i completely applaud thom browne’s prowess of design & all the barriers he’s breaking with moncler gamme bleu. overall, the collection was one of strength, complete cohesion, thoughtful design & sharp execution. definitely, another one of my favorites this season but for different reasons. considering that moncler truly stands alone in the lane of winterwear. incredible collection that completely inspires. [source]

menswear collections: thom browne, fall

avant garde american classicalism is an aspect of design i’ve come to closely associate with thom browne. showing for his first season in paris, the thom brown collection was presented through a lavish show that showed models with painted faces settling at a large extended dinner table. over the top use of plaid with use of wool & kilts was seen in the collection which was cohesive from start to finish. as an award winning designer, thom browne is a menswear designer of distinct style & sharp tailoring. the collection is a great added dimension to a men’s style & is classically american. strong direction, distinct style.

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menswear collection: moncler gamme bleu, fall

creatively directed by thom browne, the FW11 moncler gamme bleu collection provides chic menswear in the form of plaid & wool with amazing contrast & powerful design. the vision of thom browne is clearly translated & fused to that of moncler beautifully. with a rich heritage, the moncler brand has an indestructable reputation for producing the best in winterwear & ski coats. the house of moncler has a rich history with their quilted coats & was once the official outfitter for the winter olympics back in 1968 for the french national alpine skiing team. here we see a modernized view of the label & browne seems to be the best fit for the brand. classical elements are seen while beautiful use of green for the collections coats. while technically functional, the collection spares no expense through trendy presentation & thoughtful runway details.

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fall collections, new york: thom browne menswear

producing an eclectic mix of fall menswear pieces; the thom browne collection takes classics to a new extreme. oversized coats, high water trousers with plaid socks exposed & knits of all sort, the collection was interesting to say the least. featured details of fur & overcoats that were snug like evening gowns were presented alongside traditional toggle coats decorated with snowflakes & geometric patterns. i love that the browne always takes a risk within the parameters of menswear classics; it’s a complete re-invention of what we’ve seen so many times before. a strong showing of creativity & fashion reproduction. look 17 is my favorite of the entire collection, chic as fuck.

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runway images: thom browne, ss collection