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editorialesque » easy elegance by details

what yo’ name iz? danny schwarz, garrett neff, tyler riggs, vincent lacrocq, vladimir ivanov

throughout my much of my high school life, i was heavily into the styling of details magazine; in an effort to discover more of my true self & in turn, my true style. i’ve always had a preference for personal appearance & really view personal style as a form of art unto itself. accepting a distinction of what i had liked & prefered versus what the other kids were wearing was a process of growth & timeless inspiration. when looking at this editorial, i feel like im back in those days. at that time, i was deciding what i liked & began to really discover my own path of individuality looking for ways to inject my own style into everything i was doing, from the way i spoke, who i was around- even down to my penmanship, my greater goal in life has always been to represent myself as accurately as possible. over time that accuracy & intellectual process has become more natural & more like a second nature to me- it’s now a process that people around me understand & beyond that they respect. this editorial is a clean cut homage to the style direction that i’ve become familiarized with most. clean style, sharp grooming & timeless pieces that stand alone from season to season while not opposing but not bowing to the unforgiving ways of the seasonal trend. through the lens of robbie fimano, the impeccable styling of benjamin sturgill is translated through clean style, smart tailoring & modernized classics in the form of blazers, denim & dress shoes. though simple, i feel that a tremendous amount of style is both seen & felt in this spread. im intensely inspired & understand that there is great value in the details. whether the cut of the jean, the length of danny’s hair, the relaxed fit of the a denim jacket or the jawline on neff- style is everywhere.

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fall shwpckg: next model men, new york

with new faces tommy, chris, wiktor, sean & luc faron being added for the FW11 show season, the mens of next models pale in comparison to their own womensboard. while we see familiar faces laurence mcrea, who has had noted success, internationally with editorial; we also see raymond irving, brazilian breed rodrigo calazans, makin cury, samuel daynie, vincent lacrocq & jamie strachan. aside from mcrea, vincent has been seen for campaigns with flippa k, as well as few editorial bookings with arena homme+, men’s vogue china, details, interview & fantastic man. jamie strachan ranks as one of fashion’s highest earning male models & has appeared for countless bookings over the span of his 10 year modeling career. though few have impressive resumes, i’ve yet to be wowed by the men of next models. fashion week is coming. 

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aquascutum autumn, menswear collection

vincent lacrocq is represented by next models ny.
the above seen images are from aquascutum’s mens collection.

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twelve male models by saverio cardia

Saverio-Cardia-slurp-1[6]Saverio-Cardia-slurp-1[6] - CopySaverio-Cardia-slurp-2[13]Saverio-Cardia-slurp-3[7]Saverio-Cardia-slurp-4[9]Saverio-Cardia-slurp-5[6]

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