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MILAN –  overtime, i’ve grown more & more fascinated by vivienne westwood. in my observations of fashion, i was initially lost & confused by how her sense of design could be seen as wearable, though i’ve continued to expand my perception & challenge my own understanding of style for her work. for the past few seasons, i’ve caught myself falling deeper & deeper in love with her collections, not knowing if my eye for style was much more exposed or if she has commercialized her approach. that said, this season, the same theatricality that confused me is now inspiring to me. an iconic designer in london for her contributions to the punk rock movement in mainstream, westwood continues to remain a fresh force in fashion with one of the most influential design perspectives in the world. the concepts presented this fall defend that title, beautifully.

a true visionary westwood is, as she put male models on the runway with frost bitten beards. a motion which signaled, creatively, that this was a fall/winter collection. a throng of my favorite male models were cast for the show as david agbodji, jean carlos, tobias sørenson, miguel iglesias, paolo roldan & rael costa all made their cameos on the catwalk. interlaced perfectly, to balance the classic with the modern; the collection hosted a gang of handsome formal looks that were given a punch of westwood’s incredible, one of a kind style. contrasting the loud with the formal, patch worked pants were seen paired with rich golden brown coats as navy jackets were accented with brown buttons & paired with yellow shoes. the concept of style for westwood knows no bounds- anything is possible. theres no matchy-matchy bullshit during this show, it’s all a challenge of the pre-established; which has allowed dame vivienne to stay on top of her game as a true original in a world of commercialized glamour that becomes controlled by luxury conglomerates & expectations for revenue. what’s so striking about the vivienne westwood collections, whether men or womenswear, is that each look is made of multiple powerful style elements & combined each looks packs an even more powerful punch. a master who understands style from every angle- westwood wins yet again.

though a wide range of style & design concepts was seen on the runway, the most impressive to me was the collections use of plaid. sure, the idea for the frost bitten beards was dope & came as a surprise but if you look at the collection as a whole, the use of plaid was most refreshing. as much as i love a showstopping stunt, i still value a collection that possesses a winning quality of wearability. would i wear this? i ask myself & in this case, the answer is yes. from more subtle use of plaid to more of the outrageous mix-match concept which was seen toward the back end of the collection, vivienne won me over this fall as one of the best menswear collections in milan. i applaud her unstoppable & challenging eye that remains a cut above the rest. [source]

fall prêt-à-porter, paris: vivienne westwood

based in golden tones often associated with the fall season, vivienne westwood presents another thrilling set of design & extreme vision. paint faced models walked the runway outfitted in twill, fur & neutral tones with beautifully incorporated use of metallic. classical elements of design & style are adapted to extreme reinvention when concerning westwood’s inspiration & this season has to be one of her best. cohesive in tone, detail & construction- i love that westwood can create such powerful looks & though combined, each look is made up of multiple statement pieces. show stopping gold jumpsuits & outrageous prints were seen alongside royal details & tribal influences. over the top, lavish, extremely imaginative- westwood killed it.

imagesource | vogue.fr

fall collections, london: vivienne westwood red label

the crazed style vision of vivienne westwood was presented at london fashion week for fall, this time for westwood’s red label. the vivienne westwood collections always display an air of deconstructed glamour, an opposition to the clean lines & refined style we see from many other labels. as an independent creative force, the westwood red label presents feathers pants, beautifully constructed caramel toned pieces & concentrated use of print was seen. metallics were seen alongside animal print, plaid & even more minimally styled pieces that never once strayed from the distinct westwood way. i love the collection more than i have in season’s past & can always appreciate dame vivinenne’s approach to design. i often compare the westwood collections to beer-it’s an acquired  tasted. i love that our perceptions of style are challenged with her work.

imagesource | vogue.uk

collection images: vivienne westwood, fall

usually a fashion rebel, vivienne westwood opted to keep things simple & sophisticate with little to no interference of questionable design. classical use of plaid with a basic menswear palette was seen while male models walked the runway with dark lipstick. gelled hair with finger waves topped each male as looks of geometric print, plaid, wool, denim & leather were see. while tamed, the collection still manages to showcase creative restraint while not completely ignoring what the westwood design aesthetic has become known for. i love the collection, as it’s more wearable this season as it has been compare to the past. strong direction, always a show to see- vivienne westwood truly knows how to bait us as a fashion audience.

imagesource | gq

spring prêt-à-porter: vivienne westwood, paris

vivienne westwood continues steadily to showcase her crazed fashion vision during the spring season at paris fashion week. this season, westwood opts to focus on trends set in the use of prints, particularly stripes, plaid & floral. as many seasons past, westwood’s distinctive perception for volume & silhouette are represented well this weekend. in light of spring the collection hosts a number of short dresses & even builds to a finale of gowns, which were noticeably more tamed in comparison to other wild concepts we’ve seen before. the signature westwood we know & love is ever present in the collection this season, but the designs are much more clean. with design minimalism consuming fashion, i wonder if westwood is catching a bit of that flavor. a wide range of looks is presented from dresses to formal womenswear looks that border masculine. a solid set overall.

imagesource | vogue.fr

fall prêt-à-porter, paris: vivienne westwood

the vivienne westwood FW10 collection seemed to be a little more refined this time around. an amazing use of color is always displayed in westwood’s collections & here that reputation was upheld. while fur overflowed & interesting prints laced the models legs, i found myself incredibly responsive to the collections dresses near the close of the collection. its funny, because initially one may look at a vivienne westwood & easily become confused or feel a certain disconnect from what is being translated; as seasons go by, im growing to have a greater appreciation for what is shown. i really loved the use of crowns & my favorite look in the collection this season was runway look no. 50; i loved the floral prints & the silhouette of the dress. i usually tend to have a strong dissatisfaction with the use of orange, but here it was done exceptionally well. a strong collection for westwood this fall. the representation of androgyny & sexual vagueness was also particularly interesting with the model cast; pay close attention to the the choice of hair & make-up. its a mesh of masc & femme. westwood is still a leader in separating her vision from any other  in fashion. mommy is a living legend, without a doubt.

imagesource | style

runway images: vivienne westwood, ss collection