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IMAGE ANALYSIS: i thought to myself the other day, why is flesh tone considered the tone of flesh? everyone’s flesh is not that tone. i had this conversation just yesterday & then seen this spread for the june issue of chinese vogue. styled by nicoletta santoro & captured through the lens of sølve sundsbø- the spread embodies everything associated with summer. appearing beautiful as ever is doutzen kroes, whom i have always refered to as a real life barbie. considering the constant issue of race, which remains a mainstay in the discussion of fashion for us ethnic & of color, i thought about how color is represented. there is this constant tug & pull with what is considered beautiful. this spread captures the beauty of golden skin in high constrast, which i am more naturally drawn to. in my observations of editorial through the years; the use of light vs. dark is one of intense interest for me. the work of sølve sundsbø in particular is heavily based upon exaggeration of color- it’s enhanced, it’s beautiful. it’s bold, it represents an energy of visual attraction that is completely undeniable. it’s modern. combined with doutzen’s photographic presence & a little bit of johnson & johnson’s baby oil? the spread is flawless. when seeking editorial content to discuss, there is an element of beauty that has to be, in some ways, exaggerated or enhanced for me. i don’t want remedial, i want extreme- whether subtle or an overextension to the point where it’s almost too much. it’s these extremes that push the boundaries of what epitomizes photography; which in turn redefines this art form.

doutzen is one of my favorite models for her classic beauty. i always love seeing mothers come back into the fashion spotlight & straight murder it. i have this natural attraction to women who defy odds, who surprise you. in the past few years doutzen has been noticeably more commercial & understandably considering her type of beauty. i feel as though commercial model is what we can expect, high fashion & more specifically editorial is where experimentation lives- it’s in these forms of visualizing fashion that stars are made. there is a greater demand to perform, there is a greater need for the photographer to execute. obsessed with this spread, especially with summer solstice rapidly approaching. i praise this spread for it’s reflection of exaggerated beauty. as a child, it was my goal every summer to get as brown as i could. now being aware of the harm UV rays can cause im a bit more cautious but i have always thought it to be interesting the debate of light skin vs. dark skin. aside from it being a personal preference for most, it seems as though once gets more focus in the mainstream. this golden brown, darkened skin tone is the type of beauty i gravitate to, but not the only form of beauty i can identify. hands up for sundsbø, with this spread you killed it.

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editorialesque » wang xiao for vogue china, beauty

shot by regan cameron, wang xiao stars in the november beauty supplement for vogue china. represented by wilhelmina models, wang is of chinese ethnicity & has already made a noticeable mark in high end fashion through editorial bookings since she rushed the doors of the fashion modeling scene in 2010. serving as the cosmetic canvas for vogue china’s beauty supplement, james kaliardos was able to bring to life a cool grey palette which was then balanced stylistically with pulls of fur which were styled by catherine litke. wang is one of many asian models who are making waves in fashion & with her sleek features, she sets herself apart through editorial & beauty spreads like this. with over 16 major editorial bookings already under her belt, wang is also a featured face for the fall cK one fragrance & cK jeans advertising campaigns.

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editorialesque » ming xi + caroline brasch nielsen for vogue china

through the lens of daniel jackson, vogue china’s august cover girl, ming xi appears with caroline brash neilsen for her feature editorial. styled by tiina laakkonen, the spread focuses on high contrast color blocking. lush use of velvet & an arsenal of coats are seen from the fall collections while ming & caroline have no paired shots. while i love the pieces selected, it would have been way more interesting if the girls were photographed interacting. isn’t the point of casting two models for one spread to see how well the two work in enhancing the direction of a fashion spread? referencing my previous post as a prime example, a winning combination can do wonders for a issue, given the right elements of styling & make-up. here, the spread is beautifully groomed & stylistically on-point, but the presence seems a bit out of touch. there is a lacking spark or sense of excitement; theres no sense of wonder or otherworldly glamour. this spread brinks boring & against the other outstanding editorial content of vogue china’s august issue, this spread pales in comparison. yet & still, technically speaking, i love the use of light. represented by elite, caroline can be seen for the fall valentino campaign while ming xi, represented by ford models, continues to build a stronger editorial presence. while both have had noted success individually, their chemistry was not seen here.

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editorialesque » liu wen for vogue china

a staple in terms of model casting for vogue china, there hasn’t been an issue without liu wen of marilyn model managment for a significant amount of time. here, wen appears editorially through the lens of lachlan bailey. with an urban edge, liu is photographed in motion wearing some of fall’s greatest fall pieces. from the sleek pony tail to the metallic make-up- the urban theme is executed well while pieces from a wide range of collections are presented. while i like liu & admire the direction taken for this editorial; i wish the spread was taken to the next level. the use of natural lighting, likely enhanced with reflectors & such, plays well against stoned stairs & is greatly complimented by architecture. these aspects could’ve been much more focused on & mirrored through the clothes. the sportmax pieces that were pulled, seen in black, have the most stylistic relativity when considering the set location but much of what is seen treads the line of boring. liu has the model potential, we’ve seen it before- as have we with the photographic work of lachlan bailey. though i like the spread, there is a difference between that & love.

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editorialesque » raquel zimmermann for vogue china

styled by nicolette santoro, raquel zimmermann of DNA models appears stunningly through the lens of willy vanderperre for the august issue of vogue china. in discussing the level of consistency shown with vogue china, this spread is a prime example of that. when reviewing editorial i look for quality of grooming, cohesion of theme & model casting. photographic talent is a given, because that ultimately makes or breaks a photographic spread. i love the work of willy vanderperre & always admire his showcase of darker elements of glamour through polished direction. a strong fusion of classical & progressive design aspects, python is a large trend for the fall & here it is beautifully photographed. as rebellious & modern as the styling pieces are- i love how strict raquel appears. the balance of classic & modern is done perfectly- it’s all very inspiring.

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ming xi for vogue china

appearing through the lens of daniel jackson, ming xi of elite models lands her second cover & first solo cover for vogue china, for the month of august. vogue china has had an incredibly interesting pattern & wining streak with covers & editorials for the past year in my book. while no publication is perfect through & through, the cover of this issue is slightly off but the editorial content delivers, where the cover lacks. commercially clean, the cover is a clear indication of what sells in china- polished females & fun fashion. styled by tiina laakkonen, the cover proves to be a powerful addition to ming growing portfolio of ad campaigns, covers & editorial spreads. chinese herself, ming is a favored female among chinese publications.

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editorialesque » emily baker for vogue china

shot by daniel jackson, new model face emily baker appears editorially for the pages of vogue china. shot for the publication’s may issue, baker appears styled by marie chaix in the spread which focuses upon elongated design lines. baker’s lean physique & sleek facial features balance perfectly with the selected fashion pieces seen in the spread. from the warm toned lighting to baker’s beautiful blonde locks- im loving the simple elements of the spread; it’s not overdone & it’s almost as if emily’s own presence is complimenting the clothes rather than distracting us from them. represented by DNA models, emily hails from new zealand & has already began making a name for herself through runway bookings for viktor & rolf, hakaan, alexander wang, miu miu, calvin klein, altuzarra & alexander mcqueen- which isn’t bad considering that was her first season on the catwalk. also represnted in london, paris & milan- i can definitely see baker giving some of these girls a run for their money. first you kill it on the runway & then you conquer editorial- from there, campaigns & contracts can’t be far behind. 

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