fall collections, london: richard nicoll

a warm palette with metallic undertones opened the FW11 collection by richard nicoll at london fashion week. coats & elongated design lines soon faded from metallic to matte as the collection progressed into even more modern pieces. a wave of soft neutrals was seen in the collection & soon those neutrals boiled to a set of orange designs that eventually hardened to glossed black pieces that closed the collection. one aspect of design that i look for during show season is cohesion- designers should approach each season with the mindset of story telling. this season, i was a bit lost with the richard nicoll label. intimately numbered in comparison to other larger fashion houses, the elements of creativity & the method of creative translation was not as on-point or clear as i would’ve liked. the fade of tones seemed forced & almost rushed with drastically different tones being meshed together in a small amount of looks. i do admire the innovation demonstrated but would like to see greater forms of development in design.

imagesource | vogue.uk