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editorialesque » willy cartier for schön

represented by success models paris, willy cartier appears editorially for schön magazine. shot in black & white the dark angel themed editorial is brought to life thanks in part to the styling of olo dressing, through the lens of karel losenicky. shot for issue no. 11, you might recognize willy for his presence at the house of givenchy. named one of the illustrious tisci tribe, which is basically a group of individuals hand selected by riccardo tisci to do everything from campaigns to runway, look book images & editorials associated with the house, cartier is also noted as a dancer. of the new school, willy represents this new form of androgyny that agencies & clients alike have favored in the last five years. while i could’ve been more inspired with a greater emphasis on style, im also glad to see willy creating a larger presence on the international editorial circuit. of french nationality, cartier has been seen for few campaigns along with a slew of editorial spots ranging from numéro for GQ style germany.

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editorialesque » the cast of givenchy by karim sadli

what yo’ name iz? dominique hollington, simon nessman, paolo roldan,
daphne groenveld,  rob evans, jeremy wardlaw, jon marquez, dmitriy tanner, mighael hudson, patrick o’donnell,
remi alade-chester, christopher michaut, eduardo calero, o’shea robertson, diego fragoso,
emil dostovic, west serseub, kadeem fisher, manuel ramos,
stephen thompson, willy cartier

shot by karim sadli, i-D magazine takes a focused look on the casting of daniel peddle & drew dasent for the legendary house of givenchy. the casting phenomenon & influential power of the house of givenchy are something straight out of a dream for most models- spotlighting the phenomenal cast is more than necessary. booking a givenchy show can lead to a number of other fashion opportunities for male & female models alike. booking givenchy allows models to transcend onto the next level. ethnically diverse, not many can surpasss or even equal to the power & creative force of riccardo tisci, the creative director of givenchy- he sets the trends for what the rest of the high fashion realm follow. what’s most admirable about the casting of givenchy is the attraction to new & unknown models, it’s that fearlessness to break new ground that allows all elements of fashion, style & modeling to transform into something unseen, something original & artistically inspired. it goes without saying that givenchy has one of the best male & female models casts every season; on the runway & also through campaigns.

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editorialesque » rick owens for gq style germany

shot by asha mines & odie bernard shroder, the FW10 issue of german GQ style showcases the design work of rick owens. willy cartier, david agbodji & paolo roldan allow the clothes to come alive in the spread as owen’s work is able to shine with the intended dark edge. the spread is a great representation of the rick owens aesthetic; dark, edgy & progressive in design.

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the fall united colors of benetton campaign

what yo’ name iz?
corey baptiste, charlie france,
francisco lachowski,  luis borges, abiah hostvedt, willy cartier,
kirby kenny, chrishell stubbs, sharon kavjian,
ann kenny, hind sahli

an extended look at the FW10 campaign is provided through this set, which was shot by josh olins. staying in line with their signature white studio backdrop & high contrast styling, the campaign is noticeably more lifeless this season. at first glance, i dubbed the campaign as lifeless & colorless- after seeing the first shot. i completely admire the bennetton brand for always breaking barriers & basically creating a prototype for what commercially marketed apparel companies should be doing. much of what bennetton does is very relative to both H&M & the gap. being that the brand has been in existence since 1965, its clear that they have become a leader for other competing companies. we see a few faces we know in the form of abiah hostevedt, francisco lachowski, corey baptiste & chrishell stubbs. maybe it’s because im used to the contrast being turned waaay up with their campaigns, but even with the additions of color- models & clothes alike, the campaign still lacks intrigue.

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the fall givenchy campaign

what yo’ name iz? simon nessman, catherine mcneil, mariacarla boscono, mengyao mingxi,
malgosia bela, jonathan marquez, willy cartier, joan smalls, paolo rolden & lea t.

shot by mert + marcus, the fall givenchy campaign hosts a number of top models in what is the most anticipated ad campaign for the fall season. joan appears almost unrecognizably transformed in the campaign images. im losing my shit over this; added the fact that a transexual model was added to this seasons cast- insanity, i love. we get all the right ethnic model touches this seaso. an amazingly well executed concept by ricardo tisci; givenchy continues to amaze season after season.

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