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collection images: michael kors, resort

bum rushing the resort pre-season, it seems as though new york’s biggest designer names are going the fuck in, in terms of collections. combining design concepts we’ve seen for his SS11 & FW11 collections, designer michael kors takes the opportunity to once more represent neon colors & a bit of scuba gear inspiration. a fitting collection for the resort pre-season, i liked what was presented but found no sense of excitement; even considering the large number of looks that were created. i have noticed that the kors label has become much more modernized & refined over time- almost as if they are minimalizing all of the unecessary & stipping each collection, each season down to the essentials. while neon colors make the collections style essentials seem groundbreaking, for the most part, i had expected to see something along these lines. that said, i applaud the consistency in design aesthetic from what we seen during the last two seasons, to now.

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runway video: giorgio armani fall collezioni, milan

fall collezioni, milan: marni

60’s prints, bold color & sleek design were presented by the house of marni this fall in milan. tribal influenced concepts were seen as wild print & heavily textured pieces walked the runway, adding creative dimension to the womenswear set. beautiful use of color, leather & stylish gloves were some of the collections headlining elements. one aspect of the collection that negatively affected the runway presentation was the hair & make-up chosen. undone, sloppy & seemingly oily with loose waves- hair is a large component of beauty, when looking to produce a vision of beauty. outside the lacking aspects of beauty, the collection is strong in it’s message of bold & modern design that somehow simultaneously resonates with a classic feel.

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fall collezioni, milan: emporio armani

with rumors swirling regarding armani’s retirement since last year, the FW11 collection presented by the emporio collection showcases more of what makes me feel so uneasy about the italian based label. a predominantly black palette with two small shots of blue was presented as a wide range of look was designed for the fall season at milan fashion week. dated & dull, the collection did absolutely nothing for me. as much as i respect armani, as a designer & living icon, i can’t understand what creativity is left within him in order to sustain another season. although armani himself has not announced any plans of retirement anytime soon, i am hoping that an exit is being considered; if even only for the armani legacy. for too many seasons, designs that are out of touch have been presented. i understand the importance to create your own lane in design, but don’t flee the pack for less tasteful concepts. im very dissapointed with what is seen & am hoping that the giorgio armani mainline will be able to, at least slightly, make up for the lacking set of design seen here. modernization is needed for the armani & badly.

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fall collections, london: aquascutum

a focus on structure was emphasized through masculine concepts through the FW11 aquascutum collection in london. khaki tones were balanced with bold uses of orange & blue while soft neutrals were balanced with tones of grey & navy. fur was used as an accent throughout the collection as more relaxed concepts were presented with beautiful styling of multi-layered looks. i love how modern yet refined, casual & yet sophisticated the pieces come off. structured coats were seen alongside two tone pants, paneled skirts, ankle boots & dramatic design lines allowed those concepts to shine even greater. from warm tones to a cooled palette finale, i really like the direction taken by creative director joanna sykes, this season. tremendous style is presented throughout the collection through beautifully execution & mindfully sharp concepts.

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fall collections, london: pringle of scotland

clare waight keller, creative director of pringle of scotland, presented a beautiful fall collection that capitalized on structured style & quintessential glamour pieces of the season. a cool set of greys was seen at the entrance of the set, accents of blue made slight cameos throughout. as the collection progressed, patterns shifted their way through the set as use of fur began to take center stage. rich caramel toned coats added clean & classic appeal, resulting in a perfect balance given the collections hard pressed use of prints. the caramel tones transformed into a set of chocolate twill tones as butterscotch colored  fur was seen alongside a mixed fur piece of black & grey fur, eventually leading to the final tone of the collection palette, red. i loved the color story & the thoughtful elements that allowed each look to be seen singularly while still fitting cohesively. strong direction.

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fall collections, london: richard nicoll

a warm palette with metallic undertones opened the FW11 collection by richard nicoll at london fashion week. coats & elongated design lines soon faded from metallic to matte as the collection progressed into even more modern pieces. a wave of soft neutrals was seen in the collection & soon those neutrals boiled to a set of orange designs that eventually hardened to glossed black pieces that closed the collection. one aspect of design that i look for during show season is cohesion- designers should approach each season with the mindset of story telling. this season, i was a bit lost with the richard nicoll label. intimately numbered in comparison to other larger fashion houses, the elements of creativity & the method of creative translation was not as on-point or clear as i would’ve liked. the fade of tones seemed forced & almost rushed with drastically different tones being meshed together in a small amount of looks. i do admire the innovation demonstrated but would like to see greater forms of development in design.

imagesource | vogue.uk