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editorialesque » robin ahrens for wonderland

classical styling, dramatic light- two aspects of editorial that i live & love. wonderland magazine affords john balsom the photographic opportunity to capture robin ahrens of ford models europe to be seen in this trousers & trainers spread. classically styled by way perry, i love the casual aspects of style that are represented & love how artistically these styles are represented. i’ve said it more than once here, allow me to reiterate; with male editorial there is a seemingly larger opportunity to use greater forms of experimentation. because the design formatting of most menswear remains untouched & unchanged from season to season, use of light, placement of props & angles all make a world of a difference, editorially. these aspects that are represented each month in a number of publications remind us that fashion holds a large stage for some of the greatest artists expressions in the world. beyonce clothes or models, fashion is about capturing a moment- whether that’s a moment of trend or beauty. this spread adds dimension to style minimalism. superb lighting, in love with this.

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editorialesque » monsters + props by wonderland

what yo’ name iz? o’shea robertson, sid ellisdon, taras koltun

through the lens of kevin mackintosh, wonderland magazine flexes a bit of creative muscle for their april/may issue for this monsters & prop themed editorial spread. styled by way perry, the wildly imaginative spread is seen in black & white while the models that were cast are seen in everything from dunhill to damir doma. i love the execution of this crazed approach to style; the props add an additional aspect of insanity that is well-balanced with the dramatic lighting & unexpected styling. though unconventional, the spread is no less beautiful, in fact, i appreciate the spread for its opposition of more commercial editorials. additionally, in response to this post a reader has courageously pointed out the portrayal of dark as evil, also making note that the prop-eye pieces on the black male model, o’shea, perpetuate racist imagery. do you see it?

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editorialesque » lisanne de jong for wonderland

shot by paul maffi, with fashion editing by anthony unwin, lisanne de jong appears editorially for wonderland magazine. the use of contrast is powerful here; the black & white images seen alongside a single red dress. ranking no. 44 within the top female models in fashion, lisanne is a rising force in the world of high end modeling. this past spring she landed campaign spots for céline & balenciaga. lisanne is represented by elite model management & hails from the netherlands. the images are undeniably beautiful & contrast more than color; the elegance of each dress is perfectly balanced with how hard edged the street location looks.

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editorialesque » elena ivanova for wonderland

shot by cuneyt akeroglu, with fashion editing by grace cobb, elena ivanova appears for the october issue of wonderland. represented by storm models london, elena appears fully outfitted in fendi’s FW10 collection. i love the spread for it’s obvious incorporation of fall elements, particularly with the leaves. the tones & saturation are both warm which allow a greater feel of the fall season to be represented. elena fares well in the editorial & showcases classic style with refined poise. a lovely spread to showcase fall options in womenswear. the concept is both thoughtful & creative, a dope representation of fall.

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editorialesque » alex, callum + river for wonderland

what yo’ name iz? alex gilbert, callum wilson, river viiperi

shot by xevi muntané, i am in love with this black & white editorial. the spread appears in the june/july issue of wonderland magazine. while styling for the spread was done by way perry, the clothing takes a backseat when compared to the lighting & dark vs. white presentation of the full set. river iiperi is represented by major models, while alex & callum are represented by new madison in paris. one of my favorite male editorials graphically. applause to all parties involved in creating this.

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editorialesque » abiah hostvedt for wonderland

the styling & direction of this spread was over the top & animated, but still very fashionable. abiah hostvedt is represented by red models & is now starting to enter into the editorial stratosphere. his look is completely fitting of what agencies & publications look for in an editorial model. his structure facial features & clean anatomic lines seperate him from existing talents in the male model game. i love that whole racially ambiguous look; its like you dont know where to place them ethnically- its a complete blend of ethnic features. shot by benny horne, styling for the spread was done by way perry. while in the subway one day, i seen abiah- i kid you not, his look is just as powerful in person. knowing that i’ve posted his work here a few times, i didnt want to approach him out of fear that being a blogger is sometimes, not a big deal. nonetheless, the spread is dope & im hoping to see more of abiah on the editorial circuit. check for him; i’ll post more of his work as it surfaces.

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editorialesque » darya kurovska for wonderland

darya is represented by supreme model management.
she appears editorially for the january issue of wonderland magazine.
i love the edit, its a different take on styling & is, in many ways, intriguing.
though still very chic, the models are very covered & conservative.
i thought it an interesting editorial concept. very dark.
photographic credit to xevi muntane.
styling by james valeri.

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