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shot by jan welters for magazine antidote’s icons issue, the only real icon in the models cast for the issue is naomi campbell. celebrating her 42nd birthday just last week, the iconic campbell has flown above & beyond industry shelf life for a model by proving that she is still as in demand in fashion today. with over fashion 25 years in the game under her belt, naomi is hailed as holy in this new editorial which accompanies her cover for magazine antidote’s latest issue. with direction by editor-in-chief, yann weber, ms. campbell is seen decked in white looking as flawless as ever. in recent years, my appreciation for the legendary supermodels of the 90’s has thickened. i remember growing up & not really being phased by the presence of naomi or linda evangelista, i expected to see cindy crawford & thought christy turlington was only a simple beauty. as i grew up, i began to realize the cultural effect these women had on society & have affectionately recognized that naomi is the only female in that colossal grouping to represent women of color. sure we had beverly johnson or iman, we had tyra shortly there after but none had quite paved the way in which naomi has.

naomi started out real young, making a cameo in a music video for bob marley’s “is this love”. she was seven. growing up with her dancer mother in rome, naomi originally hails from south london & is a british jamaican. scouted to model in 1986, campbell has said that her first visit to a modeling agency is where she met christy turlington & the two soon hit it off, being around the same age at the time. naomi’s career took off shortly after she was scouted & by the age of 16 she was a working model. alongside christy turlington & linda evangelista, the three formed what was widely regarded in fashion as ‘the trinity’. the three were often seen together sharing bookings & sharing the spotlight for what models aspired to be, supermodels. naomi has been vocal about turlington & evangelista’s support of her, saying that she would not have been able to have the career she has had without their help. turlington & evangelista made history by demanding that naomi book the same shows they did, or they would not participate. this visibility on the part of naomi rocked the fashion world & broke barriers in the process. naomi became the first black female to grace the cover of french vogue, after designer yves saint laurent threatened to pull advertisements for his label from the magazine, if they did not give naomi campbell a cover. a trailblazer in many forms, naomi campbell has & continues to pave the way for women of color, taking a fearless approach in addressing in the press, the hardships that models of color face in the world of fashion.

while this spread by magazine antidote fares well in comparison to her other work, it’s not even about the fuckn spread- it’s the fact that naomi is still working & is still visible on the scene today. while many of naomi’s model homegirls have either retired or moved into other facets of business, naomi remains on top of her game, appearing in campaigns & in magazines every year, every season. in the world of modeling, there is no greater icon, for me, than naomi campbell. her contribution, not only to fashion, but for the visiblity of black women in high end & commercial media has truly changed the lives & broadened the career scope for so many individuals, both working & aspring. today, naomi thrives in relevance appearing in music videos & working as an editor for russian vogue. her personal life has become a spectacle & is still an active interest for the public, inside & far beyond the walls of high fashion. when you see her on the runway, it’s still a jaw dropper. it’s that effect that true stars have when they are in your presence. with regard to poise & unending grace, naomi campbell is that bitch. B.I.T.C.H. being in total control of herself. (skip the blackberry jokes, they’re played) in the history books & in these streets, naomi campbell is a living legend. [source]

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editorialesque » sigrid agren + parker gregory for magazine antidote

as you seen previewed in my delivery from paris post, magazine antidote is the latest & greatest fashion publication to arrive on the scene. as one of my absolute favorite spreads from the issue, through the styling of yann weber, magazine antidote editor-in-chieft & with hair & make-up by christoph hasenbein & adrien pinault; we see parker gregory of click models alongside sigrid agren of next models ny. titled, “beauty & the beast” the spread is intended to tribute the work of legendary fashion photographer richard avedon. shot by giampaolo sgura, the spread focuses on the issues theme of shoes while beautiful contrast is seen in the form of parker’s sculpted physique & sigrid’s ethereal movements which are captured throughout the editorial. simple, clean & beautiful- this is what fashion editorial is all about. a well executed moment for the already outstanding second issue. love this, entirely. all creative elements are perfect.

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editorialesque » boys, boys, boys by magazine antidote

what yo’ name iz? adam senn, arthur kulkov, guy robinson, noah mills,
sam way, sam webb, sebastian lund, corey baptiste, justin halley, tim rueger & travis bland

the world of modeling has become much more dominated by men in the past couple of years as the realm of fashion expands further & further with men growing more aware of personal style, grooming & beauty. magazine antidote takes 11 of fashion’s leading men for this boy, boys, boys edit which was styled by none other than domenico dolce & stefano gabbana. my love for black & white photography squealed when this hit my inbox; not only a great cast but a simple masculine concept was beautifully delivered. the whole dress shoes in underwear concept is magic as we get a little peak into our own fantasies or being in between the sheets with some of fashion’s hottest dudes.

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magazine antidote: the shoe issue

fashion publications have done just about every trick in the book to boost sales & to re-attract attention on a global scale. the concept of the cover series is not an uncommon one & magazine antidote comes back with their issue two with five times the vitality as their debut issue along with five female models who are sitting on top of fashion as well. namely the shoe issue, constance jablonski is seen in dior ankle boots, anne vyalistsina is seen in boots by giuseppe, sigrid agren appears in yves saint lauren’t chain detailed ankle boot, magdalena frackowiak is seen in knee-high gucci’s while ashley smith is seen in vuitton boots with hanne gaby odiele rocks louboutins while on crutches. with editing by EIC, yann weber, the covers set the perfect tone for the issue, which focuses on footwear through the lens of giampaolo sgura. as seen on each cover, each respective girl also stars in her own feature editorial as the issue reveals a versatile grouping of thoughtful & well executed spreads. i always love a good cover series & this cast of female models is undeniably great. kept clean against a white backdrop, well placed emphasis allows you to focus on the shoes. strong covers & solid cast.

imagesource | magazineantidote

delivery from paris: magazine antidote, issue two

very few things in fashion can stop my heart like fashion editorial. in 2008, after i seen italian vogue’s all black issue- i started to take an active interest in high fashion. from paying closer attentions to models & their respective agencies, i started to pay closer attention to photographers, stylists & from there began to look at editors. over the course of time, readers have taken a journey through some of the greatest editorial moments from publications like vogue, elle & numero- internationally. as my knowledge & familiarity of fashion, as a business driven by creative genius, expands; my love for what has represented the core of fashion grows more & more intense. i feel, editorial, is the root of high fashion. editorial can, literally, turn trash into treasure & can turn the biggest runway rejects into photographic magic. they say a picture is worth a thousand words & in this day in age that has never been more true. as the readers, you have had the largest responses to editorial spreads from a number of internationally published fashion magazines. in my own attraction to aesthetic beauty, my own eye has become reshaped in viewing the work of photographers & stylists, who ultimately bring clothes to life through casting of models & the illusion of lighting & angles.

my level of expectance for dope shit at this point, is probably the highest it’s ever been since the creation of this blog. i feel like the content i’ve pulled has only shown a glimpse into what i see, in my mind, as definitive fashion. fashion to me is not about the social aspects, it’s beyond the celebrity & bigger than the hype- fashion is the process in which beauty, through design & anatomy, is made timeless. style is perspective & fashion is the foundation of that. revealed here november of 2010, the french based magazine antidote blew my mind with it’s own concept of a magazine. as a blogger, when you’re recieving email after email, hour after hour; the novelty certainly wears off while your level of selectivity becomes tested. there are dozens of spreads that are submitted each month by independent photographers, established publications & photographers on the come up, that never get published. the way i approach my selection process is simple- if i don’t have anything to say about it, im not publishing it. in many other cases, time is also a factor as is the consideration of models, stylists & photographers used. all this & the spreads or things that are published for you have some thread of association to what i love. whether that’s a bad bitch, incredible styling or something as simple as lighting- each post is it’s own entity based on the narrative that i supply you after grabbing your attention visually.

by way of editor-in-chief, yann weber, i recieved issue two of magazine antidote. while i’ve previously showed the publication in a past fashion report, im consistently blown away by the level of execution brought forth by the individuals that have created it. from model casting to photographers involved, the creation of magazine antidote is nothing less than groundbreaking. after initially getting over the shock of the size & the hardcover of the magazine when recieving issue one, my level of enthusiasm for issue two was, well..doubled. & speaking of double- magazine antidote’s issue two: the shoe issue is twice the size of american vogue’s september issue. yes, i kid you not- it’s that major. fashion publications can also be judged on their advertisers- doubts of which are quickly relinquised by the fact that elie saab’s stunning fragrance campaign starring anja rubik greets you upon cracking the binding & hermes’ fall campaign bids you farewell on the backside of the bookzine. as seen, i chose the magdalena frackowiak cover & recieved it, thinking it was so beautiful- i had to snap a couple of images. in the next series of posts, i will be including some spreads from the issue & further discussing what stands out about these spreads. a sneak of parker gregory & sigrid agren can be seen as well as a few beauty shots of the cover. shot by giampaolo sgura, i am beyond amazed & incredibly impressed by this issue. i’m also very excited to present this issues content & to have been selected as an involved participant in allowing to see something from issue one, onward.

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editorial exclusive » jacquelyn jablonski for antidote

shot by thomas lagrange, jacquelyn jablonski of supreme models appears for the debut issue antidote magazine. styled by editor-in-chief, yann weber with hair & make-up by christoph hasenbein & topolino, jacquelyn is transformed through hard edged style & edgy innovation. i love this spread for it’s use of experimentation with high end fashion elements & jacquelyn is one of my favorite models in fashion. antidote is a paris based publication that sees groundbreaking elements of editorial being fused to a new form of print. as a greatly developed concept of the future of print, antidote is a referred to as a book-zine & is visually stunning in person. everything from advertisements to fashion spreads become redefined with the antidote publication & im very happy to be able to present this spread as an exclusive. through my communication with antidote’s editor-in-chief, the team is currently at work at antidote’s second issue, which should be an even greater follow-up to the magazine’s first.

imagesource | antidote